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Runtime: 1:07:31


ibrahim stamili
ibrahim stamili - 4 timer siden
22:24 HYPE!!
V8Mama76 - 19 timer siden
Freda Martin
Freda Martin - Dag siden
Anybody going to ignore the fact that the audio cut off when josh was talking before jj said “does that mean we can break if”
Anthony Carranza
Anthony Carranza - 2 dager siden
I feel like Harry and jj should be on a team more often
Lillie Wilkinson
Lillie Wilkinson - 2 dager siden
Aw josh is so cute when he said ‘no Thankyou’ 🥺
Just Tikki
Just Tikki - 2 dager siden
43:21 me and the boys sharing snacks during lunch
坂智恵子 - 3 dager siden
vik: insults JJ for getting a letter wrong
also vik: *gets a letter wrong straight after
Alex - 3 dager siden
there's such a huge difference between regular KSI and game show KSI
Vishal RAGHUPRAKASH - 3 dager siden
if everything is always 20% off, isn't it just it the normal price?
OkMrMaN - 4 dager siden
Mini ladd lmfaooooo
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin - 4 dager siden
I love how they are all rich asf but go crazy over some gummy bears
BG GaMeR - 5 dager siden
41:09 didgeridoo
VXI CLAN - 5 dager siden
Funny thing is Harry and jj where both on the good team anyway 😂😂
Liliana Urso
Liliana Urso - 5 dager siden
am I the only one who figured out leaning tower of Pisa straight away?
Vedant dhawan
Vedant dhawan - 5 dager siden
I feel bad for vik man,just see 1:04:22 and onwards,tobi ignored him hard
Hamza H
Hamza H - 5 dager siden
JJ is actually such an idiot lmao
Alex Gargett
Alex Gargett - 6 dager siden
Ethans trimmmm is so dead
It's Shaikul
It's Shaikul - 6 dager siden
36:35 37:08 51:02 52:31
Josh Hampton
Josh Hampton - 6 dager siden
Is it just me or did anyone else get kinda pissed at some of the ways Josh was screwing over JJ and Harry 🤔
DylanArBee - 6 dager siden
47:55 - The highlight of his day, that flew over everyone's head
Naima Maow
Naima Maow - 8 dager siden
46:47 didnt tobi and ethan say c
Ezra V
Ezra V - 8 dager siden
When the video mutes😐
mikiyas girma
mikiyas girma - 9 dager siden
saber - 9 dager siden
We officially respect harry’s pronouns they/them
ITZ Bryan
ITZ Bryan - 10 dager siden
Everyone reaction has change at 22:07
WhyUN0Ded - 10 dager siden
Y has I watched dis for an heur
Baby Pluto
Baby Pluto - 10 dager siden
Bro tobi the smartest one there 😂😂
Tyler Rowe
Tyler Rowe - 10 dager siden
I’m so proud of my self when I figured out the last one!!! Lmao
ur mum
ur mum - 11 dager siden
i got the black eyed peas at the exact same time as tobi lmaooo
Aiden Choi
Aiden Choi - 11 dager siden
Josh basically made me quit watching the sidemen in this episode
WogbroGaming - 11 dager siden
58:45.. big oofs on that one now guys
Toronto Wire
Toronto Wire - 11 dager siden
I hate how Ethan didnt give tobi a chance to play
Vynn Mahatharadol
Vynn Mahatharadol - 11 dager siden
Arthur Brown
Arthur Brown - 13 dager siden
This is video really not worth it. Josh is joking around
Andrew Applington
Andrew Applington - 13 dager siden
Bike and simon happy to lose a turn because harry and ksi keep loosing
Nate Murray
Nate Murray - 13 dager siden
Legit got the first one right after the L and F
Clara Baldwin
Clara Baldwin - 13 dager siden
this was painful for harry lmao
Lethal Vortex
Lethal Vortex - 14 dager siden
I had no clue about simons dads name and I was like jj is probably going to say bill or something then he said bill
Gabriel Martin
Gabriel Martin - 16 dager siden
37:59 ok but that is clearly mystery prize
Simple_TigerW - 16 dager siden
André Mexia
André Mexia - 16 dager siden
37:08 welcome to Manchester United Anthony Martial
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman - 16 dager siden
The likes on this comment is how many times Ethan said: Exactly where I expected it to be
Shawn Gladu
Shawn Gladu - 16 dager siden
this was ever sick
Mistyhxrizon - 16 dager siden
The wheel has been through it all
Aymaan Saqib
Aymaan Saqib - 17 dager siden
Simon and Vic say K every time as if it’s the most common letter
Pranav Natarajan
Pranav Natarajan - 17 dager siden
ksi sure does love his "L"s
Freda Martin
Freda Martin - 18 dager siden
The Sidemen are the only youtubers i can sit and watch for an whole hour without any regrets
Yolanda Shikers
Yolanda Shikers - 18 dager siden
"The Smart Duo" Ft Tobi and Ethan
"The Pointers" Ft Simon and Vik
"The bullied" Ft JJ and Harry
ogmaxxb - 19 dager siden
glad Ethan figured out his haircut bc that trim is dead
Vukadin MC
Vukadin MC - 17 dager siden
Nah fam, the older one was way better man.
Curtis Chen
Curtis Chen - 20 dager siden
Anybody going to ignore the fact that the audio cut off when josh was talking before jj said “does that mean we can break if”
Ahsan Qadri
Ahsan Qadri - 20 dager siden
55:35 pause the video and look closely...
Kathyrex - 20 dager siden
I didn’t know Harry was non binary, that’s good to know about them
Vukadin MC
Vukadin MC - 17 dager siden
Idk if they were serious, I think they were just making fun of gender identities.
BIG ZIDER - 20 dager siden
Wtf is happening with ethans hair
Ryan h
Ryan h - 20 dager siden
43:31 jj: “I’m Nigerian man”
Mr. Jai
Mr. Jai - 21 dag siden
I thought ethan's dad was magic mike since he disappeared?
Natax1 - 21 dag siden
Why nobody said an a please? The a is Really really common lol
Amir Omidvar
Amir Omidvar - 21 dag siden
No vowels are allowed dude
Diamon Johnson
Diamon Johnson - 21 dag siden
These ideas the Sidemen should definitely consider:
1) Sidemen Escape room
2) Sidemen Apprentice
3) Sidemen Monopoly in real life
4) Sidemen Road Trip (in one vehicle)
5) Sidemen Murder Mystery
6) Sidemen Talent show
7) Sidemen Prank wars
8) Sidemen Fear factor
9) Sidemen dodge ball
10) Sidemen Race with their cars in real life
11) Sidemen Show & Tell
12) Sidemen Ninja Warrior
13) Sidemen Paintball
14) Sidemen play Uno in real life (MoreSidemen video)
15) Sidemen Airsoft
16) Sidemen Go Swimming irl (diving, race etc...)
17) Sidemen Rapping Competition
18) Sidemen Fishing in real life (MoreSidemen?)
19) Sidemen HandBall
20) Sidemen 24 hours without money in "country"
21) Sidemen Hell’s Kitchen, ft Phil as Gordon Ramsay
22) Sidemen Go Kart
23) Sidemen Swap Lives for a Day
24) Sidemen Play (Sidemen Gaming)
 Like so they can see!
RAFAEL CHIEF - 22 dager siden
Tobi is goated
esteban collazo
esteban collazo - 22 dager siden
Seeing 7 adults in their 20’s getting gassed over match attax is pure gold
Az1738 Az
Az1738 Az - 23 dager siden
Everyone figuring it out me clueless face *
HRH jr
HRH jr - 24 dager siden
Guys I've been trying to overcome anxiety and start a blogging channel pls support i will do more of crazy vlogs once the lockdown is over
Cole Marullo
Cole Marullo - 24 dager siden
JJ and harry are like my last two brain cells in quarantine
Eleanor - 25 dager siden
ok but josh is actually a pretty good presenter lmao
Siraj Ahmad Khan
Siraj Ahmad Khan - 25 dager siden
51:02 😂😂😂
Ungefeiert - 26 dager siden
43:30 KSI not being given Haribo: "Ayo I'm nigerian"
LC Saiyan
LC Saiyan - 26 dager siden
I really wanted JJ and Harry to win lol they were getting bullied the whole time lmfaooo
schultz wolvertonka
schultz wolvertonka - 26 dager siden
I love how they are all rich asf but go crazy over some gummy bears
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman - 27 dager siden
The Sidemen are the only youtubers i can sit and watch for an whole hour without any regrets
Khawlah Albaf
Khawlah Albaf - 27 dager siden
57:35 Vikkstars laugh
MPMHD - 28 dager siden
Ya but jj and harry still got the good team on sidemen road trip😂
Jaz Megan
Jaz Megan - 29 dager siden
The only one I guessed straight away was Sydney Opera House
Anthony St-Pierre
Anthony St-Pierre - 29 dager siden
I feel like Jj and Harry’s team would have done the same if Babatunde was playing instead
Jake Murphy
Jake Murphy - 29 dager siden
39:02 i thought it was something cliffs of moher as i’m irish ☘️ 🇮🇪🇮🇪
Matthew Lubbe
Matthew Lubbe - Måned siden
No one:
Ethan: exactly were I expected it to go
Peter Turner
Peter Turner - Måned siden
51:02 I love how JJ and Harry looked at each other with the same look on their faces at the same time.
Peter Turner
Peter Turner - Måned siden
31:42 Vick's face when Simon gets excited is adorable.
GFuel poops
GFuel poops - Måned siden
1:04:24 TOBI MY GUY
Cameron Aygün
Cameron Aygün - Måned siden
it’s will
it’s will - Måned siden
Hyper Motion
Hyper Motion - Måned siden
Anyone Else Look Up What Zed Meant
ur nan
ur nan - Måned siden
28:24 jk thinks they are being serious 😂😂
Suzushi Kittychan
Suzushi Kittychan - 4 timer siden
U forgot the part where harry also thinks its serious but didn't care😂😂😂
Ready For A Challenge
Ready For A Challenge - Måned siden
A zed
uhhh, chile anyways
uhhh, chile anyways - Måned siden
i love how harry took a pic of something they can literally see
Maple6774 - Måned siden
Bro Harry would get flamed in quarantine for that nonbinary Joke😂
Alfie Hollings
Alfie Hollings - Måned siden
At the start when jjs answer was yes it could have worked as a discount code
Adam Jasper
Adam Jasper - Måned siden
46:31, I think it's Spaghetti Bolognese
Adam Jasper
Adam Jasper - Måned siden
I got the White Cliffs of Dover as soon as R came in
YoungBlitzer - Måned siden
W2s non bionary that’s crazy
Raghav D
Raghav D - Måned siden
Simon's dads name is Peter Minter?
James Hills
James Hills - Måned siden
this video is so dogshit simon vikk tobi and ethan so passive aggressive for no reason
Damon Prasad
Damon Prasad - Måned siden
47:52 super excited😂
DannyIfc1892 - Måned siden
Ethans trim in this is awful
Sara Tribuna
Sara Tribuna - Måned siden
Toby is soooo smart jezz ahah
Charmaine Mansfield
Charmaine Mansfield - Måned siden
DaringGrizzly - Måned siden
and they were still in the good team like what
SeanDaDestroyer 1
SeanDaDestroyer 1 - Måned siden
At 6:57 Ethan and Tobi are weirdly in sync
lmao orbxk
lmao orbxk - Måned siden
Can I still get the discount
Thigh Guys
Thigh Guys - Måned siden
its a new discount code every week, people that watch the newest videos see the code
Naino - Måned siden
58:46 where does Harry's bottle go
Callum Hardwick
Callum Hardwick - Måned siden
Via: What comes before k
Me: kk
Logan Ethington
Logan Ethington - Måned siden
who else knew it was “leaning tower of pisa” on the first 1 before they even started guessing letters