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Jose Sosa
Jose Sosa - Time siden
my respect for tobi is at a level i didn't know existed
Brandon Yip
Brandon Yip - 2 timer siden
Omg i cringed so hard when JJ is giving out gifts to Tobi.. Tobi deserves better.
Pain - 5 timer siden
23:56 vikk knew what my man really needed
Life_Carries_On - 6 timer siden get creative
Stevie Preston
Stevie Preston - 7 timer siden
Simon and Tobi are such angels I love them🥺
007 Crunch
007 Crunch - 11 timer siden
violated when he was given the Hublot
H T - 13 timer siden
None of them deserve tobi
Dylan Tudor
Dylan Tudor - 14 timer siden
They need to do this again 🤣
Loroxs - 16 timer siden
Tobi is an actual G 🐐
alex gouthro
alex gouthro - 19 timer siden
Where I live wearing masks has been mandatory for months basically everywhere and this video stressed me out so bad
Annabelle Tiger
Annabelle Tiger - 23 timer siden
In the Simonman
Annabelle Tiger
Annabelle Tiger - 23 timer siden
Tobi and JJ are the Best
shakaib khan
shakaib khan - Dag siden
I feel bad for Harry, it always seems like in these videos he tries to put on a happy face and act humble even though he feels lonely and depressed inside
Keith Mccray
Keith Mccray - Dag siden
How can JJ say ANYTHING to Simon after the rubbish he got Tobi?!
Tieces pieces
Tieces pieces - Dag siden
My man KSI looks like he just got out of jail with his Gucci orange jumpsuit
Henrik S. Mohn
Henrik S. Mohn - Dag siden
Should have bought a SoundBoks as the portable speaker
Alfie Tasker34
Alfie Tasker34 - Dag siden
Anyone count how many times they said “jheeeeeeze ok “ ?
shakaib khan
shakaib khan - Dag siden
Simon and Tobi are such angels I love them🥺
Saifullah Saeed
Saifullah Saeed - Dag siden
Tobi deserves more.Why JJ
Mae Murray
Mae Murray - Dag siden
There should be a challenge where everyone buys Tobi gifts 😭😭😭
Rayane Mohamed Aguenarous
ezi elenhorn
ezi elenhorn - Dag siden
where is mask
EggEmpire - Dag siden
Alternative Title: The sidemen buying / spoiling each other with things they could probably buy themselves for exactly 1 hour
The Lonely Samurai
The Lonely Samurai - 2 dager siden
It's just annyoing that everyone gets cool stuff and then JJ gives Tobi just a bunch of bullshit. I am a big fan of JJ but that was just wrong.
Miles Sanders
Miles Sanders - 2 dager siden
Actually watched this all the way through without even realising... wow
Gegi Skjeggi
Gegi Skjeggi - 2 dager siden
HUBLOT *Pride and Pinion intensifies*
Luke Mettam Gaming
Luke Mettam Gaming - 2 dager siden
I've just noticed that everyone almost everyone is wearing Nike trainers
LittleNinjaTzu - 2 dager siden
700 grand........
Ethan Jaworski
Ethan Jaworski - 2 dager siden
Friday Forecasts
Friday Forecasts - 2 dager siden
Tobi is such a legend!
Cadan Douglas
Cadan Douglas - 2 dager siden
I just realized u\I have the same birthday as vick
Stan Nicol
Stan Nicol - 2 dager siden
Ksi in that orange outfit looks like a outfit skimask would wear in one of his music videos
Nomandino - 2 dager siden
I just love JJ LMAOOOOO
Jace Ramalingam
Jace Ramalingam - 2 dager siden
Harry and Simon were the only ones who truly appreciated the 600-pound pen.
registered prick
registered prick - 2 dager siden
Why is everyone being so sensative of what jj gave Tobi? god damn.
oguzhan birinci
oguzhan birinci - 2 dager siden
RIP tobi
SWYLS PLAYS - 2 dager siden
36:10 can someone tell me where to get the perks and how much
Isabelle Berger
Isabelle Berger - 3 dager siden
The sadness of getting the 11 pro max only for the twelve to come out a few months later
Jf Gamer
Jf Gamer - 3 dager siden
how’s village starting at end
Texas FC
Texas FC - 3 dager siden
Notice how the time is exactly 1 hour long.
Greg Break
Greg Break - 3 dager siden
It’s kinda annoying how JJ was upset with Simon, but JJ got Tobi a bunch of bs
RebelC28 Hachey
RebelC28 Hachey - 16 timer siden
Bruh got 2 bots copying the same comment.
registered prick
registered prick - 2 dager siden
JJ wasn't so upset what simon got him
Greg Break
Greg Break - 3 dager siden
It’s kinda annoying how JJ was upset with Simon, but JJ got Tobi a bunch of bs
Yasmin Ghadamian
Yasmin Ghadamian - 3 dager siden
Video was a hit and miss, JJ did Tobi dirty and Viks lack of gratitude really got to me...
Suhail Rahman
Suhail Rahman - 3 dager siden
Wick should use that suitcase and pack up go back to India
Harry Peck
Harry Peck - 3 dager siden
Anyone know where I can buy Harry’s shirt
Henry Blanchard
Henry Blanchard - 2 dager siden
@Harry Peck your welcome mate
Harry Peck
Harry Peck - 2 dager siden
@Henry Blanchard legend! cheers mate
Henry Blanchard
Henry Blanchard - 3 dager siden
type in: nigel cabourn x element
ManvitH jogi
ManvitH jogi - 4 dager siden
Josh and tobi are the nicest.. They deserved smthg good.. Especially tobi.. Omg I felt so bad. JJ literally spent so many pounds on nothing usefull
Mr.Dave Blank
Mr.Dave Blank - 4 dager siden
“ the bag bag “ slept on comment.. I didn’t even notice the first time round
Guitar Alex
Guitar Alex - 4 dager siden
JJ literally had me crying at the end😂😂
K Bruxy
K Bruxy - 4 dager siden
Jj is rich and yet he didn’t bother getting alt good for tobi
Off the Leash
Off the Leash - 4 dager siden
I loved this video until the end. It’s not fair. Everyone else got something they liked and tobis gifts were just plain cruel and mocked his religious beliefs. His the nicest sidemen but also the least paid. I wish he would’ve just got something nice to show his appreciated :( I’m so sad
Krypts - 4 dager siden
Why Do KSI Look like the Orange Among US
Charlie Blackshields
Charlie Blackshields - 4 dager siden
Everyone Ethan laughed he sounded like a chicken 😂
Vagbandit - 5 dager siden
Why does JJ has to make fun of Jesus. It's not funny and it's really bad.
Eric Celestin
Eric Celestin - 5 dager siden
Tobi gave his life to Christ? Niceeeee
Chloe F-S
Chloe F-S - 5 dager siden
do masks not apply to Simon and Harry...?
fifa luke
fifa luke - 4 dager siden
@Chloe F-S it means the dont have covid there-fore they dont need to where mask idiot
Chloe F-S
Chloe F-S - 5 dager siden
@fifa luke and how do u know that? just because they got tests beforehand means absolutely nothing.
fifa luke
fifa luke - 5 dager siden
@Chloe F-S the got a covid test prior to recording
Chloe F-S
Chloe F-S - 5 dager siden
@Rain Hart there’s a thing called coronavirus...
Rain Hart
Rain Hart - 5 dager siden
yea so what
Jake Meyer
Jake Meyer - 5 dager siden
Absolutely hate ksi more then any person
Rabia Ulhaq
Rabia Ulhaq - 5 dager siden
Rabia Ulhaq
Rabia Ulhaq - 5 dager siden
Isabelle Berger
Isabelle Berger - 5 dager siden
They should have made one dragons head bigger
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin - 5 dager siden
Tobi's professionalism in this video is on another level
Myphn - 5 dager siden
2:36 *Look at my mans haircut on the right..*
jesus christ...
WH15P3R - 5 dager siden
Started the day with 2 sidemen videos:
1. JJ stole 100k from Vikk
2. JJ complains about what Simon bought him then buys Tobi stuff he doesn't like
Ryan Radforth
Ryan Radforth - 6 dager siden
when ethan is laughing at harrys ferrari wheels he sounds like a seagull trying to get some chips🤣😂🤣😂
Shany Colon
Shany Colon - 6 dager siden
this is my favourite sidemen video .
Abhinav Chinta
Abhinav Chinta - 6 dager siden
Tobi is a legend for taking that so well. Meanwhile JJ was complaining
Josh Greedson
Josh Greedson - 6 dager siden
Yoooo Tobi didn’t have to get violated like that
Lily s
Lily s - 6 dager siden
this video made me sad. i felt so bad for tobi bc of what he got and i felt bad for simon bc jj didn’t like the gifts and that’s always a bad feeling, i also felt bad that everyone doubted harry but he did his best
FlippyBlips - 6 dager siden
It’s funny to me that people brag about having a Rolex. I’d rather have a digital watch then flex but try to remember if the long hand means hours or minutes
Yousifgamer 007
Yousifgamer 007 - 7 dager siden
Jj lookin like ski mask Lmao 😂
Suhail Ahmed
Suhail Ahmed - 7 dager siden
I feel bad for simon after watching jj's reaction
The Chichen Nugget Factor
The Chichen Nugget Factor - 7 dager siden
Imagine being rich
Kate Kavanagh
Kate Kavanagh - 7 dager siden
Where were the masks ???
Yipsilon - 7 dager siden
They actually spent 50 k
Curtly John
Curtly John - 7 dager siden
Please do this again.
YourMom187 - 7 dager siden
Klement Morra
Klement Morra - 7 dager siden
i feel bad for tobi he is the nicest guy in the sidemen
Xluxler - 7 dager siden
Anyone watching after COVID ended
Simp Nation
Simp Nation - 7 dager siden
JJ fresh outta prison
eycxc khane
eycxc khane - 7 dager siden
99% of comments: JJ is such a mean friend
Me: Wow, this video is exacly 1 hour long
Shade Blackhole1
Shade Blackhole1 - 8 dager siden
Anyone else think Ethan sounded like a chicken at 21:28
maggie nulman
maggie nulman - 8 dager siden
i'm so satisfied that this video is exactly 1:00:00
James Holt
James Holt - 8 dager siden
Harry on balloons 😂
Unexpctd Legend
Unexpctd Legend - 8 dager siden
Haven't laughed that hard in a while...
Pearl Uva
Pearl Uva - 8 dager siden
"The guy in the store made it... sound good"
Thats me every time I buy something
Saif Mohamed Masood
Saif Mohamed Masood - 8 dager siden
Allow tobi he’s so nice
Eric Brown
Eric Brown - 8 dager siden
So I'm watching this video in November.I hope reddit taught him a lesson(JJ)
Emily Amgad Samir Lotfy Motawashlah
JJ was pretty mean to Tobi here
Umutcan69 YT
Umutcan69 YT - 8 dager siden
I was expecting ‘this video is sponsored by KSI’
Sumanth Ganji
Sumanth Ganji - 8 dager siden
That orange Gucci is what jj wore in domain video
Tacted - 8 dager siden
Jobe Lorrie
Jobe Lorrie - 8 dager siden
Toby got absolutely shafted
Hassan Mahmood
Hassan Mahmood - 8 dager siden
Jj is jealous but he shafted tobi big time which is a bad move. He can’t complain after what he got for Tobi
Josephc765 Williams86**
Josephc765 Williams86** - 8 dager siden
Did Someone Just Press The BIG RED BUTTON at Youtube HQ?
Daniella D
Daniella D - 8 dager siden
52:25 that was actually a really cute moment ngl
Francisco John Peter
Francisco John Peter - 8 dager siden
12,708,000th view
Caylee Toussaint
Caylee Toussaint - 8 dager siden
I feel bad for tobi 😂😂
Megan Littlejohns
Megan Littlejohns - 8 dager siden
How cute was Harry when he said “can’t return it or the poor guy will lose his commission” respect
Jelle - 9 dager siden
Ksi looking like Ski Mask tho 🥊
William Butcher
William Butcher - 9 dager siden
Y does jj look like ski mask the slump god cos of the way he wears his Durga is the same
Magnus Kruse
Magnus Kruse - 9 dager siden
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