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The Sidemen split into two teams to see who can cook the BEST Christmas dinner, which team do you think will win? #SidemenSunday
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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Henrik Ceron
Henrik Ceron - 4 timer siden
The teams were basically even because jj didn’t do much
K.Avenjar - 12 timer siden
Manjeet Painuly
Manjeet Painuly - 19 timer siden
Is it just me or does the purple apron that JJ's team are wearing change from purple to blue.
katley murris
katley murris - Dag siden
Drunk JJ is the cutest thing ngl
5noman5 - Dag siden
They were gonna kiss for sec at the end
imABoomer :3
imABoomer :3 - Dag siden
This is like the british version of Master Chef😂
Barry The Bee
Barry The Bee - Dag siden
How can Harry be so afraid of knives
Mishari Zahrani
Mishari Zahrani - Dag siden
What did Jj do?
FishyClapz 44
FishyClapz 44 - Dag siden
Ethan I think u are correct
Random Guy
Random Guy - Dag siden
Rid - 2 dager siden
Did anyone realise that Harry Toby and Ethan we’re together again
Wild _Moon gacha
Wild _Moon gacha - 2 dager siden
Btw if your eyes hurt from the Onions just put your hands in water and wash them
Max pow09
Max pow09 - 2 dager siden
Jj just doesn't do anything for then he just being greedy
Lilly Bird
Lilly Bird - 2 dager siden
whos watching this in quarantine trying to get first comment then realising it was 7 months ago🤣😂
Ana - 2 dager siden
20:05 "what if Oranges had feelings?"
2wavvey - 2 dager siden
Is it me or ksi's teams approns change colour
Ksimon whore
Ksimon whore - 3 dager siden
9:18 35:34
Skye’s vlogs
Skye’s vlogs - 3 dager siden
When jj was drunk and he said I want that bird fam hahah
Nικόλαs Κιφνίδης
This video is just jj being jj 😂😂
PotatoMan 101
PotatoMan 101 - 3 dager siden
Simon and JJ have the cutest friendship protect them at all costs lol
PotatoMan 101
PotatoMan 101 - 3 dager siden
28:06 Josh turns the light off with his dance move then turns it on again by shutting the oven door
Yazin Kahook
Yazin Kahook - 4 dager siden
KSI that one guy that doesnt do anything in group projects
crying in a cool way
crying in a cool way - 4 dager siden
These are the same teams as the sidemen bake off but this time JJ decided to show up.
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I love it when JJ is Drunk
Andrew Seep
Andrew Seep - 4 dager siden
Anyone realized how the team from the last cook off is the same
Katyjane X
Katyjane X - 4 dager siden
Am I the only one that notices there aprons and hats changing from purple to blue
Harry Jakob
Harry Jakob - 5 dager siden
I just realized that the teams are the same from the last sdmn bake off
Bree Patel
Bree Patel - 5 dager siden
low key this video fireeeeeeeee
Y - 5 dager siden
All simon had to say was we hav another person but he said no u picked the teams
MrSn1per04 - 5 dager siden
Big up to every mum that can do this all by themselves without help
Peanut Plays
Peanut Plays - 5 dager siden
they were the same teams as the sidemen bake off, jut Sir Theodore lll is on Team 69
Dr.Potato - 5 dager siden
What’s funnier a drunk ksi or a confused harry
Dylan Hasson
Dylan Hasson - 5 dager siden
JJ said I AM THE CAPTAIN NOW! then got water dribbled on him and he shouts im drowning😂 lol love the sidemen
I like Soccer
I like Soccer - 5 dager siden
jj drunk is so funny
Vectuz - 5 dager siden
Just if gordon Ramsay was here, I would watch the video everyday non stop.

I'm late I know
Edit: So there's another comment saying that I know, So don't go to the comments and say "copied" Or something.
Charles Morgan
Charles Morgan - 5 dager siden
Vectuz no one is gonna see this comment but u still copied
Anowar Mahmud
Anowar Mahmud - 6 dager siden
bruh they rlly made it sound like blue team was winning when they were judging
vikkstar 123
vikkstar 123 - 6 dager siden
The whole video Simon does everything that JJ does
Dante Casarin
Dante Casarin - 6 dager siden
22:26 easily the greatest part when josh catches JJ trying to copy the chef 😂😂😂
Poker Pigeon
Poker Pigeon - 6 dager siden
no more ksimon after the beginning we should make JJrino memes
Justin Eckel
Justin Eckel - 6 dager siden
as a guy that cooks for the family, this is funny and painful. specially the cranberry sauce ; ;
Cjyboy03 - 6 dager siden
Should do a cooking contest in 2020 Simon, JJ. Vikk tobi, Josh, Harry. Ethan judge since he’s eaten the most lol
Toxic Skits
Toxic Skits - 6 dager siden
Can we not hide the fact that jj cheated in rock paper sicscors and still lost
genevieve sons
genevieve sons - 7 dager siden
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It is fascinating on all devices! axx

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Larry Baker
Larry Baker - 7 dager siden
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Ben Ahmaogak
Ben Ahmaogak - 7 dager siden
KSI making me laugh too much lmao
mr catbiscuits
mr catbiscuits - 7 dager siden
I was the first ever person who had coronavirus on record in Britain and I survived
Eroziion - 6 dager siden
mr catbiscuits
mr catbiscuits - 6 dager siden
Shannon Jones,ur name is SHANNON fk off u neek
Ben G
Ben G - 6 dager siden
Pretty epic
Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones - 7 dager siden
nobody asked and that happened
Lucas Peres
Lucas Peres - 7 dager siden
Roi - 7 dager siden
harry toby and ethan is the best possible team that could be
Ekrem Tulu
Ekrem Tulu - 8 dager siden
Everytime harry shakes a food it falls out its container
Leo Smithy
Leo Smithy - 8 dager siden
Ksi gettin aired 😂😂😂😂😂
futmunch - 9 dager siden
How did red team win that’s a shambles these people don’t know how to taste food lol I genuinely thought blue would win
GCMS WRESTLING - 9 dager siden
Wheres $ir theodor the third
IamEtswa 291
IamEtswa 291 - 9 dager siden
This is actually a great video
Akiwwi - 9 dager siden
52:15 ethan gets called out saying that is why harry is the head chief LMFAO
Mark Haniff
Mark Haniff - 10 dager siden
so no one else saw how jj pushed vik 18:46
Damien Rajasoni
Damien Rajasoni - 10 dager siden
Is it blue team or purple team
Alstar gr8
Alstar gr8 - 10 dager siden
Can I just say the teams got the same people in each team
Christopher Phillips
Christopher Phillips - 10 dager siden
why's there an echo effect 55:09
Oscar - 11 dager siden
Harry’s on the spectrum
Annie Dunphy
Annie Dunphy - 11 dager siden
Thought jjs jumper said gorilla
Brandon Giron
Brandon Giron - 11 dager siden
What shoes does simon have on? 44:39