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CloZee - Koto
Slippy - Divided VIP
Dirty Audio - Gorilla Glue
AeroChord - Surface
EWN & Whogaux - Start That Fire
San Holo - Light (KLOUD Remix)
🎵 San Holo
KLOUD - Dark Down Below
Vedenzo - Can't Take The Pain
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Far Out - Origin
Far Out - The Force Theme (Star Wars Cover)
Evan King - Guardians
WiDE AWAKE - Ready
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Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz - 2 timer siden
I was expecting to hear that one Indian song they always play when vikk hit the crossbar
King Alpha
King Alpha - 4 timer siden
Harry crossbar magnet
G30 - 8 timer siden
1: do it for the unpaid workers 2: do it for the bulk
Eas Yes
Eas Yes - 9 timer siden
Ethans sooo cringe
Ivkezzz - 10 timer siden
Did anyone notice that sidemen got 4 crossbars in a row
saleh sadeq
saleh sadeq - 14 timer siden
i feel so bad for faze im not cappin
nguyen nguyen
nguyen nguyen - 14 timer siden
vik said he is crossbar king and he is not wrong
Archie Frost
Archie Frost - 14 timer siden
Sidemen> faze
Zeno - 14 timer siden
6:56 history was made
xShadowOfTheNITE - 15 timer siden
5:46 he did the simon celebrstion on his channel when he made a pitch in the Sidemen house.
Clarifuz Clap
Clarifuz Clap - 23 timer siden
Is this where ksi got the song title? 6:04 (down like that)
Yxqii 7k
Yxqii 7k - Dag siden
Come on u guys we need 1million to reach 10million I don’t want them to end
LiL Trosiuuu
LiL Trosiuuu - Dag siden
Haroldinho hits a shot of his life and vik gets 2, amazing!!!
Bowen Price
Bowen Price - Dag siden
Jarvis is using non aimbot he’s banned
๖ۣۜxInf_rnus - Dag siden
W2S, Crossbar Volley God.
Scott Gamble
Scott Gamble - Dag siden
I’m half way through if England and the sidemen win I will create ten new accounts and subscribe to the sidemen if ammerica wins dislike the vid
Alexander Montanez
Alexander Montanez - Dag siden
7:01 i got the chills
Xavier Lol
Xavier Lol - Dag siden
Funny the nine year olds expected sidemen vs fortnite players of faze
Boneheadboy - Dag siden
Where’s jev
Domqr - Dag siden
No one:
Alex: so burger king or Wendy’s?
Christian Ronaldos fan
What the f is going on
Millie Williams
Millie Williams - 2 dager siden
6:12 they were all so gassed for vik 😂🥰
Robloxspypro 3
Robloxspypro 3 - 2 dager siden
Harry practiced his kick in years now it was worth something
Avic_Boastontoast 75
Avic_Boastontoast 75 - 2 dager siden
Avic_Boastontoast 75
Avic_Boastontoast 75 - 2 dager siden
Sidemen tried to impress faze so much
Dylan Dutton
Dylan Dutton - 2 dager siden
6:05 FaZe Blaze predicted down like that
[i E i] edits
[i E i] edits - 2 dager siden
6:55 i felt all my childhood for a few seconds
Ahmed yusuf aden
Ahmed yusuf aden - 2 dager siden
Simon is the best Footballer
Armando Sehi
Armando Sehi - 2 dager siden
5:08 what the f*ck I going on😂😂
Bando Seventy five
Bando Seventy five - 2 dager siden
Who wants to see sidemen vs faze clan arm wrestle
Fk Off dude
Fk Off dude - 2 dager siden
Jarvis is just Standing there akward
Michael simpson
Michael simpson - 2 dager siden
When Harry said trick shots whenever anyone in faze hit the crossbar they just say it was a trick shot when they just kicked the ball and it hit the crossbar
Laxmi Pawar
Laxmi Pawar - 2 dager siden
Crossbars always fear

Harry ,Simon and
The G.O.A.T. Vikkstar
anderiotyy - 2 dager siden
Harry's crossbar was the best
Fad3d GorbzZ
Fad3d GorbzZ - 2 dager siden
I love it when apex I’m short
Rolfe SkieZ
Rolfe SkieZ - 2 dager siden
Harry's iconic volley crossbar shot would have been way more insane if it was the trickshot
G4yonko - 3 dager siden
Bro JJ and Ethan both predicted simons crossbar that was legendary
DrizzyXD - 3 dager siden
Only sidemen and faze can bring peace between the uk and the us on the internet
Louis Van genuchten
Louis Van genuchten - 3 dager siden
Tbh faze kay can’t do sports like he said he can’t do actual decent youtube vids and he is so bad in like every singel game
Rohan Chanan
Rohan Chanan - 3 dager siden
6:55 bought me tears
Yuremh Cortes
Yuremh Cortes - 3 dager siden
Teeqo is like the best one there
10k Subs with no videos?
10k Subs with no videos? - 4 dager siden
Anyone else think the way Sidemen celebrate is way more hype than Faze or anyone?
A Ali
A Ali - 4 dager siden
Harry’s iconic shot is just amazing! And he even did it in 1 attempt 6:56
CrisWarrior _YT
CrisWarrior _YT - 4 dager siden
Faze Kay turned from a olayer to a clickbaiter 😂😂
6e7 Rayane PALANDOKEN - 4 dager siden
7:18 best celebrations
6e7 Rayane PALANDOKEN - 4 dager siden
6:56 best crossbar for me
Super Epic MineCraft reviews
Harry just betrayed the sidemen at the end
SwerxyGaming YT
SwerxyGaming YT - 4 dager siden
I just realized they were the sidemen in infinite reacting to Kiera
Luqie xp
Luqie xp - 4 dager siden
Dorito Boi
Dorito Boi - 4 dager siden
Andrew Cumming
Andrew Cumming - 4 dager siden
No cap Harry’s crossbar hit has to b the crossbar of the decade
Matt Shifty
Matt Shifty - 4 dager siden
Bro, tommy’s spin kick was clean. Even tho it didn’t hit
The Only Rimon King
The Only Rimon King - 5 dager siden
notagamerngl - 5 dager siden
lets appreciate how the sidemen celebrated every crossbar. something the us could neverrr
YTJake 101
YTJake 101 - 5 dager siden
Who else was inspired by Harry's kick and the clips
ilt_pros bet cd gameplay
ilt_pros bet cd gameplay - 5 dager siden
Where is faze rug😥😪😪😥😥😥😪
Harry Chessum
Harry Chessum - 5 dager siden
We worked out two things in this video
Faze are frauds and josh is the founder
And harry is the greatest volley kicker in the history of football
Jack17HD - 6 dager siden
Instead of Sidemen Vs YouTube all stars for the next charity match... We need Sidemen Vs FaZe
TTV Luxeques
TTV Luxeques - 6 dager siden
I'm surprised Jarvis didnt use aimbot
space man
space man - 6 dager siden
Who else is coming back to see Harry's montage?