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It's the end of 2018 so it's time to give our NOburn awards for this week's #SIDEMENSUNDAY!
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:
Runtime: 20:22


Divine Iyamu
Divine Iyamu - 2 dager siden
This is me in 2020 9:11 when josh said Cobra Kai. Youtube failed to promote but it is popping on Netflix lol.
Jamie Bowden
Jamie Bowden - 4 dager siden
Behz is gonna get the series again
VSM - 4 dager siden
ooh sidemen awards 2020 comin soooon!!!!
kay - 5 dager siden
*cOdY k O*
xxbeast 619
xxbeast 619 - 5 dager siden
Like the first joke
Alex Polacchi
Alex Polacchi - 6 dager siden
Azzyland got that money isn't the worst song, it's so good
Faisal Aldahash
Faisal Aldahash - 3 dager siden
Tbh it’s one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard.
9tanker - 13 dager siden
Abdur Rehman
Abdur Rehman - 16 dager siden
1:26 outrageous 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz - 25 dager siden
Ugandon knuckles meme was legendary
Omar marzooqi
Omar marzooqi - 26 dager siden
12:38 the grandad of the group
Cj Goodman
Cj Goodman - 29 dager siden
Subscribe to KSIolajidebt
MOHD ALI - Måned siden
7:38 vik is a dumbfuck 😂😂
Miak & Miac
Miak & Miac - Måned siden
But mrbeast doesn’t clickbait
SKG FOREVER - Måned siden
I lost it when JJ said Wolfierapes😂😂😂😂... Mad line 😂😂
Michelle ann Love
Michelle ann Love - Måned siden
Happy holidayz
Shawn Newswanger
Shawn Newswanger - Måned siden
wait i’m watching this right now the day that behzinga dropped his journey youtube originals series and they’re talking about it here... mad
Calme - Måned siden
Probably one of the maddest starts to a video 💀
RickyPro - Måned siden
When they didn’t know who Cody Ko was
Torpedo_R8 - 2 måneder siden
Who’s here after Cobra Kai is on Netflix??
Abz Farooq
Abz Farooq - 2 måneder siden
"Ladies and gentlemen..."
"and all others genders"
...What about homosapiens that have no gender

Riraki Momobami
Riraki Momobami - 2 måneder siden
i can not b the only one who thought deji was gonna be a nominee in the worst youtuber award-
Masiah - 2 måneder siden
Spaghetti hair
Cam Smith
Cam Smith - 2 måneder siden
19:24 is that his editor now
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas - 2 måneder siden
Watched this intro like 30 times on 10 different occasions
Mohamed Taraec
Mohamed Taraec - 2 måneder siden
pls get them to 10 million
Prabal Koirala
Prabal Koirala - 3 måneder siden
The wrost youtuber should be jake paul
OG Shrub
OG Shrub - 3 måneder siden
Would u rather
Watch morgz for the rest of Ur life
Watch Jake paul for the rest of Ur life
Henry Tarttelin
Henry Tarttelin - 3 måneder siden
1:27. 1:54
Rosario Giangriego
Rosario Giangriego - 3 måneder siden
Little did Ksi know, he was ganna have the oddest night with cody and noel
Shreyas - 3 måneder siden
Whore - 3 måneder siden
4:11 10:19 11:33 12:38
Junior Rosales
Junior Rosales - 4 måneder siden
“Sidemen up” part is still funny to this day
Andres Pineda
Andres Pineda - 4 måneder siden
I remember when this came out i didnt know who Niko Omilana was or Jaackmate but now almost everyone who knows the Sidemen knows them
SAMEEDEE56 - 4 måneder siden
wait mr beast clickbaits i thought he just made up titles for views
Sijan Thapa
Sijan Thapa - 4 måneder siden
Pog Champ
Pog Champ - 4 måneder siden
It's funny because jj wrote the card
Ulisses Huerta
Ulisses Huerta - 4 måneder siden
Watching will smith when he was happy
briarfr - 4 måneder siden
Gee Nelly best streamer
briarfr - 4 måneder siden
Ksi says 18+ me being 13
Mohamad Elkhalily
Mohamad Elkhalily - 4 måneder siden
I love how Simon made fun of deji at 3:40
Ravindu Marasinghe
Ravindu Marasinghe - 4 måneder siden
Pink Candy
Pink Candy - 4 måneder siden
Just came back to watch this and realised that they didn’t know who gee was but now Simon has made a video with her and she is best friends with talia
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi - 4 måneder siden
Jake Paul got robbed
He should've won most punchable face
Jonathan Menard
Jonathan Menard - 4 måneder siden
When i see will smith in the video for a second i think of how one of the funniest richest nicest and most loyal guy still got cheated on so what hope do i have😔
DK - 5 måneder siden
unpopular opinion but david's vlogs are overacting and fake
Susana Autagavaia
Susana Autagavaia - 5 måneder siden
**jj talks about how chip fell**
**also jj: talks about cotton and dating his sister**
Filip Gross
Filip Gross - 5 måneder siden
Miniminter: We would like to thanks our parents.
Ethan: "Thanks his dad"
Abdullah Faisal
Abdullah Faisal - 5 måneder siden
ksi had 2 nomanies still lost lol
Danny Blue
Danny Blue - 5 måneder siden
Guys I'm mainly here for the cotton Pickering
Like to agree
Zadid Aziz
Zadid Aziz - 5 måneder siden
13:14-13:18 yep defo jake paul
lostsouls - 5 måneder siden
*My volume chilling on full*
Demonitric - 5 måneder siden
is it just me or did u guys also hear jj say: ladies and "gelltilmen"
Aidan Wagner
Aidan Wagner - 5 måneder siden
Best streamer nominee gee Nelly would later turn out to be Simon's friend.
Mackenzie Teh Dog
Mackenzie Teh Dog - 6 måneder siden
0:40 did JJ just say his girlfriend's name, bcus theres a person named Nia Pickering in Instagram
Jay Reed
Jay Reed - 6 måneder siden
The worst YouTuber I would say morgz
nathaniel danimo
nathaniel danimo - 6 måneder siden
Malak Tharwat
Malak Tharwat - 6 måneder siden
So his gf is nia pickeriibg uahahah
Nandini Garg
Nandini Garg - 6 måneder siden
Fck u big up cobra Kai
Bambinoalienhead - 6 måneder siden
Goated video
Arin Damons
Arin Damons - 6 måneder siden
14:34 👆😂
Abdul Qayyum
Abdul Qayyum - 6 måneder siden
0:43 uno jjs still wid her
buggy D Clown
buggy D Clown - 6 måneder siden
so youtube is the worst youtube(r)
buggy D Clown
buggy D Clown - 6 måneder siden
so youtube is the worst youtube(r)
lets game
lets game - 6 måneder siden
Cobra kai is sick tbh
Julio Partida Bolaños
Julio Partida Bolaños - 6 måneder siden
13:55 Best Tobi and JJ moment😂
Teddie Purvis
Teddie Purvis - 6 måneder siden
i love how they didn't know who gee was then like a couple moths later she was dating chippo
Jake YT
Jake YT - 7 måneder siden
Subscribe to midnight men
JakeS - 7 måneder siden
JakeS - 7 måneder siden
Cobra Kai is suck
Mr Inconsistent
Mr Inconsistent - 7 måneder siden
12:42 ive been laughing at this for 10 mins they all look so concerned HAHAHAHA
harveyartzz - 7 måneder siden
Evie Knights
Evie Knights - 7 måneder siden
Anyone else’s Siri went off when toby said t series
Fyltz. ck
Fyltz. ck - 7 måneder siden
0:22 someone please explain this joke
Duhitsdalton - 7 måneder siden
i cant stand morgz
Millie _
Millie _ - 7 måneder siden
Just me who rewatched Vik take his penalty like 20 times and when every ran in and they were so happy for him and when the fight got waved off and everyone ran in to JJ. Frieeeeennnnnnddddssssssss
Zaman Hussain
Zaman Hussain - 8 måneder siden
loooool simon
Megasons3 Plays
Megasons3 Plays - 8 måneder siden
MrBeast isn’t a clickbaiter lol
__ - 8 måneder siden
angelito .345
angelito .345 - 8 måneder siden
Anyone actually know cobra kai besides me?
Kieran - 8 måneder siden
Cobra Kai is mint. These people are just uneducated.
Cameron Ayres
Cameron Ayres - 8 måneder siden
How vik opened that envelope triggers me
Mookka4 - 8 måneder siden
6:56 lol
Morgan Skibinski
Morgan Skibinski - 8 måneder siden
Ben - 8 måneder siden
Faze down for tfue
Gridmasta Duplicationglitch
Gridmasta Duplicationglitch - 9 måneder siden
Ruuuhh vik is so Cringe...
Ksi iş like: why ı imma friends with him
Jun Kwon
Jun Kwon - 9 måneder siden
Why is being the best clickbaiter a good thing?
Amil McIntosh
Amil McIntosh - 9 måneder siden
Simon thought everyone would laugh at his Harry's mom joke. But I think he realized that, that joke was just creepy
iCube ebuCi
iCube ebuCi - 10 måneder siden
I watched all but one of the series that they said and this is my opinion
The Sidemen Show was SOO GOOD
Shane Dawson Jake Paul documentary was not really good
Cobra Kai was good
I havent seen the behzinga one, sorry ethan
I got youtube premium (red)
Harry Gatzione
Harry Gatzione - 10 måneder siden
What the name of the video on 10:45 anyone?
Jake Sifinski
Jake Sifinski - 7 måneder siden
Harry Gatzione Silent challenge
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas - 10 måneder siden
Whose here after the 2019 sidemen awards
It's A Music Thing
It's A Music Thing - 11 måneder siden

Vik is actually the worst youtuber of 2018 for this
OM3GA ClAN - 11 måneder siden
Harry: Number D
jigglezz fortnite
jigglezz fortnite - 11 måneder siden
Where’s 2019s
Gai Sensei
Gai Sensei - 11 måneder siden
superwog series should have won the best series
Shelly x
Shelly x - 11 måneder siden
4:09 Vik is me trying to get into a group photo like
Jack Goodacre
Jack Goodacre - 11 måneder siden
I swear JJ said Ladies and Geltenmen
Colt_Rated[R] - 11 måneder siden
10:11 wtff he literally said that exactly half way through 😂😂😂
Salmaan Abbas
Salmaan Abbas - 11 måneder siden
Amiira Elmi
Amiira Elmi - 11 måneder siden
its funny how they had no idea who gee was and now they are so close to the sidemen and talia and times have changed
Sean Messina
Sean Messina - 11 måneder siden
19:59 if that doesn’t become a gif then life is dumber than it already is
Manifestation Happiness
Manifestation Happiness - 10 måneder siden
DGAF I guess life is dumb
Hayden Sommers
Hayden Sommers - 11 måneder siden
Who else is here in 2020