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It's SECRET SANTA time for this week's #SIDEMENSUNDAY!
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:
Runtime: 40:14


Icey Cherries
Icey Cherries - 4 timer siden
Seriously, though anti fog goggles are genius.
Josh_B_2020 - 10 timer siden
Secret santa more secret roast
Angelos Lingris
Angelos Lingris - 17 timer siden
Anyone else watching this to make fun of JJ's forehead
v a n t a
v a n t a - Dag siden
Y'all exited for secret Santa 2020?
Neyo Mayo
Neyo Mayo - Dag siden
Harry : oooh I've got loads
Moment later...
The most disappointing Christmas ever :(
Bryn RK
Bryn RK - Dag siden
K 9 1.0
K 9 1.0 - Dag siden
I'm thinking of getting that box of retro sweets
shakaib khan
shakaib khan - Dag siden
Am I the only one who likes the more socially awkward/introverted sidemen like Tobi, Vik and Harry more than the others?
Emma M
Emma M - Dag siden
Christmas 2020 anyone
Emily Baisden
Emily Baisden - Dag siden
My dad had the map of cheeses 😂
Gerry Pulvirenti
Gerry Pulvirenti - Dag siden
Simon’s feet make me so uncomfortable
Young Beast
Young Beast - 2 dager siden
Same again 2020?
Simply A Girl
Simply A Girl - 3 dager siden
35:29 - Aww
Matt Malby
Matt Malby - 5 dager siden
2:53 has me cracking up
Mister Jefferson
Mister Jefferson - 5 dager siden
I wish I had friends like this
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin - 5 dager siden
"Is it just me* that finds MAGNETS really attractive?" That's why he got fridge magnets 😇
XYKOLZZ9 - 6 dager siden
Samay Sehdev
Samay Sehdev - 6 dager siden
This is where no snakes just ladders came from
SLAAQ - 7 dager siden
No one :
Travis Scott : 15:20
voovoo osas
voovoo osas - 7 dager siden
They better do one of these this year
LAQU - 7 dager siden
12:45 aaaw Vik stood up for jj
Frendly Kaktus
Frendly Kaktus - 8 dager siden
Why jj is buliying vik even if he got him nice presents
- funnyboy -
- funnyboy - - 9 dager siden
Please do this again!!!! It's wholesome content we need on Christmas this year
Migit_spinner - 9 dager siden
I am watching this video with my little brother and he saw Simons mask and says why does he have the Batman mask
COLA Squad
COLA Squad - 9 dager siden
To think who ever is spiritualy connected to that voodoo doll
Probably flying about there bedroom
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts - 9 dager siden
I love Toblerone 😍
aliff qayyum
aliff qayyum - 9 dager siden
update vid soon?
Tatiana Leal
Tatiana Leal - 9 dager siden
viks presents are so lame💀💔shame man he’s trying so hard to make jokes
Reagan Robinson
Reagan Robinson - 10 dager siden
Is anyone here in 2020, just me ok
Lindsey Duff
Lindsey Duff - 10 dager siden
Is it only me no pun intended but I kept on watching ethan trying to eat the tape and wrapping the picture
John316 - 10 dager siden
For ALL have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God. We deserve hell fire. but the free gift from God is eternal life found in Christ Jesus. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son and whoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
Tea is yummy.
Tea is yummy. - 8 dager siden
Bad Frosty
Bad Frosty - 10 dager siden
Harry got Tobi
Vick got JJ
Josh got Simon
JJ got Ethan
Tobi got Vik
Simon got Josh
Ethan got Harry
Tea is yummy.
Tea is yummy. - 8 dager siden
Just stfu
Sofia Mehboob
Sofia Mehboob - 10 dager siden
AndersonJackies RandallFernando
"Is it just me* that finds MAGNETS really attractive?" That's why he got fridge magnets 😇
Yolanda Shikers
Yolanda Shikers - 11 dager siden
"Is it just me* that finds MAGNETS really attractive?" That's why he got fridge magnets 😇
aliyah - 11 dager siden
i wanted to cry when i kept seeing harry get more and more disappointed awww
Caroline Toll
Caroline Toll - 12 dager siden
Who is here to just watch because they are stuck in quarantine and loves Christmas
Cameron Holmes
Cameron Holmes - 12 dager siden
Next secret Santa jj should get the snakes and ladders but cross out ladders...
Simon Simone
Simon Simone - 12 dager siden
i hope harry gets some better things this year 🥺
Keith Mccray
Keith Mccray - 12 dager siden
It's funny how everyone calls Josh old even though he's only 3 days older than Simon
Eli Pearcy
Eli Pearcy - 14 dager siden
Is anyone watching this in 2020??
Warren Davidson
Warren Davidson - 14 dager siden
It’s sad no one is talking about josh’s catch when Harry threw the lettuce at him
Macoda Martin
Macoda Martin - 15 dager siden
I laughed so hard when he said your fragile your old
Tio Beyond
Tio Beyond - 15 dager siden
I like KSI reaction
GrantRaff07 - 15 dager siden
Dragonite Gaming
Dragonite Gaming - 16 dager siden
I still don't get the snakes joke
Yeetus That Feetus
Yeetus That Feetus - 9 dager siden
To call Josh boring, Snakes and Ladders would be simple without the snakes. Therefore no excitement.
schnarr shani
schnarr shani - 17 dager siden
Ethan put more money is his Santa suit than Harry’s presents 😂😂
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman - 17 dager siden
Ther has to be someone watching this in 2020
ZaidFC - 17 dager siden
Anyone else see the the book that jj gave to Ethan, the authors name is Broderick Broyd?
Phoebe Tacderas
Phoebe Tacderas - 18 dager siden
Phoebe Tacderas
Phoebe Tacderas - 18 dager siden
Phoebe Tacderas
Phoebe Tacderas - 18 dager siden
RJ OReilly
RJ OReilly - 19 dager siden
Ther has to be someone watching this in 2020
Yolanda Shikers
Yolanda Shikers - 19 dager siden
Jesus Christ
Masked Medi
Masked Medi - 19 dager siden
why is there a small hole on jj's upfront teeth??
Freda Martin
Freda Martin - 19 dager siden
Jesus Christ
Neiva Kayla
Neiva Kayla - 19 dager siden
Tobi saying "stop being ungrateful" 🥺🥺 and josh with his gifts 🥺 even though they weren't good
Ixzy_1 - 20 dager siden
17:18 ... huh!
D-ZOL o9
D-ZOL o9 - 20 dager siden
JJ and Josh is so funny
Aaron Burden
Aaron Burden - 21 dag siden
Anybody from 2021
lilac wang
lilac wang - 21 dag siden
“Is it just me?” Or are Harry and Tobi the only ones who actually appreciate vikk the others just fully bully him
Hyqal Hamada
Hyqal Hamada - 20 dager siden
Amina - 22 dager siden
Bruhh I died when I saw Tobi’s reaction to the voodoo doll 😭
Benjamin Garofano
Benjamin Garofano - 22 dager siden
Anyone rewatching cuz it’s almost 2020 Christmas
briarfr - 22 dager siden
Viks laugh tho🤣🤣👌
Lewis Brown
Lewis Brown - 23 dager siden
Is it just me or did anyone else think that was faze rugs old house
Oday Ahmad
Oday Ahmad - 23 dager siden
i hope harry gets some better things this year 🥺
LilsAndLex Playz ROBLOX !
LilsAndLex Playz ROBLOX ! - 24 dager siden
The seal that KSI got, my little sister has that and she loves it to bits 😂😂
ITZshadow - 24 dager siden
10:37 harry is such a waffler and vikk is not listening to harrys story
Joel Yeomans
Joel Yeomans - 24 dager siden
I am still waiting for the ghost pepper peanuts video
dravice - 24 dager siden
why is harry getting toby cheap and meaningless presents
Cole Marullo
Cole Marullo - 24 dager siden
I love how appreciative josh was even though all his presents were stupid
Clara Reed
Clara Reed - 24 dager siden
damn man Ethan really fell through here, I know he must have felt terrible but I feel worse for Harry
rat - 25 dager siden
i wonder if it really was a used condom
Michael b
Michael b - 25 dager siden
29:28 are u blinded
A ngelic
A ngelic - 26 dager siden
Diamon Johnson
Diamon Johnson - 26 dager siden
It’s sad no one is talking about josh’s catch when Harry threw the lettuce at him
Lloyd McCroskey
Lloyd McCroskey - 26 dager siden
Am I the only one who likes the more socially awkward/introverted sidemen like Tobi, Vik and Harry more than the others?
ghost hunter38
ghost hunter38 - 27 dager siden
Harry is mad wow fam
Goul trooper Gaming
Goul trooper Gaming - 27 dager siden
Anyone in sideman suport new castle unted
Freddie pool Likes trains
Freddie pool Likes trains - 27 dager siden
34:22 is vik wearing a dress???????????
Vitus Gaming
Vitus Gaming - 29 dager siden
lolly jewellery
lolly jewellery - 29 dager siden
why dont they know how to wrap gifts
Alva Prahl
Alva Prahl - 29 dager siden
Still to this day Simon does not were socks
Mr G Gucci
Mr G Gucci - 29 dager siden
Vik just smacked the pup deaddddd😂
The offical Dylan
The offical Dylan - Måned siden
Henry Whitworth
Henry Whitworth - Måned siden
I can't stop looking at JJ's forehead it's huge
Ethan Philp
Ethan Philp - Måned siden
Urm JJ’s forehead tho
M0ZE - Måned siden
What happened to JJ on August 25th?
samtherat6 - Måned siden
I have an idea who he can give those removed snakes too...
Creatively Crazy!
Creatively Crazy! - Måned siden
Who comes up with the video ideas they are AWESOME!
Sophie Ritchie
Sophie Ritchie - Måned siden
i always feel sooo bad for harry when i watch this, he was so excited to open his presents and ends up getting the shitest ones😩😩
Dead horizon
Dead horizon - Måned siden
ENERGY - Måned siden
I was laughing until crying! Jj' wrapping technique. Do a funny one this year as well
Merryweather Fleet
Merryweather Fleet - Måned siden
We need it this yr again
Sparsh Sethi
Sparsh Sethi - Måned siden
Seeing this after watching part 2 of Ethan’s documentary, u can feel how he’s forcing himself to laugh it off, it’s just so sad and I’m glad he made it out of this state.
J - Måned siden
@Asaf Dost ?
Sparsh Sethi
Sparsh Sethi - Måned siden
@Asaf Dost what?
Asaf Dost
Asaf Dost - Måned siden
if u had real friends u would know
google account
google account - Måned siden
it was made on my birth day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie Mclellan
Charlie Mclellan - Måned siden
I wonder if Simon still has the mask to this day he just doesn’t tell anyone
Ryan Morar
Ryan Morar - Måned siden
When Ethan was talking abt the goggles price he sounded like a dad 💀😂
Amare Goodman
Amare Goodman - Måned siden
When harry gets bullied
Ooo Mmmm
Ooo Mmmm - Måned siden
Mr Slop
Mr Slop - Måned siden
19:22 best part
SIlverWolf San
SIlverWolf San - Måned siden
Vik is really awkward and has bad jokes but we still love him.