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The Sidemen to a Mukbang because their other video idea fell apart haha
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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Yt_ Kenz
Yt_ Kenz - 2 minutter siden
It got a million likes who’s ready for a soccer match lads
Ayyub DT
Ayyub DT - 15 minutter siden
I love it
LHWHD - 17 minutter siden
Sidemen eggplant off
Lloyd Frayne
Lloyd Frayne - 26 minutter siden
Get this to 10 mill. Its banged this vid boys
Sammy Dexter Rule
Sammy Dexter Rule - 27 minutter siden
drake the greatest for sure
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown - 28 minutter siden
It's at 1 mil
Tom Hilton
Tom Hilton - 29 minutter siden
sidemen golf?
Tfue - 31 minutt siden
OMG? They just said Michael Jackson was a rapper, Lmaooooo👁!
Mr Custard Entertainments
Mr Custard Entertainments - 59 minutter siden
I think your work is fabulous
Azael - Time siden
Well... looks like 1M likes lol
you spooky bitch
you spooky bitch - Time siden
It's at 1 million no way a mukbang lmao
DJcoolguy - Time siden
Charity match: Sidemen Vs. Dude Perfect
John Sloat
John Sloat - Time siden
h should had said logan paul
harry it got a mil hihi
32-Siddhanta Patil-8D
32-Siddhanta Patil-8D - Time siden
This is the only good mukbang
Craziness Overload
Craziness Overload - 2 timer siden
THEY GOT A MILLION LIKES. where’s the football charity match. we love to SEE IT.
Maria Elliott
Maria Elliott - 2 timer siden
Me being a horse rider laughing at JJ saying he could beat a horse at them being 500+kg 😂
nitro gamer
nitro gamer - 2 timer siden
Can someone just put say this on JJs reddit and say Josh even said that he isn't 6 ft
Ghost_ Weeks
Ghost_ Weeks - 2 timer siden
Who's ready for a football the boysssss
Ben Collins
Ben Collins - 2 timer siden
PUB CRAWL!!!!!!!!!!
NoahThe BotYT
NoahThe BotYT - 2 timer siden
This video hit 1 million likes. Wheres the charity match
Keisha Norman
Keisha Norman - 2 timer siden
ethan sounds so innocent while saying what he brought
Roberto Olide
Roberto Olide - 2 timer siden
The Weeknd would be the best musician dont @ me 🤷🏽‍♂️
Soba 992
Soba 992 - 3 timer siden
Ksi be trippin nowadays
Sorcha Oliver
Sorcha Oliver - 3 timer siden
When Ethan said no I have no friends I felt that
Lily NT
Lily NT - 3 timer siden
Mölker Stalin
Mölker Stalin - 3 timer siden
btw almost all the like cows and sheeps and pigs and all that the male of them often have horns and are fukin BIG
Mölker Stalin
Mölker Stalin - 3 timer siden
harry is the only one that actually knows how superior animals are xd i wanna see ksi knock out a cow, when cows get bored guess what they do... they litterly run as fast as they can at each other litterly flies with their head first in to the others head they aint gettin knocked out
Theo 7k
Theo 7k - 4 timer siden
Well they got 1million likes
Poison Vulture
Poison Vulture - 5 timer siden
no one:
not a single soul:
simon: i FeEl LikE tHerEs a TwiSt
Kenna_ Bulldogs
Kenna_ Bulldogs - 5 timer siden
is it dog?
MaskedGamer - 6 timer siden
"Who's the greatest musician of all time?"
"I was gonna say Kanye West"
Well that didn't age well...
JishAFish - 2 timer siden
What how
gaming with pranav #more
gaming with pranav #more - 6 timer siden
Lesss gooooo another charity football match
Styx - 6 timer siden
"my name is ethanandmyfnsufiwe
is my baseball"
kianboy 07
kianboy 07 - 7 timer siden
Sidemen paintball
ponymangameing - 8 timer siden
At the moment of this video 1/10 people who watched this liked the video that’s nuts
OnlyKeaton - 8 timer siden
Bring in TGF
Hawk Bowers
Hawk Bowers - 8 timer siden
Sidemen Chopped
Casey Funk
Casey Funk - 8 timer siden
Tyler P
Tyler P - 8 timer siden
Sidemen the race
DigitalRedux - 9 timer siden
Shoutout the guy who got it to 1M likes
MayhemYT - 9 timer siden
Oi, wtf, they actually got 1M likes.... mad...
Jesse Mccree
Jesse Mccree - 10 timer siden
It was too good of a clickbait
Wyd Beriña
Wyd Beriña - 11 timer siden
who went here cause of jj's subreddit?
Ivana Yudith Walujo
Ivana Yudith Walujo - 11 timer siden
LOLLL wkwk, miss u guys
Oh guys, i have one recommended music video from Indonesia,
If u don't mind please check it, its really lit
BLT 123
BLT 123 - 11 timer siden
BenH_The_Beast - 11 timer siden
1 mill views we got our selfs a charrity match
Yuri Racha
Yuri Racha - 12 timer siden
This is the only mukbang I can sit down and watch
Jakeyboiii5 - 12 timer siden
Tobi was too quite 💔
Azza H
Azza H - 12 timer siden
My god they god a million likes ahah
Ryder Stubbs
Ryder Stubbs - 12 timer siden
1 milllll
Vxnom Fury
Vxnom Fury - 13 timer siden
Imagine if they all had sons and their sons made a group called the “Sideboys” 🤯
Christopher Hansen
Christopher Hansen - 13 timer siden
Best musician why didnt they say justin bieber its him easily
Christopher Hansen
Christopher Hansen - 2 timer siden
@JishAFish bruh he was statistically the best thats what i just said i didnt mean he had the best music chill out bud
JishAFish - 2 timer siden
Christopher Hansen best means they make the best music of our generation
JishAFish - 2 timer siden
Christopher Hansen so streams don’t mean quality just mainstream appeal
Christopher Hansen
Christopher Hansen - 2 timer siden
@JishAFish yea his music aint the best but statistically yes hes the best
Christopher Hansen
Christopher Hansen - 2 timer siden
@JishAFish bruh he has had the most music streams and everything hes the mostsuccesful off of music
nabeel noushad
nabeel noushad - 13 timer siden
Sidemen vs got cast lets go
notadrihan - 13 timer siden
sidemen talk about abusing animals for 10 minutes straight
Ryan Tahchi
Ryan Tahchi - 13 timer siden
4K dislikes
_fairest like to dislike ratio I've ever seen_
Owen Curtis
Owen Curtis - 13 timer siden
Sidemen charity match 2021
UnbrokenCabbage - 13 timer siden
actually quite a few people have had the slug in the capri sun
Andrutu 2001
Andrutu 2001 - 13 timer siden
do a collab with TGF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jude - 14 timer siden
For show n tell harry should of brought the ball he hit his mum with
William - 14 timer siden
JJ: Men can't compete in music.
Freddie Mercury: *exists*
Ileia Rezaei
Ileia Rezaei - 14 timer siden
Adam Lotfi
Adam Lotfi - 14 timer siden
Well they got a millions likes😂😂😂
Jude Bailey
Jude Bailey - 14 timer siden
One milli likes
Tino Bedekovic
Tino Bedekovic - 14 timer siden
And just like that, 1M likes are here!!!
Ahf 33
Ahf 33 - 15 timer siden
We did it a million like🥳🥳
Lewi Webb
Lewi Webb - 15 timer siden
I mill likes 💯💯💯💯 lets goooo
ttvmax_layte - 15 timer siden
1 mill lets go
Ella Fountain
Ella Fountain - 15 timer siden
Video idea: living each others lives for 24hrs
Josh - 15 timer siden
JJ can’t even knock out Logan Paul 😳
iTz_KarTh1K - 6 timer siden
He did knock down Logan 3rd round it wasn't counted
Burhan Ali
Burhan Ali - 15 timer siden
Nobody listens to vik
Pierce Julien
Pierce Julien - 15 timer siden
1 M likes
liam butler
liam butler - 15 timer siden
So anyone else notice that Ethan said he was 3 when he made his little book but the personal identity page inside says 6....
UncrowdedZeus74 Gaming
UncrowdedZeus74 Gaming - 16 timer siden
38:26 Harry: I’ll do anything if the mukbang gets 1m likes
Jasmine Taylor
Jasmine Taylor - 16 timer siden
Clementz - 16 timer siden
Mans put me off capri suns
Watching Your mum
Watching Your mum - 16 timer siden
1mil means football match let’s go
Clementz - 16 timer siden
All of faze clan has to be in the charity match
WHYCOM - 16 timer siden
Keep liking it!!!! Let’s get 2mil
gun fingers if youre a raver
gun fingers if youre a raver - 17 timer siden