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A montage of all our 2018's Best Sidemen Sunday moments - Sidemen Sundays will resume properly from next week onwards! #SidemenSunday
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:
Runtime: 1:33:16


Robert Ngethe
Robert Ngethe - 4 timer siden
JJ's reddit need to peep this 37:50
IPlayRoblox 1
IPlayRoblox 1 - 18 timer siden
1:23 josh over here out shining jj with a great punch in what looks like to be the crotch
Nikai Demmie
Nikai Demmie - Dag siden
But Vikk isn't white so isn't he originally allowed to say n*gga?
Damien Skowron
Damien Skowron - Dag siden
Who remeber when Ethan was fat
vBlxndz - Dag siden
Who's here after they reached 10MILLION SUBS!!! ?
Osman Ahmed
Osman Ahmed - 2 dager siden
Freda Martin
Freda Martin - 2 dager siden
7:50 and E, hoe seller
Me - 4 dager siden
Seems like a pumpkin is the only thing Ji could beat
Rasmus Davidsen
Rasmus Davidsen - 5 dager siden
every danish people liked that
TheWonderfulBoxman - 6 dager siden
Does anyone know what was in the bag at @19:52? I think I know but I’m not sure
friendly destruction
friendly destruction - 6 dager siden
47:57 “I hate leaves with a burning passion”
Kyle Zhou
Kyle Zhou - 6 dager siden
The day Vik gruesomely murdered a very expensive tree.
CornyHans M
CornyHans M - 7 dager siden
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce - 7 dager siden
John316 - 7 dager siden
For ALL have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God. We deserve hell fire. but the free gift from God is eternal life found in Christ Jesus. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son and whoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life
Cadan Douglas
Cadan Douglas - 7 dager siden
54:54 best thing ever😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Nevil Shaji
Nevil Shaji - 8 dager siden
What was vik's present at 19:48
HughieTom #1
HughieTom #1 - 8 dager siden
Over 100 moments
Over 100k likes
Over 100 minutes of footage
Perfect 👌
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce - 7 dager siden
well it’s actually 93 minutes so not really perfect
Hussain Fendy
Hussain Fendy - 8 dager siden
what is the driving car video named
angus foster
angus foster - 8 dager siden
20:00 what was in the bag?
Big Boi Cuckstas
Big Boi Cuckstas - 9 dager siden
19:52 I wanna know what was in the bag plz
siddharth Ramaswamy
siddharth Ramaswamy - 9 dager siden
What did vik get that they censored out
korporate.i - 10 dager siden
46:37 it all makes sense now
Galaxy GmG
Galaxy GmG - 10 dager siden
10:00 bro a demon came out of harry wtf lmaooooo
Lxstfn - 10 dager siden
Who is watching it in November?
FranMan - 10 dager siden
The destruction of the wii made me feel sad
Denchik - 11 dager siden
what was that censored thing? 20:00
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin - 11 dager siden
Harry’s genuinely the guy i want to befriend cause of his humor, WORLD CLASS.
Landon Weed
Landon Weed - 12 dager siden
“Can we hear it in a sentence. Ksi is a fatneek” best sentence ever
Chickunugget - 12 dager siden
Did he actually say the n word
Fhantum - 12 dager siden
3:30 what’s in harry’s hand?
Archie McGoldrick
Archie McGoldrick - 13 dager siden
40:52 is the best pahaha
Holly Waterfield
Holly Waterfield - 13 dager siden
Harry: pterodactyl mode activated
Chase Ravindra
Chase Ravindra - 13 dager siden
40:30 , only reason simon didn't react is cause he's seen it way too many times
Zilla 46
Zilla 46 - 12 dager siden
DEADEYE 24 - 14 dager siden
Drip - 14 dager siden
Danskere: OMG de har shoutoutet os😯😯
Preston Wittmeyer
Preston Wittmeyer - 14 dager siden
When mom says no
Grady Bowers
Grady Bowers - 14 dager siden
JJ acting fat is what Ethan used to live through
Nakul K.R.
Nakul K.R. - 15 dager siden
Teo Kurt
Teo Kurt - 15 dager siden
TFL Gino
TFL Gino - 16 dager siden
51:16 - Schools Shooter When He Sees Everyone Distracted For A Split Second
Axel Aguilera Aguirre
Axel Aguilera Aguirre - 16 dager siden
Some things are fake. Like: 🍆
Μαριος Χοτζα
Μαριος Χοτζα - 16 dager siden
No one:
Simon: "Hello darling"
Will Snap
Will Snap - 16 dager siden
Everyone was so distracted by Ethan being fat that we never noticed josh also had some weight
Ashleigh Harber
Ashleigh Harber - 18 dager siden
what video is it called where they use someone elses hands??
Taylor Swann
Taylor Swann - 18 dager siden
Josh : “ No no he can’t climb up a tree”
Literally 0.2 Seconds later
Vik and Harry : “ Aye me and Harry are chilling at the top of the tree”
Ksenija Djordjevic
Ksenija Djordjevic - 19 dager siden
At 10:00
That's my sister at 2:00 am when she sees a spider
BC02 - 19 dager siden
whats the video where harry says he loves a horse and ethan is the gladiator?
Rohan Philip
Rohan Philip - 20 dager siden
I literally watched the full video with no pause 😂 I'm Insane 😂
d e p r e s s e d b o y
d e p r e s s e d b o y - 20 dager siden
46:58 I mean, it’s not wrong

Just informing they said august 25th
Zion Hendricks-Miller
Zion Hendricks-Miller - 21 dag siden
10:00 harys scream is beautiul
AGC_ Snowfall
AGC_ Snowfall - 21 dag siden
10:00 Bruh I literally couldnt stop laughing lmao
Official Kdawg
Official Kdawg - 21 dag siden
0:40 vik is colored😂😂he can say it if he pleases
Layth Badreddine
Layth Badreddine - 21 dag siden
raoul basaly
raoul basaly - 22 dager siden
When ethan was fat i used to laugh man 😂😂
Alzitraz - 22 dager siden
When Vik pulls the N-word out. The whole sidemen was backing out from that like Vik was a dangerous man.
Pranav Pappu
Pranav Pappu - 23 dager siden
JJ breaking character just makes the joke 10x funnier 😂
Lil Skrimp
Lil Skrimp - 23 dager siden
Please can some one let me know what video the unicorn and Jj slip is in
George Williams
George Williams - 23 dager siden
2018 sidemen can’t be beaten 🔥🔥🙌🏻
Jonas Johnson
Jonas Johnson - 24 dager siden
47:57 “I hate leaves with a burning passion”
kyle rivera
kyle rivera - 24 dager siden
What was in that box 19:55
Qais Quraan
Qais Quraan - 27 dager siden
Craziest s**t EVERRRRR!!!!!!
Leoni Williams
Leoni Williams - 27 dager siden
9:52 when Harry screamed I can’t 😭💀
Mbalck1 - 27 dager siden
Denmark! 💪🏻🇩🇰
Prettyxgal - 27 dager siden
22:09 why did he go for Josh he was just being sweet 😭
FlareXGamer - 28 dager siden
So jj does have a good side he doesn’t leave a man waiting for a fist bump not even VIKstar123455678
M8Thestarboy - 29 dager siden
Harry’s genuinely the guy i want to befriend cause of his humor, WORLD CLASS.
Paul Nielsen
Paul Nielsen - 24 dager siden
i wish i was half as funny as him
Paul Nielsen
Paul Nielsen - 24 dager siden
yessssss m8
North - Måned siden
What video is this? 43:41
MAY 01
MAY 01 - Måned siden
I’m so in love with Harry, his humour is just brilliant !!
Silenze Beats
Silenze Beats - 9 dager siden
@horo af i'm so in love with Harry, his humour is just brilliant !!
horo af
horo af - 10 dager siden
@Barbara Price I'm so in love with Harry, his humour is just brilliant !!
PingoMine37 - Måned siden
omg im gonna die😭😭😭
Cole Southgate
Cole Southgate - Måned siden
13:07 “ I said pick up the soap”
Prathusha Yogananthan
Prathusha Yogananthan - Måned siden
i hateD KSI in this video for one moment, for distroying the wii. Fam was mad. but just for one moment love yall
Freddie North
Freddie North - Måned siden
Johnny Shao
Johnny Shao - Måned siden
1:18:32 the dude in the back teleported
Raquel57 Allison76
Raquel57 Allison76 - Måned siden
Seeing this makes me realize just how much weight Ethan lost, good job!
1k Likes - 11 dager siden
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman - Måned siden
Josh : “ No no he can’t climb up a tree”
Literally 0.2 Seconds later
Vik and Harry : “ Aye me and Harry are chilling at the top of the tree”
Thatguywhoplays 136
Thatguywhoplays 136 - Måned siden
1:30 I find it funny how tobi is the only one that will stand up to JJ what a legend
Leoharyz - Måned siden
Ascent - Måned siden
51:30 best scene
Taylen;behrent Behrent
Taylen;behrent Behrent - Måned siden
we still want to know what vik said
Victoria Beautyman
Victoria Beautyman - Måned siden
Zakaria Abdussamad
Zakaria Abdussamad - Måned siden
literally 90% of the clips are either jj or harry
Endish - Måned siden
1:43 the only thing i really pay attention to is how far Ethan has gotten and im really proud of him
_Reyyvenn - Måned siden
2:03 bangafied
Alexander Hughes
Alexander Hughes - Måned siden
14:22 the look on Ethan’s face is priceless
xÆ21 E
xÆ21 E - Måned siden
9:59this is too much to handle harry
Bryan MK
Bryan MK - Måned siden
Charlotte Pitts
Charlotte Pitts - Måned siden
Harry’s diss at the end was honestly the greatest rap of all time 😂🙌🏻🙌🏻
mustafa omer
mustafa omer - Måned siden
Chelle Eve
Chelle Eve - Måned siden
4:35 (one of my favourite part for future reference)
JME’s name tag: ☁️ ☁️ 💪👨💪 ☁️ ☁️
✨ ☁️ 𝑱 𝑴 𝑬 ☁️ ✨
JME: I was inspired by josh
Josh’s name tag: 𝖩 𝖮 𝖲 𝖧
SniperSd Sid
SniperSd Sid - Måned siden
Chav is from romania but the English chav made it sorta better and and more richer with clothing's ! .
I-Sprayy24-7 - Måned siden
What did Harry say in the first clip
Emanuel Santamaria
Emanuel Santamaria - Måned siden
When Vik Screams wtf is that while sitting on JJ’s laps i can’t 😂😂
Cristy Wray
Cristy Wray - Måned siden
Harry as a dis track ready
Msaas - Måned siden
1:24 that went from 0 to 100 in a SECOND
Harry Seccomb
Harry Seccomb - Måned siden
foodie beauty
RideExpedition - Måned siden
"Oh *shes* a woman"
Sofia Bradshaw
Sofia Bradshaw - Måned siden
9:54 just commenting this for myself
Sofia Bradshaw
Sofia Bradshaw - Måned siden
and 11:00
GHOST NINJA78 - Måned siden
Tom Tom?
*Me dying from laughter
Joe Myers
Joe Myers - Måned siden
Vik got the scouter for jj and he stole 90k of him ;-;
Dr_Fill - Måned siden
That Wakanda Forever hits different now 😢