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The Sidemen Face Off in a Cooking/Baking Challenge! #SidemenSunday
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:
Runtime: 40:33


Chicken Hula
Chicken Hula - 35 minutter siden
Chicken Hula
Chicken Hula - 33 minutter siden
Ollie Pether
Ollie Pether - 54 minutter siden
22:53 oml
Brawhalla Spam
Brawhalla Spam - 7 timer siden
where's the vinigga
Benjamin Seldal-Kristiansen
Benjamin Seldal-Kristiansen - 7 timer siden
28:12 make this a muisical
Benjamin Seldal-Kristiansen
Benjamin Seldal-Kristiansen - 7 timer siden
26:56 make this a meme
dominic calrke-wade
dominic calrke-wade - 9 timer siden
please make josh leave the sidemen
Kap Plays
Kap Plays - 9 timer siden
24:35 Harry man 🤣
Lee Jinxter
Lee Jinxter - 14 timer siden
DONT WASTE THE MIXTURE! still gets me😂😂
Tiro Nthoke
Tiro Nthoke - 20 timer siden
Do not forget my vagina is really watery Pokemon vagina
Shreyas Shivakumar
Shreyas Shivakumar - 21 time siden
Ksi telling frof instead of froth
Bradan Quinn
Bradan Quinn - 23 timer siden
Ksi looks so disgusted
AdmiralSpanky - Dag siden
I feel Josh was drunk through this video.......
wooburger1 - Dag siden
Josh is literally the worst member, anything he does is infuriating
Kalee Soccer
Kalee Soccer - 10 timer siden
クモの巣 - Dag siden
25:17 exposed
Tiro Nthoke
Tiro Nthoke - Dag siden
Oh my god tube heart
Tiro Nthoke
Tiro Nthoke - Dag siden
Tiro Nthoke
Tiro Nthoke - Dag siden
Excuse me I am a lady
Jules Widger
Jules Widger - Dag siden
Am I l stupid ;;;;)))))
Glitch - Dag siden
the fact that harry is scared of fire is rediculous
i bake evrey single day and i do it by myslef because im not a p****(no hate to the sidemen or harry love them all but just wanted to point that out!)
Shreyas Shivakumar
Shreyas Shivakumar - Dag siden
Ksi telling fellen our instead of fallen for the chicken
xd Mysticツ
xd Mysticツ - Dag siden
Can we jus talk about how jj can say all these big words at the start but cant say mural😂smh🤦🏻‍♂️
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez - Dag siden
Tobi’s Best Quote: “ The rice is ricing” 💯
Jackson Laing
Jackson Laing - Dag siden
I’m coming back to this video and this might be my favorite sidemen video ever released
Turbo TKJ
Turbo TKJ - 2 dager siden
10:50 anyone notice Harry’s face
Turbo TKJ
Turbo TKJ - 2 dager siden
This is THE most hilarious YouTube videos I’ve ever seen
Sean - 2 dager siden
Why does it say "buy the great british bake off on youtube" next to the video lmao
Jeev - 2 dager siden
KSI was really holding his smile ! 😂
tom3 - 2 dager siden
24:29 to see gordon Ramsay
Eddie Borbone
Eddie Borbone - 2 dager siden
The woman in the background
Josh Smith
Josh Smith - 3 dager siden
24:37 my cooking teacher
Albert lol
Albert lol - 3 dager siden
24:33 "dont waste the mixture:

he went from 0 to 100 real quick lmao
Bobbyboy532 - 3 dager siden
Ks ramse i
Martin the Gamer Malxonado
Martin the Gamer Malxonado - 3 dager siden
I’m 🤣 at jj - 3 dager siden
i am 14 and i could make food better then the sidemen. haha
King Malik
King Malik - 3 dager siden
They made the kitchen a big mess
reihan kusnadi
reihan kusnadi - 3 dager siden
man, i feel so bad for the people who clean the mess up after
King Malik
King Malik - 3 dager siden
This was a great video and funny asf 😂😂
N2.0 - 3 dager siden
This was my birthday present 🥳😅
Ne_zZ - 3 dager siden
Jess Black
Jess Black - 4 dager siden
im sorry but ethans is so fit like the man is peng
Outradgamer is the name
Outradgamer is the name - 4 dager siden
Jake pauls a douche bag
Avinash Singh
Avinash Singh - 4 dager siden
itzChayz - 4 dager siden
24:37 Harry became Gordon Ramsay for 2 seconds then said inside "Wtf did I just said"
Mr Blob
Mr Blob - 4 dager siden
25:11 we gonna ignore jj 😂😂
Chuck Maddison
Chuck Maddison - 4 dager siden
Is this fella really black or some white dude doing a wind up.
Marcus Hart
Marcus Hart - 4 dager siden
Probably the best trick shot EVER! 14:02
GillyWeed 68
GillyWeed 68 - 4 dager siden
Marcus Hart agreed
Mizz Me
Mizz Me - 4 dager siden
It was Tobi who created that explosion sound....he didn't lock the blender properly so the blender was loose and create the noise
4 those who are wondering your welcome
lottie stethridge
lottie stethridge - 5 dager siden
don't we just love that it literally took Ethan half the video to cut a water Mellon x)
Elizabeth i Groves
Elizabeth i Groves - 5 dager siden
Omg I have never heard harry that loud before not gonna lie its pretty funny!!!
Im on a horse
Im on a horse - 5 dager siden
Theodore was on a horse
Zack Mackey
Zack Mackey - 5 dager siden
Ethan was actually trying to peel a watermelon😂
Tonye's Channel
Tonye's Channel - 5 dager siden
27:00 why is it always vik JJ likes to bully
Ricky Rascal
Ricky Rascal - 5 dager siden
Delirious 24
Delirious 24 - 5 dager siden
jjs wig got me week samuel jackson headass😂😂
Murk tv
Murk tv - 5 dager siden
3:18 for the people who is not understanding the joke
Sisters thoghether
Sisters thoghether - 6 dager siden
If u liked this comment Sdmn I would kill my self and I wish I was in your gang omg ilysm
Callum Cresswell
Callum Cresswell - 6 dager siden
Your vids are the bad
Fishy Skull
Fishy Skull - 6 dager siden
Your grammar is the bad
matteyop - 6 dager siden
Whats with Harry and trick shots like *jesos*
SugaristSnake0 - 6 dager siden
5:28 don’t mind me
Daniel - 6 dager siden
Anyone else see Harry shove his fingers in the watermelon?😂