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Recorded at studio Three, London with thanks to @ThreeUK
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Runtime: 34:16


Troy Kleppe
Troy Kleppe - 33 sekunder siden
0:58 vik: i would be will smith cause he always looks like hes having fun.
Well lads this didnt age well did it?
max_im_w_yt - 4 timer siden
Harry is the grea2thing that's ever happened to this planet
TheNextStep - 11 timer siden
Who would have thought vik can get dates
Ty Moore
Ty Moore - 16 timer siden
No no no it’s not like that. It was with my uncle. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dangelo17 Diaz
Dangelo17 Diaz - 21 time siden
I bet vik dont wanna be will Smith anymore
Adeeb Damrah
Adeeb Damrah - 22 timer siden
the will Smith joke isnt rlly funny rn is it
Jonthebeast - Dag siden
Yet did Vic know in 2020
Marcello Berry
Marcello Berry - Dag siden
Funny Ethan moments content
Ya boi Deanhooo
Ya boi Deanhooo - Dag siden
That second question is gonna hit different in a year and 4 months
Daniel Fesseha
Daniel Fesseha - Dag siden
Stamp museum josh dates most be the deadest dates ever
Jana Kristanc
Jana Kristanc - Dag siden
Tobi: Mine Is Called "ROBLOX"
Me: He Plays Roblox?
Manideep Ch
Manideep Ch - 2 dager siden
16:25viks face :(
Dawgy. Fn
Dawgy. Fn - 2 dager siden
The first girl took out the top line first
Botshelo Kodisang
Botshelo Kodisang - 2 dager siden
uhm... robert is dead harry🌚
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway - 3 dager siden
I just realised that sophie from liverpool doesn't sound like a scouser
LibertyWalk 17
LibertyWalk 17 - 3 dager siden
That Vik guy should be eliminated first round, and Harry should have immunity. Nothing against the lad, just not funny at all.
Master Gamer 375
Master Gamer 375 - 3 dager siden
22:45, when jj tried to whisper so nobody else heard made it so much funnier
o l i v i a
o l i v i a - 3 dager siden
i love how tobi talked about his mum, he’s so adorable and the way he said aw🥺
Judah Hannigan
Judah Hannigan - 3 dager siden
33:25 watch simons eyes. Moving mad for Tobi
onewheel__riley - 3 dager siden
the first woman wouldn't get rid of jj at all she really wanted him lol
Abdullah Hassan
Abdullah Hassan - 3 dager siden
At 20:28
It would have been jokes if Ethan said "I Do"
Jamie Burke
Jamie Burke - 4 dager siden
Is that the girl from jj’s strip FIFA😂😂OGs would know
Jason Maher
Jason Maher - 4 dager siden
3:55 I never seen a man look more awkward talking to a woman
Mozzer Magic
Mozzer Magic - 4 dager siden
Vikk: "I'd be Will Smith cos he's always having fun"

That aged well
Sameeh - 15 timer siden
mr kiwiz
mr kiwiz - 5 dager siden
It's sad that harry always gets eliminated from the beginning
prionokordelios - 6 dager siden
I think no2 is a gold digger
Nem? - 6 dager siden
the way jj got a hamster and named it morpheus
Cheer_ Bro
Cheer_ Bro - 6 dager siden
Harry just feeding into the Harry/JJ ship out there LOL
Yes Please
Yes Please - 7 dager siden
Ella is hella cute
Dreaded Volt
Dreaded Volt - 7 dager siden
0:58 didnt age well did it vik
xafire chan
xafire chan - 7 dager siden
24:50 so that's why jj always wear a bandana
Nadim Zatakovoy R
Nadim Zatakovoy R - 7 dager siden
Harry saying (Syria) for his dream vocation got me dead 💀
Roman Empire guy
Roman Empire guy - 7 dager siden
Harry’s the Best sidemen END OF STORY
Ali Kindeel
Ali Kindeel - 7 dager siden
Ella’s voice is very captivating, I keep coming back to listen to her talking
Dabid Juarez
Dabid Juarez - 8 dager siden
24:58 she said 👁👄👁
IInvaded - 8 dager siden
It's JD
It's JD - 8 dager siden
Vikk's first answer hits different now
Labyrinth 333
Labyrinth 333 - 8 dager siden
If I were Simon when he said that his animal is horse my reason would be “because I let certain people ride me”
Jonothan Hills
Jonothan Hills - 8 dager siden
Just rewatching out of pure boredom, hindsight really is a thing cause I’m sure Vik no longer would like to be Will Smith
G_G Nickel
G_G Nickel - 9 dager siden
Now vik saying he wanted to be will just hurts
Geoff Gerber
Geoff Gerber - 9 dager siden
isak 0711
isak 0711 - 9 dager siden
dona - 10 dager siden
Harry is a living meme i swear to god😂😂
waqar riaz
waqar riaz - 11 dager siden
Idk who knows this... but Syria was a beautiful place once..
LUNAHC - 11 dager siden
everyone talkin about will smith line from vik lmao
no_ simps
no_ simps - 12 dager siden
dumbass mufasa did die
Ulises Suarez
Ulises Suarez - 12 dager siden
Vik. Times have changed 0:57 he is no longer having fun
Rafferty Gleeson
Rafferty Gleeson - 12 dager siden
Rewatching June 2020 vik saying will smith feels bad man
Batt0usai377 - 13 dager siden
0:56 well that didn't age well
ΔᴄѳʀєɴΔ - 12 dager siden
I don't get it. Pls explain to me
Clinci Antonela
Clinci Antonela - 13 dager siden
The second girl looks like a very young grandma
Olunna Nwanevu
Olunna Nwanevu - 13 dager siden
Zyven Peta
Zyven Peta - 13 dager siden
Vic: I would be will Smith cause he always happy and having fun
Will Smith: august
akaKakashii - 14 dager siden
23:31 i just died of laughter there💀
Not The Real Gamer
Not The Real Gamer - 14 dager siden
wow this was released 1 year ago 😔
Santi Hlado
Santi Hlado - 14 dager siden
When Ethan said I just like to give, Simon finna ends his whole career by saying he also wants to be a small spoon. Underrated
Au barrabarra
Au barrabarra - 14 dager siden
Ethan and the fat girl are perfect together not gonna say why
yasmeen rose
yasmeen rose - 14 dager siden
16:25 that was so deep wtf look at viks face
S25 - 14 dager siden
0:57 "i would be will smith, because he's always having fun" yeah ok
TheAZ - 15 dager siden
How do the sidemen find random ppl to come on the videos
m1ka - 15 dager siden
“I’ll be Will Smith cause he’s always having fun!” Yeah that didn’t age well