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For this weeks #SidemenSunday we put together our own Sidemen Sports Day!
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:
Runtime: 20:02


Cozmic_ Aaron
Cozmic_ Aaron - 4 timer siden
7:13 is jj when vik gives up on understanding his personality
rahul raj
rahul raj - 12 timer siden
6:18 how my parents look at me every time

Dreq - 22 timer siden
Jbuns 12
Jbuns 12 - Dag siden
Remember that time joe weller broke a birds ribs doing something like this
Jmark 15384
Jmark 15384 - 2 dager siden
Bro this video is really about how every one in the sidemen hates vik
A Sapoluu
A Sapoluu - 3 dager siden
Ahhh the days where jj bullied vik 😍😍
Adam Naan
Adam Naan - 4 dager siden
Viks gunna murder jj at some point and I will understand
Nadia Sheikh
Nadia Sheikh - 4 dager siden
tressa girly
tressa girly - 6 dager siden
i think harry is the one who love vik and jj why he is always angry with vik.vik is the most sincereone in whole sideman and sometimes i really hate jj and the best team:vik,harry,ethan
Budd Dix
Budd Dix - 7 dager siden
Should of had JJ shoot that last shot not Josh. JJ is a natural “drawer”
Goburn - 7 dager siden
I always love it when the Sidemen themselves react to their fans comments on “vikabuse” and “jj antics” 😂 if they were all perfect Boy Scouts, u wouldnt watch them. It’s just antics. Even the sidemen tell the comments to chill sometimes, like when Simon “apologized” for that dining video and the other sidemen didn’t even think it was a big deal.
Lisa Donovan
Lisa Donovan - 8 dager siden
SOCCER Erick - 8 dager siden
I don’t like how vik isn’t in the thumb nail
Sarah Safarha
Sarah Safarha - 8 dager siden
7:09 I nearly lost it
Bitter Sweeter
Bitter Sweeter - 9 dager siden
JJ and Old man lowkey got me tight this video...
Bitter Sweeter
Bitter Sweeter - 9 dager siden
I feel so bad for Vick people always make race jokes toward the lad
Dhruv passi
Dhruv passi - 9 dager siden
Watching it in 2020, and it's sooo sad how much Vik was being bullied by ksi
Likkle Man
Likkle Man - 10 dager siden
Vik should be appreciated more man he does so much for the team
Zeeshan Afzal
Zeeshan Afzal - 11 dager siden
Stop vikk abuse
Christina Titus
Christina Titus - 11 dager siden
The pairings in the three legged race are the same as they were in the one word interview 😂
Maximiliano Castellanos
Maximiliano Castellanos - 12 dager siden
Did anyone else hear the THUD when Ethan punched Harry?
Mimi Sacko
Mimi Sacko - 12 dager siden
I died when JJ said to Vik that he was fat
Seym Art
Seym Art - 13 dager siden
How throwing the goddam plastic thing at him that hard is funny content?
Jj was just Promoting bullying at this point.
ManzRzl - 14 dager siden
zara pancholi
zara pancholi - 15 dager siden
i feel actually bad for vik he seemed on the edge LMAO HAHA
Locker-Room Dwarf
Locker-Room Dwarf - 15 dager siden
James Bean
James Bean - 16 dager siden
I would totally by happy if JJ was bullied by Vik in the next videos
doseofchelley - 16 dager siden
cant get over JJ's face 0:20 manz was wildin 😂😂
Clare bdr
Clare bdr - 20 dager siden
I feel 4 vik
KiriTUBE - 21 dag siden
Vikk vs JJ boxing fight
MATZO - 22 dager siden
Tyler 324
Tyler 324 - 15 dager siden
TheDarkHunter81 - 22 dager siden
Round 3 of the music chairs hoola hoop, what was the song being played?
Andaru Ganendrawardhana
Andaru Ganendrawardhana - 23 dager siden
11:24 tf JJ doin
Mr. Rolley Polley
Mr. Rolley Polley - 25 dager siden
I love how tobi choked josh and pulled his shirt during the three legged race🤣🤣
Christian Niccolo Felipe Valencia

thank me later
genz mainz
genz mainz - Måned siden
Ksi do be killing in the intro
Simar 710
Simar 710 - Måned siden
"aye u got picked last"
Me in my childhood used to say that to my friend 🤣☝🏽
joy komolafe
joy komolafe - Måned siden
"Wheel bawo"😂💀
Goog Ble
Goog Ble - Måned siden
Yo at 2:37 vikk calls tobi kobi
LH Prod.
LH Prod. - Måned siden
7:14 wtf ethan?
Ryan . Pog
Ryan . Pog - Måned siden
These comments are about vik only , guys chill . It's annoying
4RU - Måned siden
ngl jj looks "special during the inro of the vid lmfao.
Shanaticle - Måned siden
Red team: Tobi JJ and Simon
Blue team: Harry Josh and Eathen

Vik: Lizard
Shanaticle - Måned siden
JJ is good at spining the hoob aroung his neck
Deepa - Måned siden
7:44 Vik was going for a handshake 🤝 but then stopped because JJ probably wouldn’t do it back even if he saw it🥺😂
Deepa - Måned siden
my fav people in sidemen are DEF Tobi and Harry 🤗💗
Omar Safa
Omar Safa - Måned siden
Jj: bullies Vik
Vik in 2020: look how the turn tables.
Batu Alp Gürsoy
Batu Alp Gürsoy - Måned siden
Sahaj Gautam
Sahaj Gautam - Måned siden
Vik abuse starts at 2:20 really feel bad for him but the assistant thing worked out
SwiffVideo - Måned siden
This is a classic Sidemen video.
Jake Lowe
Jake Lowe - Måned siden
What’s the song in the background at 10:40
milky boii
milky boii - Måned siden
I hate jj he is always so rude toward vik
Lynn M
Lynn M - 25 dager siden
Yeah they had beef back then he doesn’t now
Fardin Modz
Fardin Modz - Måned siden
Vik deserves the bullying
Jeeha - Måned siden
everyone is so serious about jj bullying vik but he literally put his arm around his shoulder during the video (16:29) if that isn't indicating jj's persona is an act idk what is lmao
Savage Tea
Savage Tea - Måned siden
Vik gets bullied by everyone but is still happy or maybe he’s hiding his feelings
Tyler 324
Tyler 324 - 15 dager siden
Stop being so dramatic
manny sanchez
manny sanchez - Måned siden
11:32 can we appreciate this wholesome #ksimon moment 🥺
Aoife Moriarty
Aoife Moriarty - Måned siden
Simon is hilariously un-athletic compared to the rest
N G - Måned siden
Watch jj and Simon at 2:12
Trent Kearns
Trent Kearns - Måned siden
11:32 😂 top 10 Vik moments
Pop Lol
Pop Lol - Måned siden
19:27 them holding hands just seems so wholesome
Jamie Baxter
Jamie Baxter - Måned siden
Ksi seems in a mood in this video with vik jeez calm down bruv 🤣🤣
Yoeash Tamang
Yoeash Tamang - Måned siden
Josh is too boring type of guy just irritates me looking at him
Rafael EZEKIEL - Måned siden
JJ just bullying Vik is just funny lol
Regan Louise
Regan Louise - Måned siden
Ethan, Simon and JJ spinning the hula hoops round their neck during the intro absolutely killed me i was laughing for a solid 10 minutes after 😂
Almenzy - Måned siden
5:40 it's crazy how they didn't get the sarcasm
jjtard 29
jjtard 29 - Måned siden
Evreytime vik was chased the cam cut out next second vik has a black eye
I Zpademilio I
I Zpademilio I - Måned siden
VoltexQ YT
VoltexQ YT - Måned siden
Who's after "JJ Being viks assistent for 24 hours"?
Jimin Slaps
Jimin Slaps - Måned siden
Why is vik not on the thumbnail
Zaahid Ramakdawala
Zaahid Ramakdawala - Måned siden
I’ve watched a lot of sidemen recently and I love the videos but after this video I have finally had enough of KSI and truly I couldn’t care less about him anymore he is just a bully and trash.
Umar Nizmi
Umar Nizmi - Måned siden
Jj is literally dumb
JohnX - Måned siden
JohnX - Måned siden
Lightskinned black
Lightskinned black - Måned siden
Harry is such an unreal shithouse😂😂😂
Andre Hanna
Andre Hanna - Måned siden
jj is a bully to vik
BLEEDIN ORANGE23 - Måned siden
It’s annoying how Jj tries to act to cool to never try at anything
neo animations
neo animations - Måned siden
Jj is so toxic to vik
Damon Prasad
Damon Prasad - Måned siden
Lachy - Måned siden
Vik is to nice
Cats 3
Cats 3 - Måned siden
BTW josh's head wasn't made bigger in the thumbnail
Plush Brothers 88
Plush Brothers 88 - Måned siden
My mans Vik isnt even in the thumbnail! The disrespect...
H4lmakai - Måned siden
Now I understand why Vic likes to talk back and make JJ feel dumb
critical A1
critical A1 - Måned siden
Looking at the comment now everyone's is crying about vikk it's ntd friend groups always have a guy u make fun of it's just a joke
Rishabh Malhotra
Rishabh Malhotra - Måned siden
i feel bad for vik if i was him i wouldve left the sidemen as soon as i could
Yusuf Nassrulloh
Yusuf Nassrulloh - Måned siden
Bang gif alok
Ruth Fountain
Ruth Fountain - 2 måneder siden
Josh : I just u can call it a ball sack
Rishabh 561
Rishabh 561 - 2 måneder siden
At 7:41 Vik was going for a handshake/hug :(
Anthony Rizzo
Anthony Rizzo - 2 måneder siden
i feel so bad for vik at 6:16
mohammed zaed
mohammed zaed - 2 måneder siden
What’s the name of the song in the end of the video
It’s ksi
食ベるケツを - 2 måneder siden
Elizah Byrnes
Elizah Byrnes - 2 måneder siden
Jj is like the stereotypical older brother of the sidemen he bullies them and kinda pisses them of but if someone else does it he will protect them.
Ali Abdelal
Ali Abdelal - 5 timer siden
Stop crying mate it’s a fricking joke
SayfRG2874 - 2 måneder siden
Welcome to the WEE BOWEL..!
Welcome to the WILL BOWEL race!
Welcome to the WHEEL, BARROW, race!!
Aiyana Nickens
Aiyana Nickens - 2 måneder siden
rytr5crejh5beh8ggjhmgmcigfrn8i,7mtr e
Aiyana Nickens
Aiyana Nickens - 2 måneder siden
yngbnvv ubf8nbn
Clochan Twomey
Clochan Twomey - 2 måneder siden
7:15 Ethan throws punch at harry 🤣
Lost Gems
Lost Gems - 2 måneder siden
Poor Vik
Alliea Spencer
Alliea Spencer - 2 måneder siden
Ksi was billing vik and how hugging. vik
F.B.I - 2 måneder siden
Goddamn this comment sections are softcocks
crying in a cool way
crying in a cool way - 2 måneder siden
Relax . Jj and Vikk are friends. It’s a joke and Vikk knows it. Stop complaining, Vikk isn’t
Tyler 324
Tyler 324 - 15 dager siden
People are so dramatic its annoying
Aaron Inwood
Aaron Inwood - 2 måneder siden
Wait...why are they at the old house?