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The Sidemen spend the day handcuffed to each other...what could possibly go wrong?
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Runtime: 41:32


Mehran sideqi
Mehran sideqi - Time siden
eating in minecraft 4:04
Tiarni Perth
Tiarni Perth - 3 timer siden
Its weird seeing them walk by Camden so much, I live there and it feels like at any moment I could bump into them (if there wasn't carona).
Camisha Maduro
Camisha Maduro - 5 timer siden
Ayo JJ ..say hi to your bodyguard for me ☺️
AllStar Games
AllStar Games - 21 time siden
14:13 best part of the video just how he loses his patience is hilarious 🤣🤣😃
TRAYVEN RWIGEMA - 21 time siden
simon lough kills me
Mosi My Creations
Mosi My Creations - Dag siden
Them finding that bathroom with three stalls like that was *chefs kiss*
Laily Rose
Laily Rose - Dag siden
Am I the only one that thinks KSI’s bodyguard looks like Stormzy
Raymond Barnes
Raymond Barnes - Dag siden
Logan : “im training for 14 months straight”
JJ 1 month before fight : 14:15
Vishvaa Ravishankar
Vishvaa Ravishankar - Dag siden
John316 - Dag siden
For ALL have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God. We deserve hell fire. but the free gift from God is eternal life found in Christ Jesus. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son and whoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life
Roger_Ramjet - Dag siden
TOBI- the most irrelevant sidemen
Jonathan Braganza
Jonathan Braganza - 10 timer siden
Oh shut up
Downton - Dag siden
It's nice to see that my old primary school P.E teacher is now a bodyguard for the fuckin SIDEMEN.
NeryGnz14 - Dag siden
10 mil
Adrain Torres
Adrain Torres - 2 dager siden
JJ and Toby and Ethan must be used to this
AZWAD SIFAT - 2 dager siden
DatBoiDerrick _
DatBoiDerrick _ - 3 dager siden
JJ immediately calms down after he eats
RavenVlogs2911 - 3 dager siden
Did anyone else think the guy behind them was a massive fan or something
isaac gray
isaac gray - 3 dager siden
The bodyguards are like: why am i even here, these guys are too dumb to be alive
Hannah J3s50p
Hannah J3s50p - 3 dager siden
At 13:21 it’s joshes identical twin 😂
Pranav 2237
Pranav 2237 - 3 dager siden
6:25 why are con and his girlfriend behind them 😂
Tosin Oparinde
Tosin Oparinde - 3 dager siden
I love Harry nad vik friendship is so
pure 🥺🥺
Freezite - 3 dager siden
Dk why but just watching the public without masks makes me uncomfortable
Jwan M Abdo
Jwan M Abdo - 4 dager siden
29:58 idk why but Ethan saying that kinda made me upset like "if we got hurt it's the your fault"
Nabilah Daudo
Nabilah Daudo - 4 dager siden
The way Vik got bullied 🤣🤣
Maj Prezelj
Maj Prezelj - 4 dager siden
Ethan's roommate isn't even recording Ethan.
Priyang Dabhi
Priyang Dabhi - 4 dager siden
I don’t care For you life
I don’t care For you life - 4 dager siden
Video basically is two of the funniest sidemen tied to the most introverted human alive
Unicorn Poop
Unicorn Poop - 5 dager siden
33:33 why is no one talking about that guys style! It’s so cool!
S么乙ツVlPER - 5 dager siden
Solitude City guard
Solitude City guard - 5 dager siden
Ive always found vic to be the least funny of the sidemen tbh
Andrew kim
Andrew kim - 6 dager siden
Am I the only one that thinks KSI’s bodyguard looks like Stormzy
Joey Schmidt
Joey Schmidt - 6 dager siden
Not gonna lie, watching this video, if this was me and my buddies, I would have punched JJ
Junaid Kempin
Junaid Kempin - 6 dager siden
When ethan was on the bike i qould of died laughing if josh or simon pulled their hand and ethan fell off😂
Fax_R1ft - 6 dager siden
at least they’re cuffed
SphinX Music
SphinX Music - 6 dager siden
tobi looks like lester giving the characters tasks lmfao
darek klich
darek klich - 6 dager siden
JJ being a arse
Vik being pissed off
Harry protecting Vik
My sunday is complete
Xavier Boss
Xavier Boss - 6 dager siden
one of the best sidemen videos
Topper Racer Tyler
Topper Racer Tyler - 7 dager siden
Jenny Pålsson
Jenny Pålsson - 7 dager siden
JJ is Cute when he eat
Tyler Mosley
Tyler Mosley - 7 dager siden
Why is the roof so small on the bathroom
JF Hudz
JF Hudz - 8 dager siden
2:41 harry
Zoldyck B!sh:3
Zoldyck B!sh:3 - 8 dager siden
why is Tobi so underrated man? did yall not see what he did? hes so sweet i love him so much
jonki leshi
jonki leshi - 8 dager siden
The bodyguards are like: why am i even here, these guys are too dumb to be alive
.〰Roblox_gamer〰 Also mindcraft
Am I the only one who noticed connors gf?
Bligh Short
Bligh Short - 9 dager siden
Just clocked Viks with his bullies
Bligh Short
Bligh Short - 9 dager siden
Just one
shubankar karthik
shubankar karthik - 9 dager siden
Hope I can get friends like them 🙂
Mark DeMelo Music
Mark DeMelo Music - 10 dager siden
10:30 they predicted Corona virus
Evant456 - 10 dager siden
I think they all should be chained together like all 7
Sharon Madu
Sharon Madu - 10 dager siden
Harry was holding everything good that was going to happen Ii 2020
Sharon Madu
Sharon Madu - 10 dager siden
Lil CornBred
Lil CornBred - 11 dager siden
Everyone knows that eggs are dairy
Beau Bailey
Beau Bailey - 9 dager siden
Immortal Miku
Immortal Miku - 11 dager siden
I took the L here 😂
Prakash - 11 dager siden
Utsav K
Utsav K - 11 dager siden
I’ve got a joke.
A brown, a black and a white guy got handcuffed together...
luke cooper
luke cooper - 12 dager siden
I just realised how immature the sidemen are lol 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
John Wilson
John Wilson - 12 dager siden
Hand cuffed
John Wilson
John Wilson - 12 dager siden
Who ever clicked on this video is sus
Mahaa El madhoun
Mahaa El madhoun - 13 dager siden
All I want to know is why Ethan said dont bring true gordie to harmony
eycxc khane
eycxc khane - 13 dager siden
Just imagine jj hand cuffed with logan for a whole day

And jake with deji
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin - 13 dager siden
this is the most vik has ever been bullied
JMC Swift
JMC Swift - 13 dager siden
Me after watching Qs punishment
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin - 13 dager siden
When tobi hugged vik at the end when they were in the triangle he looked so happy and it brought me joy
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin - 13 dager siden
Nobody: Ethan: My hunger is low in Minecraft 4:04
Skiyelertz - 13 dager siden
Jonas Johnson
Jonas Johnson - 13 dager siden
Does anyone else just absolutely adore Harry's smile?!
Rahul Saha
Rahul Saha - 13 dager siden
Logan : “im training for 14 months straight”
JJ 1 month before fight : 14:15
wabbajack wabbajack wabbajack
Wow, stolen comment, how original...
Clara Baldwin
Clara Baldwin - 14 dager siden
jj, ethan, and vik would've been insane man! vik would've wanted to off himself the moment they were attached lol
Alva Prahl
Alva Prahl - 14 dager siden
3:44 is no one going to talk about that dude just stranding completely still
alamgir Khan
alamgir Khan - 14 dager siden
4:05 Ethan laugh should be a meme
Tagala Maphosa
Tagala Maphosa - 14 dager siden
l could see the body gards
James Hardy
James Hardy - 14 dager siden
awww Harry protecting Vikk, get yourslef a friend like Harry Rich, Kind and Caring
Kaden Shiba
Kaden Shiba - 14 dager siden
I took the L here 😂
nishplato - 14 dager siden
Dude, they have a bodyguard !!!
sukh k
sukh k - 15 dager siden
I’m actually concerned for Harry’s cooking skills
Nrgking - 15 dager siden
Ellen de Boer
Ellen de Boer - 16 dager siden
When JJ slammed the bowling ball - yes, that cracked me up 😂😭
Citris _ Mario
Citris _ Mario - 16 dager siden
mans in 4k
Âkīrâ - 16 dager siden
That looks like my writing teacher in the back 4:18
Jacqueline Canard
Jacqueline Canard - 16 dager siden
Julian Sung
Julian Sung - 16 dager siden
That’s the place that they bowled in sidemen bowling gone wrong if anyone did not notice #stopvikabuse
Michael Perry
Michael Perry - 17 dager siden
I couldn’t do this, so much stress
GAY GOC - 17 dager siden
"eggs are dairy"
Jay Markham
Jay Markham - 17 dager siden
Who's the woman in background that always with KSI? Blonde hair, is that there management
Jay Markham
Jay Markham - 15 dager siden
@Jada S. Yeah she was on the 10k holiday too. Thanks
Jada S.
Jada S. - 15 dager siden
Yep. She’s behind the scenes of quite a few videos
nadine mcdonald
nadine mcdonald - 19 dager siden
Youes should have 10mil right now
natalie rand
natalie rand - 19 dager siden
Vik and Ethan are gunna have PTSD now 😂
turtle boy
turtle boy - 19 dager siden
Tobi is handicapped
Michael Assali
Michael Assali - 19 dager siden
Ayyyyy is that Deji in the back with the glasses 18:14
cygnus craft
cygnus craft - 20 dager siden
Nobody is actually saying anything about tobi hitting a goddamn STRIKE on one leg? Crazy.
Mike Rea
Mike Rea - 20 dager siden
I took the L here 😂
Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hot
Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hot - 20 dager siden
Chloe Lansiquot
Chloe Lansiquot - 21 dag siden
Jj annoyed me when he stole the last salmon, so greedy 🙄
MIKAI GURARIY - 21 dag siden
Guys i´m a huge fan of sidemen 🤪😜😋
Kimberly .M
Kimberly .M - 21 dag siden
10:32 that comment absolutely killed me. I'm in tears 😭😭😭
KiriTUBE - 21 dag siden
Vikk being man handled 😂
Chloe Lepage
Chloe Lepage - 21 dag siden
Imagine if jj, Harry and Ethan were handcuffed
Mark Galang
Mark Galang - 21 dag siden
Ethan's Team: chill and jokes
Vikk's Team: *tragedy*
Mervin - 22 dager siden
Bro i legit wanna see jj box the bodyguards
Angie Scott
Angie Scott - 22 dager siden
The bodyguards are like: why am i even here, these guys are too stupid to be alive😂
Tamara Larson
Tamara Larson - 22 dager siden
Imagine if jj, Harry and Ethan were handcuffed
Dominic_7308 - 23 dager siden
I like how Ethan pretends that he is the only one person in public so he decides to moan and start swearing al he wants lmao
Zach Smdjdjd
Zach Smdjdjd - 23 dager siden
27:15 Jjs face 😂😂