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This weeks #SidemenSunday features the Sidemen trying to out-eat eachother again, but this time it's who weighs the most that wins! Who do you think will win?
Massive thanks to Dinerama:
Big thanks to all the vendors too: Tucka Burger, White Men Can’t Jerk, Yum Bun, Up In My Grill, Fundi & ChinChin.
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
🔵 JJ (KSI)
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Runtime: 48:31


Zackeroo HQ
Zackeroo HQ - 11 timer siden
In hindsight, they should have all used the same scale somehow lol... At least the same model to make sure it's accurate

Aka, JJ is sus, his weight was so different on his scale compared to Simon's
Skeptic Soccer
Skeptic Soccer - 14 timer siden
vick prorbably has chicken bones
josh engemoen
josh engemoen - 18 timer siden
Ngl harry's meal looked gas
Alena Visnovsky
Alena Visnovsky - 21 time siden
Tobi just suffering the whole time lol
Katherine Harlow
Katherine Harlow - 22 timer siden
Does anyone know what cameras they use when they’re on the move, just walking around?
Fishy ColtKain
Fishy ColtKain - 22 timer siden
JJ looks the same in the intro picture
ZARAR SHAH - Dag siden
48:05 so ur telin me no one saw harry???
BIO ClapZ - Dag siden
Most of JJ’s weight will be muscle 😂
Mahli Fraser
Mahli Fraser - Dag siden
I swear every time Harry uses the toaster he burns whatever he is making in the toaster
Ruhan Ahmed
Ruhan Ahmed - Dag siden
Harry: “I quite like mushrooms”

we know Harry... we know.
Big boy catch’em
Big boy catch’em - Dag siden
I’m 128 pounds and 12
Sam Be3
Sam Be3 - Dag siden
This challenge is so easy in America
Xander Lakin
Xander Lakin - 2 dager siden
Me being 14 and weighing 10 more kilos then tobi
0326Mobilexpert mobile goat
0326Mobilexpert mobile goat - 2 dager siden
If tje winner was at 10 min in Harry would win with his 4 peices of toast
HNK - 2 dager siden
Why would anyone watch this? Everyone knows that JJ is gonna win IF he eats normally😂
N6b - 2 dager siden
Suleman Ali
Suleman Ali - 2 dager siden
Look at that, Haraam!
Johannes Masso
Johannes Masso - 2 dager siden
Tobi is very angre because he think that it is stupid
Alan R
Alan R - 2 dager siden
Its 9 months later JJ's and Ethan's baby should be due soon
Gabriel Jacobson
Gabriel Jacobson - 2 dager siden
Benjamin Hoban
Benjamin Hoban - 2 dager siden
I nearly way more then vik and I’m 12
Yuvraj Dhanjal
Yuvraj Dhanjal - 2 dager siden
harry is wholesome...harry is a mood
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman - 2 dager siden
Flight in 15 minutes

Also Harry: Let's have breakfast.
Andrew Gonzales
Andrew Gonzales - 2 dager siden
The chicken was pink😳
The Gunner
The Gunner - 2 dager siden
So we not gonna talk about his🥵
Logan Roark
Logan Roark - 3 dager siden
I love watching y’all struggle to eat when I could devour twice as much as this and still want more😂
Simran Mann
Simran Mann - 3 dager siden
How tf is Vik lighter than me?!
Lars Kristoffer Meidell Alsaker
Me at 14 being heavier than vikk
GladGraph5904 5
GladGraph5904 5 - 3 dager siden
JJ: 😑
Peter Hjort
Peter Hjort - 3 dager siden
How do a grown man manage to act so autistic and yes im talking about Harry
Callan Taylor Bagpipes
Callan Taylor Bagpipes - 3 dager siden
“Let’s start off with some white bread, and I’m allergic to gluten”
Well done Harry..
robert mosquera
robert mosquera - 3 dager siden
Harry weighing 83kg: “I’m so faaaaat!”
Me weighing 90kg and being 6 years younger than him: 👁👄👁
James Donovan
James Donovan - 2 dager siden
Nice copied comment bro, so original
Gisselle Marie Fernandez
Gisselle Marie Fernandez - 3 dager siden
Toby's voice at 1:30 is everything
Reactive Tiger
Reactive Tiger - 3 dager siden
i weigh more than toby
registered prick
registered prick - 3 dager siden
32:32 local fat man steals strangers doughnut
nawaf nawaf9
nawaf nawaf9 - 4 dager siden
Also Harry: weighs himself with his camera...
Ayoub on ipad
Ayoub on ipad - 4 dager siden
Jj didn’t lose weight he wasn’t holding the camera
sayla aso
sayla aso - 4 dager siden
5:37 that crack voice tho
Amanda Newton
Amanda Newton - 4 dager siden
RIP the chicken 🐔 😢 😪 💔
Liam Yeoman
Liam Yeoman - 4 dager siden
Harry: I'm a big boy I'm a huge boi
Me sitting at a calm 150kg eating cheese cake
samuel weintraub
samuel weintraub - 4 dager siden
Harry we are in the same boat i have some where i need to take off i all of my clothes
Dana Correia
Dana Correia - 4 dager siden
I win every day lol
Noah De Simone
Noah De Simone - 4 dager siden
Yo JJ has the calvin klien undies whoooo
Finn Parr
Finn Parr - 4 dager siden
Can't believe they Photoshopped Ethan and JJ like that making Ethan look fat and JJ look skinny
KARAN GOSWAMI - 4 dager siden
Vikks weight😅
The Phenomenal Justin
The Phenomenal Justin - 4 dager siden
I couldn't tell a difference between JJ's weight
Jess Cooke
Jess Cooke - 5 dager siden
Team Marmite!
amen - 5 dager siden
Simons feet are crazy
Jordan R.Gautier
Jordan R.Gautier - 5 dager siden
Ethan drunk is just so funny
Simon Wang
Simon Wang - 5 dager siden
My dad 8 hours before the flight: Rushing to the airport
Harry 15 minutes before the flight: making toast
Awande Mangali
Awande Mangali - 5 dager siden
i have never seen people eat pizza sosadly
Mr: UNKNOWN - 5 dager siden
D F im 17 weighting 105 KG and everyone is just saying how fat they are
Dhruvthekid - 5 dager siden
25:42 they look like they are in a happy relationship
Percy Chinkuli
Percy Chinkuli - 5 dager siden
What happened to ksi
QuakerMyMan - 5 dager siden
Dude just tell Ethan to do what he did before that certainly worked xD
Kostas Kallianiotis
Kostas Kallianiotis - 5 dager siden
Pause the vid at 2:51
CreeperGuy Madnes
CreeperGuy Madnes - 6 dager siden
WHO still see no difference in the thumbnail
Kevin Nelson
Kevin Nelson - 6 dager siden
Sidemen: I’m soooo fat
Me: 6 years younger them and heavier than all of them
Lexi Mitchell
Lexi Mitchell - 6 dager siden
Flight in 15 minutes

Also Harry: Let's have breakfast.
Yusuf Saleem
Yusuf Saleem - 6 dager siden
Almost threw up when he said THICC BOy
Yusuf Saleem
Yusuf Saleem - 6 dager siden
Just saying KSI this video was so CRINGE.
Gaurav Hodage
Gaurav Hodage - 6 dager siden
Came back to see a “primal Harry”
Escapa Tacosa
Escapa Tacosa - 6 dager siden
JJ looks the same in the thumbnail
CHUGGLETS - 6 dager siden
Y do white people have such a low diet.
Charlie Irvin
Charlie Irvin - 6 dager siden
Watch the sidemen ignore the fact that cameras have weight for 40 mimutes
imbrin1321 - 6 dager siden
Anyone else hear Owen Wilson at 11:33
Daniel Hampson
Daniel Hampson - 7 dager siden
Is it just me or does eathan's face change colour at 16:36 ?
Eric Asderei
Eric Asderei - 7 dager siden
Imagine getting paid to eat delicious ( yet unhealthy) food and play video games for a whole day.
Eric Asderei
Eric Asderei - 7 dager siden
No matter how much I eat my metabolism would keep me in last place
Conor - 7 dager siden
I thought juice wrld was in the thumbnail
Elvis Rumumba
Elvis Rumumba - 7 dager siden
Hahaha Simon has got some nice toes
The SIMPsons
The SIMPsons - 7 dager siden
Simon on his first weigh
7 P O U N D S
Voivode - 5 dager siden
and 12 stones.
click noice
click noice - 7 dager siden
that is great editing on the thumbnail lol . the pics on the left look so convincing but we know the ones on the right are real.

sponge man ice cone
sponge man ice cone - 7 dager siden
My mans like 150 and hes like 6 foot 5 and he says fat
Phoenix967 - 7 dager siden
They never made a, “Most Weight lost Challenge” ?
I would love to see this.
Denysovich Lev
Denysovich Lev - 8 dager siden
They should be called Fatmen
Jack Herter
Jack Herter - 8 dager siden
22:33 anybody know the song at that time
Kayser R Butler
Kayser R Butler - 8 dager siden
Jj doesn't change in the thumbnail
Shayaan Ismail
Shayaan Ismail - 8 dager siden
17:41 who knew Harry was Muslim 🤣🤣🤣
ABX_ Maine
ABX_ Maine - 8 dager siden
Omg 😆 when tobi was on his phone and Ethan faces the camera at him he goes of his phone and said “I hate these sidemen challenges” 😂
candyfloss - 8 dager siden
This helps me fuel my eating disorder, I love it.
Noah Bishop
Noah Bishop - 8 dager siden
17:30 Yes
Adam Beiter
Adam Beiter - 8 dager siden
okay but why do the people that are touching your food not have gloves on??
Anthony Loewen
Anthony Loewen - 8 dager siden
I bet I could beat them in this
bluepuppy 154
bluepuppy 154 - 8 dager siden
10:44 That’s too much marmite
Duong Dac Trong
Duong Dac Trong - 8 dager siden
The irony of Ethan's rona joke is hilarious, he's the only member of the sidemen who has actually contracted Coronavirus!!!
Levi Carroll
Levi Carroll - 8 dager siden
I love how harry just vibes by himself
calvin quinn
calvin quinn - 8 dager siden
Of course Harry likes mushrooms
Jas Kaur
Jas Kaur - 9 dager siden
Zetix on YT
Zetix on YT - 9 dager siden
Me:Looks at JJ on both sides of the thumbnail
Also Me:I don't see a difference
Ragnar Back10
Ragnar Back10 - 9 dager siden
34:13 curry powder
Bethany Bayliff
Bethany Bayliff - 9 dager siden
im actually allergic to gluten... but a small price to pay mood whenever i want gluten
Jessie Adams
Jessie Adams - 9 dager siden
I'd never be able to do this because whatever I eat I gain no pounds
News Flash I’m tired
News Flash I’m tired - 10 dager siden
I need to see more of Tobi and Ethan together.
News Flash I’m tired
News Flash I’m tired - 10 dager siden
Harry is like the funniest Sideman
CPTsherbertbomb - 10 dager siden
Suicidal Gang
Suicidal Gang - 10 dager siden
27:08 fam has anyone realized that they dont eat much? Like im 14 and i eat more than them😂😂😂like if i would do this challenge i wont order that, i would order 2x large pizzas and wings. And thats the challenge done.(ima 14 male and im 75kg)
chai dreamy
chai dreamy - 10 dager siden
Ksi’s feet will give me nightmares
doggy dog
doggy dog - 10 dager siden
Rip chicken
Jacqueline Canard
Jacqueline Canard - 10 dager siden
an emetophobia warning would’ve been nice when vio was at the sink😀✌️