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The Sidemen take on Giant Inflatable Challenges in cold wet conditions, losers get forfeits!!!
Thanks to BJ's Bouncy Castles:
Sidemen Clothing:
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Runtime: 24:52


Tanya iqbal
Tanya iqbal - Dag siden
22:04 viks laugh is so unrated
Erica Lynn
Erica Lynn - 2 dager siden
Jjs like I make to much I have way to much money to be here and doing this I like me roley chair at me home
liam crutch
liam crutch - 4 dager siden
4:23 sabotaaaaaage im crying
vSnagzz - 5 dager siden
Who’s here from 2020?
Amy Anthony-harpham
Amy Anthony-harpham - 6 dager siden
Ralph Martin
Ralph Martin - 6 dager siden
Harry is so damn funny 4:39
We're on in the same team😂😂
K.O - 6 dager siden
JJ in the thumbnail dolphin diving like if it’s Bo1
Henry Gilbert
Henry Gilbert - 8 dager siden
at the start why does jj have both hands down his pants
Wick Ehh
Wick Ehh - 9 dager siden
Who else is watching this again because of quarantine 😂
Eli Kamanja
Eli Kamanja - 10 dager siden
16:57 why tf is Ethan curling a dumbbell
James Morris
James Morris - 10 dager siden
those neck slaps were weak as, where was the slap?
Piero Skei
Piero Skei - 12 dager siden
9:07 was that JJ or the background theme song🧐
Piero Skei
Piero Skei - 12 dager siden
4:17 perfect spiral💀💀
Bryan Bedolla
Bryan Bedolla - 12 dager siden
CoZeX - 13 dager siden
Harry on drugs
Ryan Neal
Ryan Neal - 14 dager siden
Song at 0:01
Lanz - 18 dager siden
It's actually a bad idea watching this while eating fuckin' hell I almost choked on my food because of laughing 💀
e u a n- -c a m e r o n
e u a n- -c a m e r o n - 18 dager siden
4:17 2 disasters about to happen - harry tackles vikk & ethans smashes his neck off of the corner
TheAbyssal One
TheAbyssal One - 20 dager siden
Harry gave Tobi an RKO at the ball challenge LOL
Ayshia Rafiq
Ayshia Rafiq - 20 dager siden
Everyone except tobi on top of each other :
Tobi : “MY LEG!” 😂

5:15 btw
Faye B
Faye B - 20 dager siden
12:22 Harry’s yawn 😂
Maciek T
Maciek T - 22 dager siden
Underrated video
M J - 23 dager siden
Lmao. JJs's energy in this video is UNREAL 🤣
Carly Duffy
Carly Duffy - 27 dager siden
I respect Josh and vik for having socks on
Luke Basco
Luke Basco - 28 dager siden
they probably have brain damage from now on
Martin Norén
Martin Norén - 29 dager siden
I see a dog at 7:29
Natalia Sanchez
Natalia Sanchez - 29 dager siden
3:49 strangely reminds me of sponge bob 😂
Wardy - Måned siden
starts at 10:10?
Wardy - Måned siden
whats the trap song called?
Ayman Naaman
Ayman Naaman - Måned siden
Simon do be getting jealous over Harry licking JJs feet 🦶 😋
Seb Kelly
Seb Kelly - Måned siden
Ethan took it like a champ
Nick Patnaude
Nick Patnaude - Måned siden
Josh looked scared when Tobi hit his stomach 🤣
Isaac Chua
Isaac Chua - Måned siden
4:38 'Harry! We're on the same team.' LMFAOOOOO
Madeleine Jefferis
Madeleine Jefferis - Måned siden
Anyone else see that JJ was warming his hands up in his shorts at the beginning
Vanaysha Ghedia
Vanaysha Ghedia - Måned siden
0:14 dying 😂😂
BigOle CockaDoodle
BigOle CockaDoodle - Måned siden
Tobi with the wish pants drip
liv - Måned siden
what did simon say at 17:49
Ally A.
Ally A. - Måned siden
Watching Harry wax Ethan as a girl and seeing the lack of regard for proper technique is torturous 😭
KAS - Måned siden
Oh no! Toby as well? :(
Perts Akakai
Perts Akakai - Måned siden
Who else is back here in lockdown depressed because it isn’t annual this year :((
X- ReaperMain-X
X- ReaperMain-X - Måned siden
Jay Williams
Jay Williams - Måned siden
When they shout “not on the carpet” to Toby got me for some reason
Max - Måned siden
Just a reminder: they earn hella money doing this
I love food Okay
I love food Okay - Måned siden
Also Ethan: Breaks neck
SLIMY XD - Måned siden
1:53 JJ acting 10/10
ooga booga
ooga booga - Måned siden
Fiifi Whyte
Fiifi Whyte - Måned siden
Funny dress Harry.
the danger red criminal
the danger red criminal - Måned siden
I'am sad now whene ay se the sidemen i'am very happy
Chloe O'Brien
Chloe O'Brien - Måned siden
I love how everyone was trying so hard to make it to the pit but Jj was just walking up with no effort and taking them
9 LIL2PLAMEMEZ - Måned siden
I bought the merch
DNøTS - Måned siden
wtf was the first round😂
Samuel Orji
Samuel Orji - Måned siden
Not gonna lie, harry actually looks cool with a dress on.😂
Her Life on Earth
Her Life on Earth - Måned siden
4:17 😂
lightskin gumball
lightskin gumball - Måned siden
0:08 no one gonna notice it?
MD Hussain
MD Hussain - Måned siden
21:39 just look at Vik’s face
Adilene Gonzalez-Silva
Adilene Gonzalez-Silva - Måned siden
23:37 JJ be looking like the guy from starwars
mikolaj matusik
mikolaj matusik - Måned siden
Sidemen play cards against humanity
Xx_Vasquez751_xX - Måned siden
Jj’s face at the beginning lol
MidnightGachaWolf - Måned siden
17:15 did the camera srsly have to follow Tobi? I don't think that was necessary
shade all day
shade all day - Måned siden
8:25 jj wtf kind of scissors is that 😂😂