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Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry - 21 minutt siden
Am I the only one who knows Anita from streaming? (the Tourette girl) ??
Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry - 23 minutter siden
I literally got an add for and app like tinder wtf?
William Reynolds
William Reynolds - 23 minutter siden
45:31 is when Anita shows up
PSYCHO GAMING - 4 timer siden
IJ Mathew
IJ Mathew - 5 timer siden
Epstein didn't kill himself

Yehen Senmika
Yehen Senmika - 6 timer siden
standing on books is not right.
Ferarri Brown
Ferarri Brown - 6 timer siden
WTH is a side man?
Mi cocky tooooo loooong 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Javyn76playz - 8 timer siden
Kiera is Morgan ex girl
Javyn76playz - 9 timer siden
Becky sounds like Nikki cross from wwe
Gerard Lisaca
Gerard Lisaca - 9 timer siden
Do y'all remember the time when Josh didn't have 4 million subs? good times
SNPR Megat
SNPR Megat - 11 timer siden
Blunt Machete
Blunt Machete - 11 timer siden
I just listened to the podcast and according to my calculations this vid costed over 50k,that's mad
Karim Samra
Karim Samra - 12 timer siden
4:07 can someone explain the joke? Is it about dejis dog or something
Pop Hoe
Pop Hoe - 12 timer siden
What did Stephen mean by he’s tank and he eats women
Woah There
Woah There - 10 timer siden
He was referring to Deji’s dog, Tank. At that time, Tank bit a woman who was Deji’s neighbor and there was a whole lot of controversy from it. So he was saying that she could call him Tank because he loves the taste of women.
The fainting Show
The fainting Show - 13 timer siden
Sapnu paus
Just_Deano94 - 13 timer siden
How would i know to sub when u told me to pause 😆
iason kyriakidis
iason kyriakidis - 14 timer siden
they wont hit 10 mil by the end of the year and i bet money on it
Shmeg Waffles
Shmeg Waffles - 10 timer siden
They will
canzar :o
canzar :o - 14 timer siden
ayo what did she say at 38:08
muhd yusoff
muhd yusoff - 15 timer siden
THE PLAYG - 15 timer siden
*hears coronavirus pick up line* ah man little did they know
ホEz-W-Key - 15 timer siden
I’m 12 I understood every thing here
Rosario Grant
Rosario Grant - 15 timer siden
The women with Tourette’s has officially made history..
ホEz-W-Key - 15 timer siden
I have no words
ホEz-W-Key - 15 timer siden
Umm the poem ? WTF
scibold marita
scibold marita - 16 timer siden
The girl with Tourette's was definitely the best out of everyone else
CraigTCKYT - 16 timer siden
Hmm so 30:01 a Morgaz come get your girlfriend
Jared Casarrubias
Jared Casarrubias - 16 timer siden
20:50 her and Tobi look good together ngl
enlighten ment
enlighten ment - 16 timer siden
2:57 Talia is like, "no he can't!"
Realxy - 17 timer siden
When the guy was reading the poem I swear he was about to say the N word
Realxy - 3 timer siden
@hakim lengani oh.. ok?
hakim lengani
hakim lengani - 4 timer siden
That was the...joke
the biker boy
the biker boy - 19 timer siden
Logan Paul won u just cheated
Prince Arel Ballesterol
Prince Arel Ballesterol - 19 timer siden
And your probably a logan paul fan
Derek Briggs
Derek Briggs - 20 timer siden
What’s the tank joke?
ENZ_ Surge
ENZ_ Surge - 20 timer siden
Anita was the cutest ong ngl
Waseem 5500
Waseem 5500 - 20 timer siden
0:53 KSI???
Waseem 5500
Waseem 5500 - 20 timer siden
They are plying tinder in real life, while I'm afraid to install tinder
Ayden McIntyre
Ayden McIntyre - 22 timer siden
Not even gonna lie... Josh looks like Drake
Admante - 22 timer siden
Wait can someone explain 4:25
Austin Klingel
Austin Klingel - 22 timer siden
Dejis dog Tank
Alondra Meza
Alondra Meza - 23 timer siden
45:40 i love anita
Hugo Villada
Hugo Villada - 23 timer siden
Ethan Doherty
Ethan Doherty - 23 timer siden
Harry has god pickup lined
Lony Bytyçi
Lony Bytyçi - Dag siden
9:03 thank me later!!😂
Jose Sosa
Jose Sosa - Dag siden
“I beat Logan Paul” that has to be one of the best comebacks I’ve ever heard 💀
James Murray
James Murray - Dag siden
Click Bait.
Osama bin im Laden
Osama bin im Laden - Dag siden
4:30 legend
Wazzock - Dag siden
Wazzock - Dag siden
Zgodiam - Dag siden
I am interested
Zgodiam - Dag siden
What did they censor
XD NinjaTuan
XD NinjaTuan - Dag siden
Txbz FN
Txbz FN - Dag siden
Someone explain the tank one to me plz
fallensteak re
fallensteak re - Dag siden
Damn UK women are made of diamonds
Hamzy Ekmal
Hamzy Ekmal - Dag siden
22:17 When Ethan's ex said no I felt that
24:10 Ethan's reaction oof
Dev Padam
Dev Padam - Dag siden
This is the first time in history that a girl has accepted a guy cuz he got AIDS 😂😂
Jakub Mikulka
Jakub Mikulka - Dag siden
15:50 can we just say, how fricking cute the "Hey Tobi" was??
#SLiCkYeezY • 24 years ago
Dev Padam
Dev Padam - Dag siden
A minute into the video and my man tobi looking peng!!
adhil mehmud
adhil mehmud - Dag siden
Indians cringing now watching ethan step on books
Fred Mason
Fred Mason - Dag siden
talking be difficult!
disneyrockz12 - Dag siden
What does Tank mean?
DON PAPI - Dag siden
omg i havent laughed that hard in so long everything was fire, but sweet anita came in and
rat - Dag siden
elz was actually rude though
Pastyy - Dag siden
Morgz’s Barbieis here
viktor tjatja
viktor tjatja - Dag siden
Eyy thats morgz ex
Âshêr Cunningham
16:25 it's crazy how he got that 4 mill tho
Dusty Reed
Dusty Reed - Dag siden
V 2.0 juice world up in here
Goldentaeberry - Dag siden
Tourette girl YouTube name is Sweet Anita if anyone's curious
fxlo - Dag siden
Kiera was morgz girlfriend i just remembered lmao
Luke Latham
Luke Latham - Dag siden
Anittaaa!!! 45:30
정화JW - Dag siden
First time i am noticing Sweet Anita's self harm scars and it is so so upsetting.
Jaspberry - Dag siden
Why is he screaming I'm the beginning? xD
Anonn Nymous
Anonn Nymous - Dag siden
Female here:
Harry was corny but it would’ve worked for me somehow. 😂
mohamed attari
mohamed attari - Dag siden
34:40 i think the matrix just glitched there
Alces Alces
Alces Alces - 2 dager siden
Tobi is the most adorable, and funny human I've ever seen 😂
Luv kakar
Luv kakar - 5 timer siden
Call me tank because i love the taste of women
Alces Alces
Alces Alces - 5 timer siden
@Luv kakar wdym?
Luv kakar
Luv kakar - 14 timer siden
can u explain that tank joke ididnt get it
GEON sheezkneez on you
GEON sheezkneez on you - 2 dager siden
Lum Julien
Lum Julien - 2 dager siden
Keira is a sub digger
Ezzoo98 - 2 dager siden
7:00 oooo damn boy
Lum Julien
Lum Julien - 2 dager siden
That book had me fuckin dead 😂😂😂😂
tsm huntress
tsm huntress - 2 dager siden
hahahah lol he metions morgs hahah
Sisi Gutierrez
Sisi Gutierrez - 2 dager siden
Did anyone notice the first girl Ksi said 26 than the second girl he said 25
Salad_Thoughts - 2 dager siden
24:33 fav moment
Jimmy Mcgahey
Jimmy Mcgahey - 2 dager siden
I wonder what was said by Millie T at 38:05 to have Simon dead
Chidubem Chidolue
Chidubem Chidolue - 2 dager siden
Quick question does the disclaimer apply to JJ??
Dwayne Hendricks
Dwayne Hendricks - 2 dager siden
I could understand the rest but how does she not know who Rick Ross is...BOSS
Aiden Postema
Aiden Postema - 2 dager siden
I don't care Stephen is a mastermind
fearleesv2 y
fearleesv2 y - 2 dager siden
Im from wales
Pickle For life
Pickle For life - 2 dager siden
When josh says his age the google translate makes it 127😂
Theo Hanness
Theo Hanness - 2 dager siden
Morgz is typing.......
wardway - 2 dager siden
right: yes
left: no
callux: swipe right for cancer
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones - 2 dager siden
Kiera Bridget is dating Caylus aka Infinite
ehsan moharam
ehsan moharam - 2 dager siden
That's too painful to watch but I loved it 😐
Lynical - 2 dager siden
i got a divorce with myself because i laughed
Lynical - 2 dager siden
my wife and i got divorced because she likes yall smh
Ed Zamel
Ed Zamel - 2 dager siden
I need that last girl in the videos more she made this video 10000000 better
Victor Meyers
Victor Meyers - 2 dager siden
Sweet Anita is actually hot
Bryan Skillz
Bryan Skillz - 2 dager siden
Any one still wondering what she said abt Simon 🤔
King Louie
King Louie - 2 dager siden
Sophie Bartley
Sophie Bartley - 2 dager siden
They are 8,000 subs away from 10,000,000 subs at the point of me watching this video
Qamroash Khan
Qamroash Khan - 2 dager siden
They should do Sidemen tinder: Mom edition
Jinxzy - 3 dager siden
when did anita get so bad 😳
woody ?!
woody ?! - 3 dager siden
Aww look at Tobi.
BLUE WOLF - 3 dager siden
JJ was so aggressive
Noelle Heaney
Noelle Heaney - 3 dager siden
Ksi just makes this even better
Ebenezer Asiedu
Ebenezer Asiedu - 3 dager siden
almost at 10 mil