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Runtime: 59:16


Luca Tonin
Luca Tonin - 2 timer siden
It’s said that Harry’s spell could defeat Voldemort immediately
Fatima Ali
Fatima Ali - 2 timer siden
Jj trying to hold his laughter is amazing
Magnus Og Ola Playz
Magnus Og Ola Playz - 4 timer siden
GODAI uwu - 5 timer siden
No one :
Google subtitles 30:36 : [Music]
Molly - 8 timer siden
Phill is like my year 6 teacher
Lily Malcolm
Lily Malcolm - 11 timer siden
20:14 your a wizard Harry
Joshua Chung
Joshua Chung - 17 timer siden
Everyone is talking about what’s Harry favourite magic spell, but no one talks about his perfect paper plane 20:14
sleep demon
sleep demon - 21 time siden
jj needs to go back
Tilly - Dag siden
16:10 i want to know!!!!
skinny pp
skinny pp - Dag siden
This is basically class with the fun teacher
Rashed Mohammed
Rashed Mohammed - Dag siden
20:13 Harry is really Harry potter
Indy Cox
Indy Cox - Dag siden
No one Absolutely no one No one in the whole entire world Harry: throws and then catches a paper aeroplane
Charlotte - Dag siden
Indy Cox
Indy Cox - Dag siden
Why is phill better than my teacher lol
SxlentClxudsX - Dag siden
*gordon ramsay has entered the chat*
Seb - Dag siden
babatunde made the video
lddldl keoekdoek
lddldl keoekdoek - Dag siden
prodemolitionman 92
prodemolitionman 92 - Dag siden
sir steven the nerd over here is not a part of the sidemen
Ultra All Rogers
Ultra All Rogers - Dag siden
Gavlad 2007
Gavlad 2007 - 2 dager siden
Can we all just appreciate Harry’s paper plane throw😂
t0xic MaDnEsS
t0xic MaDnEsS - 2 dager siden
What did harry say when he said his spell
Ali Shahid
Ali Shahid - 2 dager siden
Who knew Baba Tunde will be in our hearts forever 😂❤
Galaxy the Dino
Galaxy the Dino - 2 dager siden
100,000 subscribes without a video challenge
Who else comes back and watches this for babatunde
Elijah Keo
Elijah Keo - 2 dager siden
Gang Sheet XD
Elijah Keo
Elijah Keo - 2 dager siden
what did Harry say?
Lewis mark gaffney :D
Lewis mark gaffney :D - 2 timer siden
He said Chinese n***a
Mr fish Fortnite
Mr fish Fortnite - 2 dager siden
Just me or does Phil look like Louis from 1D
Mirabel Greaves
Mirabel Greaves - 2 dager siden
Ksi be like: 👁️👄👁️
Leo Mc Elhinney-Donno
Leo Mc Elhinney-Donno - 2 dager siden
20:12 Harry used his magic wond on that plane
_.em. _
_.em. _ - 2 dager siden
This is the best hour spent in my life
H4PPY_BTW - 2 dager siden
The outro gives me a lot nostalgia for some reason
Estevan Romo
Estevan Romo - 2 dager siden
Maarja Siiner
Maarja Siiner - 2 dager siden
Why is this the funniest vid i've seen on youtube
beerůs - 3 dager siden
Lmao josh is just not funny
PixelatedFun - 3 dager siden
19:35 ,making a self notice time stamp
Charles Smidt
Charles Smidt - 3 dager siden
I was literally dying watching this it’s that funny
StealthyPanda 44
StealthyPanda 44 - 3 dager siden
The only person to break Phil and jj's character was Harry
Victoria Chaffe
Victoria Chaffe - 3 dager siden
Can I ask who is Steven?
Duck Duck
Duck Duck - 3 dager siden
65 million not 66 lol
Claudette De Freitas
Claudette De Freitas - 3 dager siden
I like how everyone else but KSI isnt wearing shoes
The Golden Rocket
The Golden Rocket - 4 dager siden
16:45 Phil turns rap god
Isaac Grande
Isaac Grande - 4 dager siden
F.H.R.I.T.P feels right for what Harry said
vedant Sharma
vedant Sharma - 4 dager siden
You Are Is L
You Are Is L - 4 dager siden
This video proves that the sidemen all have adhd
Alvin Anilkumar
Alvin Anilkumar - 4 dager siden
Why is the teacher swearing
zxDEATHSTROKE47 Gandy - 4 dager siden
Anyone know the name of the intro song?
Shanice Welch
Shanice Welch - 5 dager siden
Wish Stephen would join the sidemen Harry’s my fave though
Syphicc._. 1
Syphicc._. 1 - 5 dager siden
How has this already been out a year
ELIAS KK - 5 dager siden
Unknown Person
Unknown Person - 5 dager siden
They need to make a OnlyFans account, with videos without the censored words
Sliinkyy - 5 dager siden
the new ksi fight lol 58:31
Sliinkyy - 5 dager siden
the best teacher Acter i have seen
Ian Huang
Ian Huang - 5 dager siden
From right to left its basically set 1 to 8
Random 1355666677777
Random 1355666677777 - 5 dager siden
16:23 it sounds like Simon says the n word
I like Soccer
I like Soccer - 5 dager siden
stephen is so funny
Mattia Kacc
Mattia Kacc - 6 dager siden
Who else thinks steven should be apart of the sidmen
The Crimson King
The Crimson King - 6 dager siden
This is the best teacher ever!
The Atkins Family
The Atkins Family - 6 dager siden
I wonder what the magic spell was?
Owen asaurus
Owen asaurus - 6 dager siden
I’ve watched this 23 times, while going through all the ads and I think I have eye ligma. However, I’m not disappointed
Jack Hay
Jack Hay - 6 dager siden