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The Sidemen take on the toughest strength test they've ever had to face, Who do you think is the strongest Sideman?
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Timmy Paxton
Timmy Paxton - 9 timer siden
I’m 16 and I bench 265 so this is kinda sad in my opinion
Ayrohhh - Time siden
Congratulations Timmy Paxton 🥳
Tommy Langejans
Tommy Langejans - 16 timer siden
This whole video is just the SDMN boosting JJ’s ego
XVM VoiD - Dag siden
Why didn't they do percentage of body and find the true strongest sidemen
Xau Thu
Xau Thu - Dag siden
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
Twisted - 2 dager siden
When did Xqc get so buff
Marley Thomas
Marley Thomas - 2 dager siden
Just wanted to ask
Marley Thomas
Marley Thomas - 2 dager siden
Has anyone broke into the sidemen house
Twisted - 2 dager siden
Callux has
First World Problems
First World Problems - 2 dager siden
There’s a difference between strength and agility. JJ has strength , Tobi has agility
First World Problems
First World Problems - 2 dager siden
Ok but the trainer is 😚weeew👌🏽
E M - 2 dager siden
Everyone else: quiet
Ethan: USH...USH...USH
E M - 2 dager siden
Jj is a king
Nickle Pickle
Nickle Pickle - 3 dager siden
I have a cousin. At the age of 16, he could bench 100 kg. He weighed 70 at the time.
Arnav Gakkhar
Arnav Gakkhar - 3 dager siden
Bruh Tobi's arms are ripped, my man nailed pull ups and plank. One of the toughest exercises I personally find
stealer knob
stealer knob - 3 dager siden
So vik is 140 kg
etherealvaleska - 3 dager siden
i’m just thinking about the fact that i only weigh 52 kg,,,, jj benched more than two of me
Alcor - 4 dager siden
adner bonilla
adner bonilla - 4 dager siden
currently almost the end of november and no strength video😞
Abigail Clapperton
Abigail Clapperton - 4 dager siden
What does n/a mean
Twisted - 2 dager siden
It means not available so there is no score
Leo Davies
Leo Davies - 4 dager siden
Nigerian strength beats farmer strength anyday
BAYJUNDE - 4 dager siden
guy at 16:44 lol, man just got forklifted
Kane Newman
Kane Newman - 4 dager siden
KSI has got such a big ego 😂
Lil toenail
Lil toenail - 4 dager siden
2:20 idk why thats so funny
Samuel Montano
Samuel Montano - 4 dager siden
Bruhh I hate Covid. Been over a year since they said they would do this challenge and probably will never
정화JW - 4 dager siden
Josh : "Nothing's happening" LOL
Kaira W
Kaira W - 6 dager siden
Kinda sad looking at the comments and realising how toxic the sideman fans are, if Simon says he broke his arm or hand he did. He's not weak or faking just saving himself from further injury so suck it up and go find something else to do in your spare time.
Alpha_ Rapidz_
Alpha_ Rapidz_ - 6 dager siden
9:27 he literally looks like a fish hahahhahahaha
John Kramer Wide putin
John Kramer Wide putin - 6 dager siden
16:26 Vikk the day after:

I should not have done that(back breaking intensifies)
John Kramer Wide putin
John Kramer Wide putin - 6 dager siden
To be Honbest Tobi's body fat is so low if he gets a bit stronger he would look the most aesthetic
TPK mustafa
TPK mustafa - 7 dager siden
Ok so when is part 2 ?
Raphael Riane Musni
Raphael Riane Musni - 7 dager siden
This is weird lol
Ned William
Ned William - 7 dager siden
I did better at plans and I’m 10 and the time was 4:01 just
Carlos Covarrubias
Carlos Covarrubias - 7 dager siden
Edin Suljic
Edin Suljic - 8 dager siden
I weigh more than ksi and im 12
Cykelnisse 90
Cykelnisse 90 - 8 dager siden
the lads should test their strength this year as well, but add a few exercises such as the squat and deadlift to see what their SBD total is. ofc they have to stick to the COVID restrictions but i’m sure they can make it work anyways
RaineSZN - 8 dager siden
Knowone at all

Harry :ee EE EE ee
alamgir Khan
alamgir Khan - 8 dager siden
What truly made JJ powerful.....
The Bandana power of BANDANA
Dead Gaming
Dead Gaming - 8 dager siden
I’m happy I can deadlift 110 pr almost as strong as Ethan no where near as old or fat
Daniel Gombos
Daniel Gombos - 8 dager siden
Everyones so nice to each other
Jonathan Hernandez (Student)
Fitness freak Ethan can't bench 225
callum piper
callum piper - 10 dager siden
I'm 14 and weight more than him
William Derke
William Derke - 10 dager siden
1:40 ok....
muikanashii - 10 dager siden
if simon doesn't feel comfortable doing this, let him be. no need to call him out :// it's his own choice
Hashim Maiaha
Hashim Maiaha - 10 dager siden
fast forward to November 15th where harry is the strongest sideman
Leo Davies
Leo Davies - 4 dager siden
hes not though
LavadragonGamer - 11 dager siden
harry is actually very strong
Sarah 15k
Sarah 15k - 11 dager siden
We need a new episode!
Oliver Parkhill
Oliver Parkhill - 11 dager siden
who else is watching this in 2020?
Nicholas Hedlam
Nicholas Hedlam - 11 dager siden
harry is a gun
Ali Uz Zaman Siddiqui
Ali Uz Zaman Siddiqui - 12 dager siden
the time when jj was 6'0"
0326Mobilexpert mobile goat
0326Mobilexpert mobile goat - 12 dager siden
Ethan has such a big face
ARYAN KEVIN PATEL - 12 dager siden
i just realized that vik face at 15 : 38 looks so scary
I clamp yew
I clamp yew - 13 dager siden
Fyi 115 kilograms=253 pounds. So ksi can bench 253 lbs
Leo Davies
Leo Davies - 4 dager siden
Nigerian power.
BigmacYT - 13 dager siden
Eduardo Aguilar
Eduardo Aguilar - 13 dager siden
7:23 Ksimon moment
Miguel Rios
Miguel Rios - 13 dager siden
i want to see a Sidemen last one to stop running
Beast - 14 dager siden
Dam u can lift me
Fernando - 14 dager siden
16:26 at 0.25x speed, enjoy
Carzey - 14 dager siden
I'm so proud of Vik, he has come so far and has arguably changed the most out of all the Sidemen, before he couldn't lift almost any weight and now he is competing with the rest of the Sidemen.
belugabus - 12 dager siden
his scream at 16:26 gets me everytime, man really put his whole entire being into that lift. so proud of him!!
Kartikeya Gupta
Kartikeya Gupta - 15 dager siden
21:11 he didn't bro fist Vikk😐?
:- O
:- O - 15 dager siden
When josh wasn’t the least subbed
Outloud - 15 dager siden
28:51 what's the song?
Osama Farooq
Osama Farooq - 15 dager siden
Surely need to touch chest when doing bench
SAMARxOP - 15 dager siden
Who is here after sidemen's 80,000 calories battle where Harry destroyed the work out session
Nicholas Hedlam
Nicholas Hedlam - 11 dager siden
Benjiman - 13 dager siden
@Nikhil Tiwari lol
Nikhil Tiwari
Nikhil Tiwari - 13 dager siden
Haroldinho everybody
Benjiman - 14 dager siden
@Ayush Chouhan lol
Ayush Chouhan
Ayush Chouhan - 14 dager siden
he has the power of ket
U U - 16 dager siden
I hate Ethan
Tanvir Virk
Tanvir Virk - 16 dager siden
Ethan can’t keep his tongue inside his mouth in this vid
Alexandru Niculae
Alexandru Niculae - 17 dager siden
I like how the last time they gripped the bar kinda narrow lol
Tiffany Macdonald
Tiffany Macdonald - 17 dager siden
he might not of broken his wrist but he could of sprained/strained it??????
Tiffany Macdonald
Tiffany Macdonald - 17 dager siden
i went to subscribe but then i realised i already was
Aditya Chennuri
Aditya Chennuri - 17 dager siden
Are we not gonna talk about how Vik and Ksi almost doubled their old PBs for bench pressing
joystick official
joystick official - 17 dager siden
When vik screamed he looked like another person
Subway SurferOG
Subway SurferOG - 18 dager siden
Well its not fair jj worked as a professional boxer
Fabian - 18 dager siden
Europeans: this is 140 kg
Americans: 17:29
Paul Worsfold
Paul Worsfold - 18 dager siden
999 one bacon sandwich from fat
Requiem Star
Requiem Star - 18 dager siden
Vikkstars screams are too funny
Complex Puzzle234
Complex Puzzle234 - 19 dager siden
Let's get the sidemen to 10 million subs they are so close
Dheepak K
Dheepak K - 19 dager siden
A built Torres is the trainer
Chevero Vogel
Chevero Vogel - 19 dager siden
Everybody had a good plank but tobi his plank was not the right form so it was easier for him to hold it long
Info Account
Info Account - 20 dager siden
They should do arm wrestling challenge
Tom Clague
Tom Clague - 20 dager siden
JJ: well my socks are 10kg...
toxic_ gas
toxic_ gas - 20 dager siden
Harry is the best
fergo - 20 dager siden
12:28 ethan saying solid like hes not a personal trainer
AlohaSwag 987
AlohaSwag 987 - 20 dager siden
Im 16 at 165 lbs and I could lift more than all of them.
Oliver Ashford
Oliver Ashford - 21 dag siden
Why does the weight plates look like watermelons
HarveyLtrain - 21 dag siden
JJ is 130 now
yashoraj singh
yashoraj singh - 12 dager siden
He is 91😂
SynerX - 21 dag siden
Nearly 10 million subscribers
Vino - 21 dag siden
Simon shouldn’t laugh at anyone
T - Master!
T - Master! - 21 dag siden
I knew Toby could win
zack. .shadow
zack. .shadow - 21 dag siden
I have did 10 minute doing plank im only 10
Elliot Jallier
Elliot Jallier - 21 dag siden
17:55 poor Tobi bahaha
Shazaam 333
Shazaam 333 - 21 dag siden
we need another one of these now
E X V Z Q I - 22 dager siden
Un calibrated plate :(
pxpilouis - 22 dager siden
Nota brag but I bench as much as jj and im 14🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂
Yashil Nunkoo
Yashil Nunkoo - 22 dager siden
Sdmn vs faze strength test
Jxsef - 22 dager siden
Man finally turned into a man 15:35
John Murton
John Murton - 23 dager siden
Harry with the worst chin up form ever
Roland-Istvan Jenei
Roland-Istvan Jenei - 23 dager siden
Its next year.. but no strength test
SpinCityCyrus - 23 dager siden
Still waiting for this 2020 vid🤣
Emsonism - 23 dager siden
That guy looks like xQc
kulxc - 23 dager siden
Ksi is cringe asf
OnionsAre Nasty
OnionsAre Nasty - 23 dager siden
I need ethans energy at the gym with me 😂
Doehetvoorgentstudent - 23 dager siden
I bett harry pushes more with ketamine