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Runtime: 59:16


Don Esto
Don Esto - 30 minutter siden
I love how 2/3 presidents they said were both assassinated
Animal938 - 45 minutter siden
why do i want Phil as my teacher so much?
peyton thompson
peyton thompson - Time siden
2:07 ethan whispers something into the mic. never noticed this.
Thomas Foy
Thomas Foy - 2 timer siden
This is just a tradition to watch every so often
ccy - 4 timer siden
Connor chameleon
Connor chameleon - 6 timer siden
Bruh why can't my school have Phil for our teacher
EA Rh - 10 timer siden
I don’t think I’ve ever seen josh laugh as hard than he did in this video
Lily Baker
Lily Baker - 11 timer siden
At 16:24 u hear Simon repeat it I’m pretty sure it was Chinese n*^%a
Ilia samim
Ilia samim - 11 timer siden
FIGHT SCHOOL 🤣😂 (33:47)
Angad Chauhan
Angad Chauhan - 11 timer siden
6:08 im crying XD
Reem Al-khalidi
Reem Al-khalidi - 11 timer siden
I never knew teachers swear infront of students?! 😂
maria lena
maria lena - 16 timer siden
Phil : whats 3 x 7 x 8
KSI : 58
KSI : aight lets check ur monthly viewers thrn
Kennedy Burriss
Kennedy Burriss - 16 timer siden
I completely lost it at 30:20 🤣🤣 dude I canttttttt
XxPanda PlayzxX
XxPanda PlayzxX - 20 timer siden
omg sidemen hit 10M!!! last night they were on 9.99!!
Josephc765 Williams86**
Josephc765 Williams86** - 20 timer siden
i lost it when “jj” poured the water on the book to grow a tree😭😭
SliceOfFriedGold - 23 timer siden
4:30 anyone know the song?
Shivam Soni
Shivam Soni - Dag siden
Plot Twist:
JJ wasn't acting stupid.
liam ramlochan 3.2
liam ramlochan 3.2 - Dag siden
i still wonder till this day what harry said
cereal killer
cereal killer - Dag siden
They should do a Hell’s Kitchen, with Phil as Gordon Ramsay
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox - Dag siden
10:27 I thought babatunde’s ankles were broken
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox - Dag siden
Petition for sidemen to show us what Harry’s favourite magic spell is
Axio - Dag siden
Moe Lester
Moe Lester - Dag siden
What could Harry have said that was so bad even the sidemen had to blur it
Michael Ford
Michael Ford - Dag siden
45:58 JJ’s smile melted my heart
Armaanveer Singh Sidhu
*harry’s plane comes back to him*
Everyone: how did he do that
Me: that is why he is called Harry Potter by Phil cause he can use wingardium leviosaa
Hermione: it’s not....
Me: I am sorry plz forgive no plz I really....noooo..
MDSHARIF Ullah - Dag siden
2020 Anyone??
AJ Rules
AJ Rules - Dag siden
Light Panda
Light Panda - Dag siden
I watched this 1 year ago I was rlly early and I miss it😔
yunix gaming
yunix gaming - Dag siden
Why is this not my teacher
Isa Hafeez
Isa Hafeez - Dag siden
That’s Ethan abuse
grimy 383
grimy 383 - Dag siden
Micro Light
Micro Light - 2 dager siden
Harry should make an onlyfans and just put all the censored jokes he made in sidemen videos uncensored
Nathan Gurney
Nathan Gurney - Dag siden
Meer Patel
Meer Patel - 2 dager siden
I turned my volume up and Tobi coughed in my ear bc I have me AirPods in
herman 007bond
herman 007bond - 2 dager siden
I bet Harry's magic spell is n word why tobi got out of the room like he did in the spelling bee one when jj told vik to say the n word and jj was laughing and he said on one of his vid he doesn't mind soo much the small n word nibba and they blurred it so he doesn't get cancelled and plz don't cancel him for this it's just a theory
Kishen2105 - 2 dager siden
12:49 Pussyo
mansi parikh
mansi parikh - 2 dager siden
Please reveal Harry’s magic spell on 10mil
Red Spirit
Red Spirit - 2 dager siden
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar - 2 dager siden
What did Harry say??
ZARAR SHAH - 2 dager siden
16:10 bruh srsly yd u snsr it
MASHUP LIFE - 2 dager siden

JJ:I dOnT kNoW hOw To ReAd
Uno Dos
Uno Dos - 2 dager siden
Adrianlit - 2 dager siden
I haven't laughed so hard forever
Aiden Doherty
Aiden Doherty - 2 dager siden
Anyone still here just wanting to know what Harry said??
Scott Henderson
Scott Henderson - 2 dager siden
Yo, Phil reminds me of Gordon Ramsey because of the amount of times he says F#$K 🤬🤬🤬
Andrea Simpson
Andrea Simpson - 2 dager siden
i lost it when “jj” poured the water on the book to grow a tree😭😭
YoItsVenom - 2 dager siden
can someone please tell me what harry said for his favorite spell I honestly have no idea
kriptic - 3 dager siden
What tf just happen at 20:10
lazy bum
lazy bum - 3 dager siden
So harry either said"ka chigga ma n***" or "chinese n**** "
Yousif Ahmed
Yousif Ahmed - 3 dager siden
This is the 10th I've watch this video and i still don't know what harry said.
I'm dying to know what he said!!!!
Lauren - 3 dager siden
Is anyone else REALLY curious about what Harry said for the magic spell ????
Visions Music
Visions Music - 2 dager siden
He said 'Beeeeeeeeeeeep'
FROSTY _CM - 3 dager siden
15:07 🤣
bro bruh
bro bruh - 3 dager siden
tobi looking good with that hair
bro bruh
bro bruh - 3 dager siden
sorry but phil is so unfunny bruh
Maya Gatford
Maya Gatford - 3 dager siden
Lmao Baba Tunde is rocking the class with his big brain.
EM pick
EM pick - 3 dager siden
why am i actually terrified of phil
Queen A
Queen A - 3 dager siden
darn I subscribed but after he talk sh*t bout america I unsubed
Sanath Kadalayil
Sanath Kadalayil - 2 dager siden
Zale Homer
Zale Homer - 4 dager siden
KULDEEP JOSHI - 4 dager siden
In Summer: can I have some wathhh
Hooch1sock Studio’s
Hooch1sock Studio’s - 4 dager siden
Steven is so underrated, he’s such a funny dude lmao
vlogs by chelsea xx
vlogs by chelsea xx - 4 dager siden
I really wanna know what Harry said on the Harry Potter one 😭
Lан¡и Нытье
Lан¡и Нытье - 2 dager siden
Fetus deletus
Young Devil
Young Devil - 4 dager siden
Who wants to start a support group for babatúnde and his African family
Nolan K
Nolan K - 4 dager siden
Young Devil Yea, that would be so awesome!!!
Tosin Oparinde
Tosin Oparinde - 4 dager siden
Phill That so funny 😂😂
Kid Stephen curry
Kid Stephen curry - 4 dager siden
All 8 of them in a actual class
Rupa Eva
Rupa Eva - 4 dager siden
20:10 that trickshot still gasses me up to this day and the reaction is never old
May Awabdy
May Awabdy - 4 dager siden
I always rewatch these vids cuz they too funny
Astroid_Games - 4 dager siden
i think harry said deletus that feotus or something like that :D
Colton Groombridge
Colton Groombridge - 4 dager siden
Harry: **********
Daniel Appleby
Daniel Appleby - 5 dager siden
this was so funny
Blue falcon
Blue falcon - 5 dager siden
55:21 ethans gravity experience
Dj upacu
Dj upacu - 5 dager siden
why is this more educational than online school (or real school)
Heather stemp
Heather stemp - 5 dager siden
I hate how Phil swears so goddamn much!
Like there’s trying to be funny and then him
Heather stemp
Heather stemp - 5 dager siden
We need more of this
Amelia Shah
Amelia Shah - 5 dager siden
The sidemen need to create a video with a compilation of all the censored words they've said.
Axel von Elern
Axel von Elern - 5 dager siden
16:10 Harry's favorite magic spell.
Kim The Phuong
Kim The Phuong - 5 dager siden
Harry, the only sidemen capeble of making Phil, Babatunde, and Stephen break character at the same time.
JCT - 5 dager siden
get out of here with the copied comment
Tyler 324
Tyler 324 - 5 dager siden
Phil is such a legend
Amera Muthana
Amera Muthana - 6 dager siden
Harry said hei gui I’m pretty sure which is Chinese for the n word
Syed Murtaza
Syed Murtaza - 6 dager siden
Ksi mad funny
Rhianna Jarmy
Rhianna Jarmy - 6 dager siden
Does anyone else think Phil is oddly attractive 😅
AmDanishboy - 6 dager siden
3:20 free my man
Hryday Dochania
Hryday Dochania - 6 dager siden
16.07, its been a year and we r still waiting
Liam Nixon
Liam Nixon - 6 dager siden
Liam Nixon
Liam Nixon - 6 dager siden
Josefina Viinikka
Josefina Viinikka - 6 dager siden
Is no one going to mention how attractive Phil is
Evan Florance
Evan Florance - 6 dager siden
Harry looks like he’s actually still in school in this 😂😂
MrSpud900 - 6 dager siden
Lee Penney
Lee Penney - 6 dager siden
Best part of school 16:07
Dogged_yt ugah
Dogged_yt ugah - 6 dager siden
what did harry say that was sencored
Robert Zheng
Robert Zheng - 6 dager siden
Harry should make an onlyfans and just put all the censored jokes he made in sidemen videos uncensored
Elissa Key
Elissa Key - 6 dager siden
Pls keep on doing these vids!!!!!
Milan Dragic 333
Milan Dragic 333 - 6 dager siden
i laughed so much that my jaw broke
Lillie - 6 dager siden
Still to this day I love this video
Sean Stokes
Sean Stokes - 6 dager siden
Josh finely made out of school after 8 year's
Abdur Rehman
Abdur Rehman - 7 dager siden
prime content 🤣
nicholas - 7 dager siden
the guy said allah akhbar
Adam. - 7 dager siden
Phil's limerick was absolutely beautiful, moves me everytime
ITZ Bryan
ITZ Bryan - 7 dager siden
36:50 not enough for Africa
Timmy Gamer
Timmy Gamer - 7 dager siden
Lisa Donovan
Lisa Donovan - 7 dager siden
JJ playing a character so he can hide from the fact he knows none of the answers
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - 7 dager siden
16:10...your welcome