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The Sidemen are back reading mean tweets again!
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:
Runtime: 11:29


Dippy C
Dippy C - 2 timer siden
This was quite hard to watch as an Indian lol - I know it's a joke but I thought we were going past the racism now?
Anonymous gaming
Anonymous gaming - 8 timer siden
the way harry reacts
Luke Robertson
Luke Robertson - 16 timer siden
Beta comes from the Greek letter and in Greek it is pronounced veeeta. Most british say beeeta and Americans say bayta.
oh zeHnz
oh zeHnz - Dag siden
man got bars 4:36
Amethyst _TMY
Amethyst _TMY - 2 dager siden
刘马丁 - 2 dager siden
Those disgusting people are just jealous
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg - 2 dager siden
The first mean tweet vid had WAY more vicious insults then this one. I prefer the first one cus of that
Filip Danas
Filip Danas - 2 dager siden
Poor Harry
Austin - 2 dager siden
Why does everyone think Harry is autistic
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un - 2 dager siden
What is that dot on Harry's forehead
Yung Slimzy
Yung Slimzy - 2 dager siden
I wanna know the outro song no cap
Jimi Xia
Jimi Xia - 3 dager siden
Ksi’s laugh was not a Impostor
MBI slayer
MBI slayer - 3 dager siden
Why is it that most brown people had no problem with what was said to vik but all white ppl had a problem with it?
Adam Morley
Adam Morley - 3 dager siden
3:25 this was awkward
Gloom Toxic
Gloom Toxic - 3 dager siden
These haters went too far but Y do they even watch the vids
Julian9990001 - 3 dager siden
The ones against Tobi and Jj are seriously past the line, and they take it like a champ
Ertugrul The ghazi of ghazis
The autism one about w2s is unacceptable 😡
BT 7274
BT 7274 - 4 dager siden
Can someone please explain the haunted hills tweet
Fortnite Player
Fortnite Player - 4 dager siden
They don’t deserve hate there doing nothing wrong at all but I feel like Vik comments has gone to far 😔
fire ball099
fire ball099 - 4 dager siden
Man thought x was lil pump
Mohamed Ahan
Mohamed Ahan - 4 dager siden
W2s is holding a phone case
Annamalai P
Annamalai P - 4 dager siden
Western society
Racism against Indians:😂🤣😁😆
Racism against blacks:😰🤐☹️
Kaylia - Dag siden
I mean that’s not completely true. I understand that it’s more public compared too racism against Indians and it is seen as more of a joke but that doesn’t mean that everyone thinks like that I just think that all racism is bad
teymur ismayilov
teymur ismayilov - 4 dager siden
Everyone wrote authism for wroetoshaw lol
VICTOR BABOOLAL - 4 dager siden
Its gone too far
VICTOR BABOOLAL - 4 dager siden
Damn i hate racial people
Duncombe Education
Duncombe Education - 5 dager siden
Ksi laugh is more funny than the actually tweet
Anthony Maruhum
Anthony Maruhum - 5 dager siden
yo fire video
Fierce Firebird
Fierce Firebird - 5 dager siden
Sidemen ripping off more YouTube shows episode 10000000
red arsenal21
red arsenal21 - 5 dager siden
Is no one gonna talk about jj saying esskitit impersonating x 💀💀
Amira Diab
Amira Diab - 5 dager siden
I love u harry
Amira Diab
Amira Diab - 5 dager siden
Harry doesn’t look like autistic
Noah Strawbridge
Noah Strawbridge - 6 dager siden
I feel so bad for harry, vik and tobi.
Surite - 6 dager siden
A lot of virtue signalers in the comments, yikes
Asyraf Akmal
Asyraf Akmal - 6 dager siden
They should do a Sidemen read nice tweets video for a change
To hell And back
To hell And back - 7 dager siden
The autistics will rise up
Flaron - 7 dager siden
Look how red Ethan gets after reading this tweet lol 7:34
Deep Kelz
Deep Kelz - 7 dager siden
Robert Zheng
Robert Zheng - 7 dager siden
Bro harry always looks so innocent and it's just so sad how rude people are to him; and vik is a legend laughing all these off even tho he didn't deserve it
Maria - 7 dager siden
Theses tweets are disgusting
Toffee Mc
Toffee Mc - 7 dager siden
Tobi has no backbone
Arthur Côté-Asswad
Arthur Côté-Asswad - 7 dager siden
KSI look like a Walmart dead guy
SCXR Note - 8 dager siden
Yo lost respect when Ksi didn’t know x
Rxtakex - 8 dager siden
Man looks like a human tampon jokes all love tho fr
The Patty
The Patty - 8 dager siden
the first one is funnier
FmS - 8 dager siden
These are the funniest videos, I hope hate continues for celebrities, not because they’re bad but purely for this series
Haley Mohon
Haley Mohon - 8 dager siden
“It’s bEEta”
“No just shut up” 💀
Txg X B3a5t
Txg X B3a5t - 8 dager siden
What is the g word when he said nig nog
Oskii - 8 dager siden
Sad thing is, Harry isn’t even autistic
Lisa Donovan
Lisa Donovan - 8 dager siden
i’ve never felt so bad for harry, tobi, and vikk they seemed so upset at some points
Jon and Oli’s Road to Brass Band Music
Nah, at this point in time, Sidemen are 0.09m subs away from 10 mill, if we want more Sidemen vids, sub and turn that bell on and TELL ALL UR FRIENDS
Haukur Freyr Jónsson
Haukur Freyr Jónsson - 9 dager siden
i didnt know josh had an n word pass
Darwin - 9 dager siden
They need to do a part 3
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - 9 dager siden
2:17 he dose have a point lol
Noah Boat
Noah Boat - 9 dager siden
Harry looked sad for some reason!!!
sergio ramos
sergio ramos - 9 dager siden
90% of Harry’s mean comments are about autism
Leian Klish
Leian Klish - 9 dager siden
so we're just gonna ignore that harry said the f slur
Leian Klish
Leian Klish - 6 dager siden
@XxwolfgirlYT ! there was still no excuse for him to say it. also even when those comments are meant to be mean, there was still no excuse too for them to wrote any slurs that aren’t their right.
XxwolfgirlYT !
XxwolfgirlYT ! - 6 dager siden
I mean the f slur aimed at him and its not really harry's fault cuz the person aimed it at harry 🤷‍♀️
Leian Klish
Leian Klish - 8 dager siden
@Jessica denman 10:14
Jessica denman
Jessica denman - 9 dager siden
siddharth Ramaswamy
siddharth Ramaswamy - 10 dager siden
What curse word was p***i
Cerys 04
Cerys 04 - 10 dager siden
Colin the Great
Colin the Great - 10 dager siden
Simon looks like a Walmart version of ninja with pink hair
Samari Master
Samari Master - 10 dager siden
Niko defence league
Priya Anand
Priya Anand - 10 dager siden
wtaf is wrong with people!! like none of them were even funny, just pure disrespect.
Henry Tan
Henry Tan - 10 dager siden
It’s mad how much they changed between the first and second mean tweets, behz and josh especially
3am Vibes
3am Vibes - 10 dager siden
We have to protect Harry at all costs! He’s so precious
Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu
People who are complaining about the jokes have never really seen a sidemen video.
_.em_ _
_.em_ _ - 11 dager siden
the fact that real people tweeted these—
drift king
drift king - 5 dager siden
Some people have no heart
drift king
drift king - 5 dager siden
There are far worse tweets
Cxntrol_21 - 11 dager siden
Harry low key looked really sad after all those comments
Rich_ banana
Rich_ banana - 11 dager siden
8:05 oooooooofff I’m hurting so bad
Daren Chung
Daren Chung - 11 dager siden
Til this day I still dont know what that p word is . _ .
Jessica denman
Jessica denman - 9 dager siden
It a slur to Indians
Jai Jai
Jai Jai - 11 dager siden
HYPERX BV - 11 dager siden
Harry looks like the younger sylvester stallone
Zach Gill
Zach Gill - 11 dager siden
The zerkaa one about hitler was a disgrace
Zach Gill
Zach Gill - 11 dager siden
Harry is trying to laugh at the things but he just cant
charlotte - 11 dager siden
10:26 tf? not every person who has money, has to show it off?! just because he may not wear gucci, prada, etc. doesn’t mean he’s broke. dumbass
Adidas Man
Adidas Man - 11 dager siden
Shadz btw
Shadz btw - 11 dager siden
I feel sad for harry and vik......vik is facing racism and harry is soo sad bruhh
BlackPes - 11 dager siden
Why Is it the most arab onec are the toxic onec im lucky to be the good one
SIR SADEK - 11 dager siden
Yeah fr what does tobi bring to the sidemen
KenshiRS - 11 dager siden
Beta Male
Conor Cunningham
Conor Cunningham - 12 dager siden
Harry is abused in this and ethan s laugh is scary
Kamikaze - 12 dager siden
This is why I’ll never get a Twitter account cuz I’d never want to see this stuff being said to people
JJ the explorer
JJ the explorer - 12 dager siden
Ksi my g is actually the Walmart of juicewrld but dax is the Walmart rapper of noodles hair
Aaron Eronen
Aaron Eronen - 12 dager siden
why everybody crying in the comments? man up!
MoneyYT - 13 dager siden
This is funny but it just feels like Harry is back to school
GD-Maltow2008 - 13 dager siden
Where there are Lovers there are haters...
Georgelavyt - 13 dager siden
Vik is a legend
Maymona Said
Maymona Said - 13 dager siden
I actually feel bad for vikk and Harry theirs are getting taken way too far
Sara Brodersen
Sara Brodersen - 13 dager siden
i wash my hands after shower-
PaQow - 13 dager siden
I dont even know half of the curses they are using LMAO
A1_Nero - 13 dager siden
Can we get an updated version of this lbs
Kasim Mahmood
Kasim Mahmood - 13 dager siden
The way @miniminter speaks like hes text to speech when he reads them lmao
Siddharth Arora
Siddharth Arora - 13 dager siden
It's just sick. Harry shouldn't be receiving such tweets tho. He's a beast in making. His reaction after reading them:(
The Accidental Pelican
The Accidental Pelican - 13 dager siden
alex andrew
alex andrew - 13 dager siden
Watching Harry give up while reading these really killed me inside
Davud Beast
Davud Beast - 13 dager siden
My man said 🤘🏼ESSKEETIT 🤘🏼
Andrew Dutton
Andrew Dutton - 14 dager siden
Harry is funny as he
Darkz - 14 dager siden
when harry wasn't fat
Arisha Javed
Arisha Javed - 14 dager siden
Vikk takes it as a joke even tho they have past. the line
Mr. MemeBucket
Mr. MemeBucket - 14 dager siden
To answer KSI's question:
 Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot, known as a thrombus, within a blood vessel. It prevents blood from flowing normally through the circulatory system.
Finn Freehill
Finn Freehill - 14 dager siden
why does this video feel like its so much older than it is
AWhackAssMilkshake ForMe
AWhackAssMilkshake ForMe - 14 dager siden
KSI’s laugh is just making this a 100 times better hahha