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The Sidemen form teams & take on the Lockdown Showdown!
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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Runtime: 1:01:04


Adyturns Plays
Adyturns Plays - 8 timer siden
These lot man, Turkey isn’t European it’s in Asia the 5th one was Italy jj and josh got it right
Ikstan RiR
Ikstan RiR - 20 timer siden
“Law of Attraction, Law of Attraction” Law of money bro otherwise where’s my Chevy at?
Wewaboo grande
Wewaboo grande - 21 time siden
vik really do be dumb
IM SORRY WHAT! does simon say the N-word here 31:39
Marco Antonio
Marco Antonio - Dag siden
I’m the 10,000 comment
Aye_lit_asf24 Ye
Aye_lit_asf24 Ye - Dag siden
😂😂😭😭 16:54 vik: “buzzlightyear”
박선경 - Dag siden
They all be dissing Harry for saying London as a country and im over here just learning that turkey is in europe
breyzh2jahkady - Dag siden
Harry with the hot geopolitics takes.
Peyton Anthony
Peyton Anthony - Dag siden
Everyone should’ve just got one point on the I’m fast asf boiiiii part
Chase - 2 dager siden
14:06 im dead
itsEduard - 2 dager siden
I hope i dont see harry in real life cuz hes getting poked
LOKINA LADULE - 2 dager siden
Aakash - 2 dager siden
theyre actally gonna hit 10 mil before 2021
amig host
amig host - 2 dager siden
I like vikk as quizmaster keep him quizmaster.
Karthik Thokala
Karthik Thokala - 3 dager siden
Harry: She is 93
Simon: She hella ancient
Denisa Vlogs
Denisa Vlogs - 3 dager siden
Nahhhh Harry lost me when he mentioned Romanians in the uk bro ...
Withrow Portugal
Withrow Portugal - 3 dager siden
Funny how JJ has "knowledge" tattoed on him, but in the general knowledge rounds he knew nothing.
Mohib Abbas
Mohib Abbas - 3 dager siden
Never has an hour lasted so long
Mohib Abbas
Mohib Abbas - 3 dager siden
When jj said tobis joke louder and he got pissed 😂😂
Sweenz - 3 dager siden
Just wanna say Liverpool is further north than Manchester dunno why they think it’s the other way round 😂
NXSC Destroyer
NXSC Destroyer - 4 dager siden
This is a movie
Claus Larsen
Claus Larsen - 4 dager siden
Ethan on Harry's back for mishearing and saying "London" when asked about highly populated countries in Europe and then Ethan says "Dubai" and still goes back to mentioning the "London" thing later on.. Just wow
Eryn Marshall
Eryn Marshall - 5 dager siden
19:54 ethans reaction 😂
schultz wolvertonka
schultz wolvertonka - 6 dager siden
Ethan: How many chromosomes does deji have?
JJ trying not to laugh: that’s not funny bro
Luke Herrington
Luke Herrington - 7 dager siden
Harry and Toby sold on that Geography.
Melton Trevino
Melton Trevino - 7 dager siden
Do a “Sidemen go back to school, online”
Sanna Mohammed
Sanna Mohammed - 7 dager siden
My grandmas older than the Queen fam... jhheeeeeezzzeee 😂😂
fumes arise
fumes arise - 8 dager siden
we should definitely get a part 2 for this since we are in lockdown v2 now
Jacob Cunningham
Jacob Cunningham - 8 dager siden
deji vs ethan

boxing match
Toxin _rs
Toxin _rs - 9 dager siden
Harry cheated in the queen elizabeth one
Emmanuel Nyarko
Emmanuel Nyarko - 10 dager siden
Naah the let down in their voices at 1:45 is priceless😂😂😂
Woolyfrog - 11 dager siden
14:00 and 14:20 Two of the funniest things the Sidemen have ever said, ever.
kupunuto ayemi last acc
kupunuto ayemi last acc - 15 dager siden
Vikk as a host is annoying ngl
schultz wolvertonka
schultz wolvertonka - 16 dager siden
Do a “Sidemen go back to school, online”
Rahul Nalluri
Rahul Nalluri - 16 dager siden
why tf is vik even part of the sidemen?
Luke Sono
Luke Sono - 12 dager siden
Fake religion
kodak green
kodak green - 17 dager siden
Jjs logic was that hazard is a striker because he can play LW in fifa.....
kodak green
kodak green - 17 dager siden
Man it took ethan about fifteen seconds to realise harry said london was a country and man also thought dubai was in or at least near europe
kodak green
kodak green - 17 dager siden
Harry said drake didn't release an album in 2019.......
Ryan Docherty
Ryan Docherty - 17 dager siden
Out of 95 videos when I still down 94 are sidemen
Freda Martin
Freda Martin - 17 dager siden
ViKK: the answer is over 2 million
Harry: How many Romanians would of moved to the UK if Brexit didn’t happen?
Ethan: How many chromosomes does Deji have?
Wet potato
Wet potato - 17 dager siden
I am so sorry but what are chromosomes
ASURA GOD - 17 dager siden
esteban collazo
esteban collazo - 17 dager siden
Ethan: How many chromosomes does deji have?
JJ trying not to laugh: that’s not funny bro
OG Gamers
OG Gamers - 19 dager siden
14:05 Harry is just built different 😂
Mike Petruccelli
Mike Petruccelli - 19 dager siden
Early ?? I like ..
Dan D.
Dan D. - 19 dager siden
THEY SAID PORTUGAL, YES 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Freda Martin
Freda Martin - 19 dager siden
I like vikk as quizmaster keep him quizmaster.
karim el sherbiny
karim el sherbiny - 19 dager siden
31:42 Simon says n word??
Damian Zepeda
Damian Zepeda - 20 dager siden
45:42 Simon clearly clicking his mouse
AndersonJackies RandallFernando
Ethan: deji has over 2 million chromosomes
Everyone: that’s just not funny
Me at home: litteraly crying laughing 😂😂
Diego Lerro
Diego Lerro - 18 dager siden
Rezec - 23 dager siden
bro if jj and josh didn't lose a point they would have won 😂😂
Zee5k - 23 dager siden
Harry may have a lockdown haircut but i like it
Palmer Perspective Podcast
Palmer Perspective Podcast - 24 dager siden
Cant wait till part 2......
Maitrik P
Maitrik P - 24 dager siden
Tell us the scariest movie of all time using only emojis!
Hayden Fillery
Hayden Fillery - 25 dager siden
This is one of my favourite sidemen videos
pablo /
pablo / - 25 dager siden
Another one coming soon I expect 😂😂
Dominic Lauron
Dominic Lauron - 27 dager siden
4:45 i like turtles
og beast raymond
og beast raymond - 28 dager siden
this is made on my b-day
Kermit - 28 dager siden
Bane 47
Bane 47 - 28 dager siden
Get in!!!❤️👍😁
Aviation LAX
Aviation LAX - 28 dager siden
5:01 lmfao
Jack NB
Jack NB - 29 dager siden
viks dumb lol but a great video
Luel Gebru
Luel Gebru - 29 dager siden
Kermit - 28 dager siden
If he faked it he would of won
Hunor Golub
Hunor Golub - 29 dager siden
when ethan is happy, hes louder than sirenhead
Can you please help me reach 100k subscribers ???
Alternative title: Vikk asks the sidemen questions ( trivia )
The Anxious Pagan
The Anxious Pagan - 29 dager siden
0:29 Ethan actually looks alright
Rorschach - Måned siden
I wish there's a mute button for Ethan's mic
Dzy Kay
Dzy Kay - Måned siden
6:14 don’t click this just. Using this to remember where I am lol
Shaheer Ali
Shaheer Ali - Måned siden
Still clicked it
itzVoidz Btw
itzVoidz Btw - Måned siden
Russia is not in Europe
Rasmus Sørrnsen
Rasmus Sørrnsen - Måned siden
F##k harry
Andrew Bryson
Andrew Bryson - Måned siden
UK isn't a country
UnknownPlayZ - Måned siden
Pls check out this vid it'll help me alot
Hold That L For Luigi
Hold That L For Luigi - Måned siden
That ain't the nearest year. That's nearest year towards 0.
Juicer - Måned siden
6:51 Harry killed that "Ain't nobody got time for dat"
Marc Asso
Marc Asso - Måned siden
Fun fact:
Bannans aren’t fruits
crazy fool team
crazy fool team - Måned siden
they look like the village people
Nelson Oke
Nelson Oke - Måned siden
Just realised that jj is in almost every thumbnail
Mecha Motion
Mecha Motion - Måned siden
For most of the video it looked like Simon was wearing suspenders
Welsh Gaming
Welsh Gaming - Måned siden
this would be good if you'd showed the memes kinda hard to engaged without them
Harrison Arcand
Harrison Arcand - Måned siden
As an American I don’t understand british politics
Sam Blackburn
Sam Blackburn - Måned siden
They should do some like this but each sideman has a fan on their team
claudia corr
claudia corr - Måned siden
This is why Harry is the best sideman
It's_Me_Exility - Måned siden
Where’s josh
Among us clips
Among us clips - Måned siden
Does simon say the n word at 31:43
Jacob Webbe
Jacob Webbe - Måned siden
Why is vik always yelling
User - Måned siden
Harry has literally dissed the whole continent of Europe.
Morgan E
Morgan E - Måned siden
Harry is so cute
yam barkan
yam barkan - Måned siden
Lol I’m not even from the uk neither from Europe but I really enjoy the brexit jokes
Scope Aim
Scope Aim - 2 måneder siden
Turkey is not in europe
Mecha Motion
Mecha Motion - Måned siden
Scope Aim wdym
DragonsDutch - 2 måneder siden
Harry isn’t down for 69?
Anubhav Rao
Anubhav Rao - 2 måneder siden
does anybody know who corpse is?
ASPECT GAMEZZ - 2 måneder siden
Apparently Russia is in europe for them
Mecha Motion
Mecha Motion - Måned siden
Yeah it is in both but it is mainly in Asia
RockBoy123 - Måned siden
lol russia is both in europe and asia
ToTheLimit 999
ToTheLimit 999 - 2 måneder siden
Bruh Turkey is not in Europe
ToTheLimit 999
ToTheLimit 999 - Måned siden
@Mecha Motion its not a european country. Only istanbul is in europe
Mecha Motion
Mecha Motion - Måned siden
ToTheLimit 999 wdym it is partly in europe
Tsultrim Zala
Tsultrim Zala - 2 måneder siden
Nalaci - 2 måneder siden
Simon in weakest link: I'm not sexist
Simon in lockdown showdown: wears costume with big breasticels
pro shooters
pro shooters - 2 måneder siden
Literally nobody:
Simon at 3:00
JetsAreBad Homie
JetsAreBad Homie - 2 måneder siden
ive seen this video 1000 times and ethan pisses me off every time
Ilyas Ghziyel
Ilyas Ghziyel - 2 måneder siden
Turquie is bot count like a european country. Or I am wrong?
Yousuf - 2 måneder siden
Why was the end more nerf raking than the scores in ksi vs Logan Paul 2
Bored Homie
Bored Homie - 2 måneder siden