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The Sidemen take on the challenge of burning 10,000 calories in just 24 hours. Who can burn the most? #SidemenSunday
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Thank you to TeamSport Tower Bridge for letting us film.

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Runtime: 52:22


3am Vibes
3am Vibes - Minutt siden
15:10 sounds like a movie ngl
Islam Islam
Islam Islam - 9 timer siden
The reason Tobi was last was because he is the fittest and his heart doesn't need to work as hard
Ora Andrews
Ora Andrews - 20 timer siden
Tobi looking for the comments about the stairs he climbed like: 👁👁
Brien Riley
Brien Riley - 20 timer siden
Underrated friendships:
Vikk and JJ
Simon and Josh
Tobi and Ethan
Harry and bed
Gabriel Dover
Gabriel Dover - Dag siden
It's funny they were at vikks place and vikk was sitting on the floor that's a true friend
carla escamilla
carla escamilla - Dag siden
The determination Ethan shows is insane. Mad respect for the guy.
Russell Green
Russell Green - 2 dager siden
All jokes aside, I seriously respect Ethan’s grind and mentality to lose weight in such a short time. Keep it up big man.
Ninad Khaladkar
Ninad Khaladkar - 2 dager siden
Tom felton
Ladies and gentlemen we got em
FifaN HD
FifaN HD - 2 dager siden
Salt makes u cramp......
Zack Walton
Zack Walton - 3 dager siden
What are the fit bits they are using here? I’m looking to purchase one for my fitness tracking. Thanks to anyone who knows.
Farmboy _md
Farmboy _md - Dag siden
they’re just apple watches i think, i have a fitbit Inspire HP, i like it it was pretty cheap though
Toby Hardy
Toby Hardy - 4 dager siden
Hi Tobi my name is also tobi
Jasper Low
Jasper Low - 5 dager siden
Josh's idea: Gonna tell them there's a forfeit, so they work harder.
Harry's Response: Imma give up early
Misses Potts
Misses Potts - 6 dager siden
Absolutely mad respect for Ethan doing that is hard enough let alone the fact he’s sick
Manchester City Stinks
Manchester City Stinks - 6 dager siden
Ethan: did I mention I’m ill?
Anthony Bjo
Anthony Bjo - 6 dager siden
Ethan’s goal was outside the box
fred andy
fred andy - 7 dager siden
In every calorie challenge:
Josh- I have done this before
Ethan- I don't feel so good
Vikk- Sorry boys, I slept till noon
Tobi- Who's idea was this
Simon- quiet energetic
JJ- quiet sleepy
Harry- doing harry stuff
Joe Jones
Joe Jones - 7 dager siden
anyone notice Harry smacks his hand off the draws but acts like nout happened 😂
Luke dagamer
Luke dagamer - 8 dager siden
JJ is suposed to be 3rd place
yes sir
yes sir - 8 dager siden
As a American its really confusing when they say football and then go play soccer
YMR8 - 9 dager siden
2:50 (on caption) 😳
Venix_OG __
Venix_OG __ - 9 dager siden
Best video I've seen on YouTube
Riley Pillay
Riley Pillay - 9 dager siden
Vik not cool wat u did to harry
josh lawther
josh lawther - 10 dager siden
5:33 what song is that?
Mark Lawther
Mark Lawther - 10 dager siden
5:32 what song is that?
Bolt Emerald
Bolt Emerald - 10 dager siden
5:32 what song is that?
lucy r
lucy r - 10 dager siden
on the screen ? ava max
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin - 10 dager siden
Ethan: researches the best exercises for calorie loss and dukes it out at the gym
Harry: I have really intense dreams
Joel Hamill
Joel Hamill - 11 dager siden
What fitness watch where they using
mega man
mega man - 11 dager siden
this is how many steps tobi took
Cross Scipter
Cross Scipter - 12 dager siden
19:11 I love how they film near a homeless man
Neonoob - 12 dager siden
Tobi shouldve just sent a before and after picture to the bois and The before and after images are
Before: normal tobi
After: skeleton
rayyan - 12 dager siden
A good vid for our fat neek
Cubetuber - 12 dager siden
babatunde should complete this challenge
Nida Margarette
Nida Margarette - 12 dager siden
30:35 JJ: “The guy came 20 minutes late, and still didn’t arrive” 🤨🤨🤨
jonki leshi
jonki leshi - 13 dager siden
Can we just appreciate how nice jj was being to vik at the end
eycxc khane
eycxc khane - 13 dager siden
Ethan: researches the best exercises for calorie loss and dukes it out at the gym
Harry: I have really intense dreams
Jamie Egal
Jamie Egal - 13 dager siden
Like, for Ethan
Jãnis Graudins
Jãnis Graudins - 13 dager siden
Does vik understand that they have different bodys and different pulses, thats why Harry’s is showing more
Ash You ain’t getting my last name
It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise that they were all burning 10000 calories that would ADD UP to 70000 and not burning 70000 themselves...

God I’m stupid
issa mirza
issa mirza - 14 dager siden
tobi is almost a bone so if he tries to do it he will be 0 calories
Liam Yarlett
Liam Yarlett - 14 dager siden
Anykne else noticed from 1:33 to 1:40 harrys bed changed from brown to white
Kyle Booth
Kyle Booth - 14 dager siden
We all no simon went out of ksi's bedroom to make it look like they weren't sleeping together
Astro fizzy
Astro fizzy - 14 dager siden
help me reach 500 sus by christmas if not have a good day
Jord Pluimes
Jord Pluimes - 14 dager siden
Be comitted broo
Jord Pluimes
Jord Pluimes - 14 dager siden
The idian guy is so stupid with calorie challegnges
Lil Gamer
Lil Gamer - 14 dager siden
Can we all appreciate the dedication of ethan to this challenge 💯
Herbie Shorter
Herbie Shorter - 15 dager siden
8:58 me seeing a girl with cat ears on
Herbie Shorter
Herbie Shorter - 15 dager siden
Ethan: I e been coughing up green goo for ages

Nice, the doctors have been alerted
Ben Ward
Ben Ward - 15 dager siden
Josh is a baby with a beard
Jack Parker
Jack Parker - 15 dager siden
I love how both of simons goals were offside
Ismxllz - 15 dager siden
I swear it says 70,0000 in the thumbnail
Geralt Of Rivia
Geralt Of Rivia - 15 dager siden
there are 7 people in the sidemen, if they all get 10k, it will be 70k
Ferzl - 16 dager siden
Did Simons treadmill say he ran 16km in 30min?
praise - 14 dager siden
He biked
Queence Wong
Queence Wong - 16 dager siden
tobi is almost a bone so if he tries to do it he will be 0 calories
schultz wolvertonka
schultz wolvertonka - 16 dager siden
Harry acting like him hitting his wrist on the drawer didn't hurt. lol.
emonteithh - 17 dager siden
20:44 for my own purposes
ESV Zyxh
ESV Zyxh - 17 dager siden
What watch are they using
Ultra Swagger420
Ultra Swagger420 - 17 dager siden
so since when is 6482 lower than 6447? 50:43 btw
Tiffany Macdonald
Tiffany Macdonald - 17 dager siden
ITS SOCCER!!!! well in australia it is lolz
Mo Zaman
Mo Zaman - 17 dager siden
tobi's lips is giving me anxiety.
dank_ bitch
dank_ bitch - 18 dager siden
I forgot that they call football soccer ⚽️ lmao
Abdalla - 18 dager siden
Angel Maria
Angel Maria - 18 dager siden
Idk if I realised but Ethan has no f***ing eyebrows no hate tho
The Big Seez
The Big Seez - 18 dager siden
Who still watching
MY dorito
MY dorito - 18 dager siden
Your wasting your time trying to find a comment that says"how many likes this comment gets it’s how many steps tobi walked up”
esq - 19 dager siden
44:35 tobi got a white and black unibrow no troll
Hana Howey
Hana Howey - 19 dager siden
the amount of likes is how many steps Tobi climbed
Ebony Stephenson
Ebony Stephenson - 19 dager siden
They really need to do one of them football games for charity again they are amazing 🤩 x
akmal mohammed
akmal mohammed - 19 dager siden
What is the model of the Fitbit does anyone know
akmal mohammed
akmal mohammed - 18 dager siden
@Big Boy Satire na it says Fitbit on ethans watch but I wanna know so I can get the same
Big Boy Satire
Big Boy Satire - 18 dager siden
I think it's an Apple watch but idk the model :/
Levi - 19 dager siden
1:56 Harry looks srsly like a sniffer
Prosper Playz
Prosper Playz - 20 dager siden
*sighs* puts bucket of KFC aside
chicken noodle soup yapo
chicken noodle soup yapo - 20 dager siden
if only this was possible to do every day
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar - 20 dager siden
Does anyone know what fitbit they have
Itzrobles Luxs
Itzrobles Luxs - 20 dager siden
It honestly makes me smile to see how far they have come 😌
Paul Holban
Paul Holban - 20 dager siden
I have watched this twice in one year
landon long
landon long - 20 dager siden
On 19:11 is that a homeless man behind Simon
Yes And yes
Yes And yes - 20 dager siden
JJ should try this one again still love him
Your_boy_Ad Hernandez
Your_boy_Ad Hernandez - 20 dager siden
37:49 ?
Gamer 321
Gamer 321 - 21 dag siden
Callux leg really said:🦍
Shorba14 - 21 dag siden
19:10 poor homeless guy in the back. i hope they gave him something :(
PxL_Mythic - 21 dag siden
JJ was aiming for calluxs foot I can tell
Gurpreet Deogan
Gurpreet Deogan - 21 dag siden
Lets be real watch wont last that long
JPayne2K - 21 dag siden
Can we talk about at 50:41 the scoreboard said vikk was above jj but jj burned more calories
Nico_ Zoldyck
Nico_ Zoldyck - 21 dag siden
did anyone else suddenly want to exercise after watching this video?
Hell trxiiy :
Hell trxiiy : - 21 dag siden
Who thinks sidemen and 2hype would be one of the best collabs
eee er kai
eee er kai - 21 dag siden
Who else is looking for a comment saying this is how many stairs tobi climbed———————>
mrtvc mrtvc
mrtvc mrtvc - 22 dager siden
How did Simon run 16k in 30min?
Shriyams.S - 22 dager siden
What is the names of the songs used
Brain Finley
Brain Finley - 22 dager siden
There all wearing black t shirts
Silas nadir
Silas nadir - 22 dager siden
When u realise u run 7 minutes faster that Ksi, off a tredmill.
Mikhail Fernandez
Mikhail Fernandez - 22 dager siden
Is no-one going to talk about how the title says "70000 calories" instead of 10000 calories
Mikhail Fernandez
Mikhail Fernandez - 22 dager siden
@Aubrey Underwoodd Ohhhh ok I get it now
Aubrey Underwoodd
Aubrey Underwoodd - 22 dager siden
well no they all need to lose 10,000 calories each so in total 70k
GamechangerMMA - 22 dager siden
What fitbit were they using?
NE 1
NE 1 - 23 dager siden
Ngl I wanna see Josh get knocked out he act pisses me off so much
Angie Scott
Angie Scott - 23 dager siden
30:35 JJ: “The guy came 20 minutes late, and still didn’t arrive” 🤨🤨🤨
Fythicx - 21 dag siden
stolen comment.
Bray Reid
Bray Reid - 23 dager siden
Where do I get those fit bits at?
logie bogi
logie bogi - 23 dager siden
18:00 JJs forehead reveal😮
Vic Olanrewaju
Vic Olanrewaju - 23 dager siden
When he was climbing I thought it was a drone shot
Zaidh Siraj
Zaidh Siraj - 23 dager siden
It's a tradition to watch this
Monique Britos
Monique Britos - 23 dager siden
harry is a whole mood in this video
Jordan - 23 dager siden
No one:
Belle delphine: 8:58
Jerry Big
Jerry Big - 23 dager siden
Is Ethan ill ?
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman - 23 dager siden
Ethan didn’t even apologise to Harry for forgetting to buy him any presents🥺😠