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A montage of all our 2018's Best Sidemen Sunday moments - Sidemen Sundays will resume properly from next week onwards! #SidemenSunday
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:
Runtime: 1:33:16


Daniel Geier
Daniel Geier - 3 dager siden
to be honest idk why I watched this whole thing
Kaden Cornfield
Kaden Cornfield - 4 dager siden
Ethan does a good squat
_OneManArmy_ - 5 dager siden
1:09:39 Missed it boys, or is it alright if JJ says it lol
pedrofross - 6 dager siden
90% of the video is harry and jj
TURNERda kangaroo
TURNERda kangaroo - 7 dager siden
i feel soooooooooooo bad for vik
mars - 9 dager siden
0:33 what did vikk say?
Lowry TV
Lowry TV - 10 dager siden
5:05 I have never seen that video dear god I died laughing XD
Cablazn Gaming
Cablazn Gaming - 10 dager siden
Music on 2:12 ?
Aname Udontknow
Aname Udontknow - 11 dager siden
Im from denmark ;0
Adam McRae
Adam McRae - 12 dager siden
there was 100% something amazing in that blacked out bag
Zyx - 14 dager siden
Best part 50:53
*Thank me later*
GDSN 511
GDSN 511 - 15 dager siden
Josh as also lost weight
HERCOGS - 15 dager siden
Pause at 5:27 the cutest couple ever
Xavier Tearetoa
Xavier Tearetoa - 15 dager siden
I3IG_venom 1
I3IG_venom 1 - 15 dager siden
11:50 the ebola strikes agen
Adam Mooney
Adam Mooney - 16 dager siden
Notice how tobi, the only other black guy, took out guns first
DRACO _ - 16 dager siden
Me when Ethan gets bodied
MollyyS - 17 dager siden
Wait what did vikk say lol at the start?!
maddiexeditss - 17 dager siden
They should’ve had the time JJ said
Cobra - 17 dager siden
What did vik say in the second clip?
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda - 19 dager siden
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Liam Jennings
Liam Jennings - 19 dager siden
Anyone else what that was at 19:54
karl emil freitag-rungstrøm
karl emil freitag-rungstrøm - 20 dager siden
What is in the box at 19:55?
Joshua Kinzel
Joshua Kinzel - 20 dager siden
9:57 lmaoo
Daire Bentley
Daire Bentley - 21 dag siden
Im just happy cause tobi really cared about eathans weight loss with the monster munch
Jorge Villa
Jorge Villa - 22 dager siden
does anyone know what Harry said at 9:38?
Janithan Raguvel
Janithan Raguvel - 23 dager siden
I swear man they hated vikk 🤣
Zebras Hate Sand
Zebras Hate Sand - 23 dager siden
Tobi in the sumo suit looks like mike wazowski. 😂
Ali C
Ali C - 23 dager siden
Harry's scream at 10:00 gets me every time 😂😂😂
Ryan Fritz music
Ryan Fritz music - 25 dager siden
Ethan is a GOAT for his glow up
billjl1 - 26 dager siden
R.I.P eathen
Zara Brewer
Zara Brewer - 26 dager siden
what video is 1:57 from?
lily james
lily james - 28 dager siden
what was in the present vik opened and they blurred it out and said it smelled?
HABIB- UR-RAHMAN - 28 dager siden
Seeing these moments I think JJ lost his humour and the rest improved except Tobi
broke_gamer - 28 dager siden
first minute didnt age well
kie bcfc13
kie bcfc13 - Måned siden
Toby wayyy too quick to take a slap on the arse from all of em 🤔😂
alexfraser - Måned siden
and this is where jj found his girlfriend
unkowng - Måned siden
I want more vids so jme
Water - Måned siden
“JJ’s in a cage where he belongs”
M C - Måned siden
Did JJ actually waste a Wii?? Hope not.
Zikri Kautsar
Zikri Kautsar - Måned siden
Anton Sucic
Anton Sucic - Måned siden
whats at 19:50
Abix - Måned siden
Yo Harry's Bars At the end Could've killed someone
Alan V
Alan V - Måned siden
Sidemen have always been the best group. Hilarious from day 1!!
GDF - Måned siden
“1920 the year he was born”
Samninja10 - Måned siden
What did Vic get given at the Christmas football thing
Nitro Speed
Nitro Speed - Måned siden
When jj was in the cage harry knew he messed up quickly
marissa varenica
marissa varenica - Måned siden
just watching this for like the 50th time no biggie, but ksi saying it can’t b no fella bc he fought someone and that wouldn’t make sense will always b their greatest moment. then again i just watched the bit where harry squeals into the loud-meter and i’m unsure.
AK7 - Måned siden
We all gonna ignore how tobi was scared by ethans scream at 9:57
creepy boi in da woods
creepy boi in da woods - Måned siden
dame Tony my eye is foooked
The Damned Alpaca
The Damned Alpaca - Måned siden
Ethan went from least favorite to best and funniest sideman
1kkfred - Måned siden
45:57 ethans laugh 🤣
Tim.otaii - Måned siden
"Can I have some difficult words?"
*Famous Last Words*
Cookie_Girl64 - Måned siden
37:20 he goes soooo pink XD
Samuel Odunsi
Samuel Odunsi - Måned siden
The cough made the video ten times better
Xenor Kagemori Playz
Xenor Kagemori Playz - Måned siden
Iryn Dnq
Iryn Dnq - Måned siden
JJ did all that but still lost to logan. HAAHAHAHAH PLS DONT ATTACK ME ITS A JOKE
Zoinks - Måned siden
smashing pumpkins be like 1:15
ExclusiveAdam Exclusive
ExclusiveAdam Exclusive - Måned siden
Tobi when his friends are getting beat up:U BROKE MY WHITEBOARD
Orville Lewis
Orville Lewis - Måned siden
Ethan should have entered the challenger games