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Sidemen Attempted To Copy A James Charles Make Up Tutorial, this was the result. #SidemenSunday
Sidemen Clothing:
James Charles Tutorial:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:
Runtime: 21:34


Uzma - 4 timer siden
Toby is weak I g the tiffanies necklace JJ got him
Karro Wanglöf
Karro Wanglöf - 10 timer siden
i'd let josh do my makeup
Laura Patric
Laura Patric - 21 time siden
At 14:09 I was dying JJ is just 😂😂
H H - Dag siden
I hope James Charles has seen this
CMoe 1414
CMoe 1414 - Dag siden
why does toby look like the crackhead off of comedy central, LMFAO
Tofu B
Tofu B - Dag siden
I wanna see james charles does harrys makeup omds
KYFEElite - 2 dager siden
Rip Simon face
L- akai
L- akai - 2 dager siden
Summary of the video
Harry embrace his inner sister
Simon get turned into an African warmonger
Tobi face got turned into a painting
Vikk in Australia
Jonas Gundersen
Jonas Gundersen - 2 dager siden
why is harry so sassy? HAHAHA
Jordan Casey
Jordan Casey - 2 dager siden
Simon looks like the collosal titan on drugs
maggie nulman
maggie nulman - 3 dager siden
jj's just straight up abusing the palette lmao
Leah Gallagher
Leah Gallagher - 3 dager siden
Everyone's comments have like over 1k likes so lets give it a go 😐
Hafidz. - 3 dager siden
Josh : *Goes full professional mode*
JJ : *Used lipstick on simons eyes*
hussain fadel
hussain fadel - 3 dager siden
jj i cant tell
PantheR - 4 dager siden
11:50 and they ksimon isn't real
Rareş Minuț
Rareş Minuț - 5 dager siden
19:20 Harry kinda sus ngl
Hayley Bourne
Hayley Bourne - 6 dager siden
Simon:what is that?
Jj: its mascara
*puts it all over Simons eyes*
Farming Life
Farming Life - 6 dager siden
Anyone else trying to find the autistic comment.
Eric Asderei
Eric Asderei - 6 dager siden
Harry man... 😂😂😂
Eric Asderei
Eric Asderei - 6 dager siden
Harry was so cute this whole video. Like ... it’s weird cause I’m younger than him, male and straight but he was wasn’t he?
Zyphonyx - 6 dager siden
To I looked like an off brand Burger King logo 😂
Daniel Orzaru
Daniel Orzaru - 6 dager siden
The ksimon memes turned into jarry memes
Mohammed Abdul moid adnan
Mohammed Abdul moid adnan - 6 dager siden
Vikkstar. The only person who can be in australia and london at the sane time
Siphesihle Zingitwa
Siphesihle Zingitwa - 7 dager siden
ಥ_ಥ - 7 dager siden
Tobi looks like he belong in an An African tribe
DADDY DAV1D - 7 dager siden
3:52 what
Ashwin Natarajan
Ashwin Natarajan - 8 dager siden
Hey sidemen my sisters
Jasmine Barker
Jasmine Barker - 8 dager siden
Harry tryna do "hi sisters" 😭😂
Hend Alsaleh
Hend Alsaleh - 8 dager siden
i love harry in this video omg
Kaden Clips
Kaden Clips - 8 dager siden
11:50 12:00
ManzRzl - 8 dager siden
Harry looks good ☺️
SayfRG2874 - 8 dager siden
"HOW'S HE F****** SAY IT!"
LusciousLady - 8 dager siden
Pandachickennugget X
Pandachickennugget X - 9 dager siden
Ha jj nailed it Simon looks great
Longestslong 420
Longestslong 420 - 9 dager siden
Simon look like David Bowie ngl
4RU - 9 dager siden
imagine jj drawing on vikk
Piggyson 21
Piggyson 21 - 10 dager siden
Rip click
Someone Something
Someone Something - 10 dager siden
This may have been from a year ago but let just hope James doesn’t see this lmao
COLA Squad
COLA Squad - 10 dager siden
We viking my eyebrows
Tobi got jokes
Maxi Lontong
Maxi Lontong - 10 dager siden
Simon in the thumbnail looks like a titan from attack on titan
tom creary
tom creary - 10 dager siden
Ethan made Tobi look like the monster that gets sucked by the scream machine from monster inc
Kyla _Amy08
Kyla _Amy08 - 11 dager siden
I hope they realise that KSI is a bodybuilder/wrestler not a makeup artist 😂
AyeDawn - 11 dager siden
Why does josh know how to do this so well though!!! Lmfao
DuggalBrothers - 12 dager siden
7:14 the fact that simon knows how he does lube proves ksimon is real.
Haloula ho
Haloula ho - 12 dager siden
Vaibhav T
Vaibhav T - 12 dager siden
Is that lazarbeam!!
KiriTUBE - 12 dager siden
harry doing the intro 😂
Johnny Beats
Johnny Beats - 12 dager siden
Lazar beam v.s Harry or Simon
Mest2dMax1 - 13 dager siden
Looking back on this Simon and tobi look like serial killers
abbie - 13 dager siden
Harry was enjoying this video!!!!
e10 - 13 dager siden
Harty is really channeling his inner sister and I love it
LitModz will come
LitModz will come - 13 dager siden
Story of Bob. Bob was a happy man with a happy life, until 1 day he was walking a strange man pulled a gun on him. Will Bob die?
😢 👁👄👁️‍
✋ 👕 ✋ 🔫 👕
👖 👖
👞 👞
adilkaan kilicaslan
adilkaan kilicaslan - 13 dager siden
wagwan sisters😂😂😂
SAPLUPLIA k - 13 dager siden
There will be a lot of fanfictions after this
* Newton *
* Newton * - 13 dager siden
Poor simon, getting abused this entire video💀
Tyler Garza
Tyler Garza - 13 dager siden
Bro Toby looks like squidwords house
YNL Breezy
YNL Breezy - 14 dager siden
Is josh experienced?!
Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC - 14 dager siden
It looks like tobi doesent know how to use a touthbrush 4:05
Arman Ananikyan
Arman Ananikyan - 14 dager siden
I gtg eat my sandwich brb.
Elimz_sn - 14 dager siden
U know Simon and jj do this ever night
Scrubz - 14 dager siden
Let’s not ignore how good at josh is at doing makeup
ZeroMC - 14 dager siden
And this is where JJ's reddit thrives
Warren Davidson
Warren Davidson - 14 dager siden
josh: taking it very seriously
ethan: there for some fun
jj: couldn’t care less
vik: in a foreign land
tobi: crossing the racism boundary
harry: critiquing josh
simon: worried about his pants
Shannon Watkins
Shannon Watkins - 15 dager siden
Viks skin looks amazing tho
Oobleck Slam
Oobleck Slam - 15 dager siden
Why’d vikram get some vegans off coachella to do a video with him
Aierek - 15 dager siden
Anyone else looking forward to vikk one day being tossed out of the group
Andaru Ganendrawardhana
Andaru Ganendrawardhana - 15 dager siden
Harry is cute😅😂
Ollie Fuge
Ollie Fuge - 15 dager siden
Y dose Simon look like handsome squidward
ZIGOLO - 15 dager siden
this gives out....Australia is just a colony vibes
Niklas Kavtaradze
Niklas Kavtaradze - 15 dager siden
the next best thing after sidemen is beta squad
Janelle Pitterson
Janelle Pitterson - 15 dager siden
Toby yours looking good yeeh LMAO the lies 😂
Roy Long
Roy Long - 15 dager siden
9:42 this would have made a great thumbnail
Roy Long
Roy Long - 15 dager siden
this has a lot of ksimon vibes to it
GAMER TV - 15 dager siden
Harry and josh were so good don’t know why hairy complained
Jada Lefevre
Jada Lefevre - 15 dager siden
Me trying to do makeup
LojoMD Smile
LojoMD Smile - 15 dager siden
this is gold
Edit Name
Edit Name - 16 dager siden
Tobi= 12:21, 13:56, 15:24, 16:08, 20:00
Harry= 14:52, 15:54, 17:33
Vikk= 7:03, 12:56, 15:08
Simon: 12:05, 17:02, 19:06
And an extra: 20:21(Is this a prediction of what next years gonna be like
Bonnie Equestrian
Bonnie Equestrian - 16 dager siden
Josh is actually pretty decent at it 😂😂
Tugi Ndichu
Tugi Ndichu - 16 dager siden
KSI putting foundation on his hand them smearing it on Simon's face killed me
Maple innit
Maple innit - 16 dager siden
20:59 ksimon caught making out
Huge - 17 dager siden
Imagine a w2s x James Charles collab, he’d lay pipe better than a bleedin’ plumber
Wannabe E-girl
Wannabe E-girl - 17 dager siden
Did I actually just cry over ethan telling tobi to blink? Yes 😌✋🏻
bensintryne - 17 dager siden
harry reminds me james charles drunk british talking uncle
ABX_ Maine
ABX_ Maine - 18 dager siden
I wish they made a pt2 for the other guys
Shuqanna Leitch
Shuqanna Leitch - 18 dager siden
13:60 your welcome
Ha Ha
Ha Ha - 18 dager siden
'The beauty is so full' lmfaooooo 💀🤣
Fortnite And Football
Fortnite And Football - 18 dager siden
I did not expect the click house to be there
BigMC__23__6 :
BigMC__23__6 : - 18 dager siden
Click are so strange and unfunny
IxTrxy Lake
IxTrxy Lake - 18 dager siden
Harry suits being a girl No Offense
IxTrxy Lake
IxTrxy Lake - 18 dager siden
Teagan Vanderham
Teagan Vanderham - 18 dager siden
Ohh the stuff Simon goes through yin this video😶
I won 10,000 from MrBeast
I won 10,000 from MrBeast - 19 dager siden
Vik looks like an asian auntie
The KazeKage
The KazeKage - 19 dager siden
Vikkstar123 is so lucky he met LazarBeam, W2S and KSI.
Malachi Vincent
Malachi Vincent - 19 dager siden
That was lazarbeam and fresh
Sophie Donlan
Sophie Donlan - 19 dager siden
me looking for James Charles comment like
SN Music covers
SN Music covers - 19 dager siden
Simon be looking like a PJ mask 😂
Iambat - 19 dager siden
RZN_FrZdy - 19 dager siden
Simon had a real tough time with talia :)
Nice *"red"* hair
Mohrina Magams
Mohrina Magams - 20 dager siden
Omar Muhriz
Omar Muhriz - 20 dager siden
Hahaha when tobi tryed crack and cocain
Laura J W
Laura J W - 20 dager siden
Harry's confidence is the best. Josh did really well, but a video where they get good make up looks from professionals would be amazing