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The Sidemen look back on 2019 one last time by answering questions about the years events!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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Runtime: 46:49


61visuals_ Mxlik
61visuals_ Mxlik - 2 timer siden
I'm screaming
Connor Gamez
Connor Gamez - 19 timer siden
Harry’s Kobe joke aged badly
a.instrumentals - Dag siden
“Shut up fossils” 🤣🤣
Alex Devlin
Alex Devlin - 2 dager siden
read the description lmao "answering questions about the year's events" imagine this year's big fat quiz
Jesperado - 2 dager siden
The first 3 minutes of this are absolute gold
King G
King G - 3 dager siden
18:03 low key he’s boutta cry 😂😂😂
SUBURBAN DOOM - 3 dager siden
Jj’s so ungrateful ya know
David Ivanov
David Ivanov - 5 dager siden
Tobi is mean
Sara Balhas
Sara Balhas - 5 dager siden
Why did he make that Syria joke? The only thing people think of when they hear syria is the war. But it's one of the most adorable places in the world. I hate it if people talk about Syria when they haven't got any clue what's happening there. Because I have relatives there and I am Syrian.
Zulhilmi amd
Zulhilmi amd - 5 dager siden
Shut the f Up , Vikk
Shadow_glaze_h4k88m - 6 dager siden
57 54 was the second card
56 55 was the last scorecard
TheNextStep - 7 dager siden
“Ryan isn’t a noncy name” hmmm try telling fans of the office US that
TheNextStep - 7 dager siden
45:15 hands down the best moment when vik and harry celebrated like best mates and josh raging 😂😂😂
Tymeless - 7 dager siden
why is paul a common nonce name... my name is paul :((((
Binu Bihan
Binu Bihan - 8 dager siden
Toby's mean
AzadA - 8 dager siden
mean wth, give him the toy
TooSquish - 8 dager siden
welp ksi died
Jenna Achterberg
Jenna Achterberg - 9 dager siden
i got so excited when Tobi asked the rugby World Cup question cause I'm so proud of my country but i was not prepared for Josh's answer XD lol New Zealand wish they beat South Africa in the World Cup they didn't even make it past the semi finals XD
Santosh Gowthaman
Santosh Gowthaman - 10 dager siden
This man Harry said Kobe he wasn’t even in the league 😂
RoZi2089 - 10 dager siden
"When India and Guernsey combine, NO ONE IS SAFE..." 🤣🤣🤣
Yuqi Lol
Yuqi Lol - 11 dager siden
37:53 yess the content I need
Daniel Legro
Daniel Legro - 11 dager siden
don't be mean Tobi. give JJ his toy back.
Rosie - 12 dager siden
15:49 that one sentence describes tobis life
Alexander Haskett
Alexander Haskett - 12 dager siden
Omg I missed the Guga Foods reference the first time
nifnaf paddywack
nifnaf paddywack - 12 dager siden
When Harry said Hakuna matata he knew what he said 😂😂
JetBlue27 - 12 dager siden
JJ and Ethan are such an iconic duo
FirePhoenixYT - 13 dager siden
Jus realized Harry and Vik said Kobe for the NBA question, he was already retired before that year 😂😂
Kenzie Townend
Kenzie Townend - 13 dager siden
Tobi is mean
Millie Williams
Millie Williams - 13 dager siden
5:55 had me crying 😂😂😂
Nicky Siepker
Nicky Siepker - 14 dager siden
I hate how Harry said "South Africa" as a fellow South African. I'm just happy that he at least tried.
Gar - 15 dager siden
the reason why harry is a better sidemen than jj is cause he at least tries his best in the sidemen channel and also his ego is not as huge as jj’s and not like harry jj kinda shows that he only cares about his channel
edguin acuna
edguin acuna - 15 dager siden
It was September 30 not that
frutalse - 15 dager siden
i really hate JJ
Aaliyah Mabodza
Aaliyah Mabodza - 16 dager siden
JJ looks drunk
Sydney McweeBourne
Sydney McweeBourne - 16 dager siden
7:20 “don’t twist it now fossils” was so funny and then Vik’s laugh made it 10x better 😂
Zach Chitwood1
Zach Chitwood1 - 16 dager siden
Simon and Josh: “Were championship donnys”. Me: Wel not anymore. Cmon Leeds
Finn Chadband
Finn Chadband - 16 dager siden
JJ:"put in the comment section, toby's mean."
People in the comments: "I'm good"
Katniss - 17 dager siden
DieTom4te 2
DieTom4te 2 - 17 dager siden
12:19 well, leeds are promoted now..
Robin Claesson Skoog 7-9c Lillhagaskolan
23:43 8 milion 8 bilion 8 e mail vik
MDW Beats
MDW Beats - 19 dager siden
These men are in there late 20s and are still laughing at farts I love it
Senseiキリアコス - 20 dager siden
"Sheltering terrorists"
Dude, just say sheltering turks.
Zowiee EU
Zowiee EU - 20 dager siden
One of the funniest Sidemen videos of 2019
Alex Messi
Alex Messi - 20 dager siden
Tobi is the best host for these videos
joey eisenzimmer
joey eisenzimmer - 20 dager siden
when JJ fell asleep during this I felt that.
Pika Sapien
Pika Sapien - 21 dag siden
the brown & the clown wtf 😂
Up the Tree
Up the Tree - 21 dag siden
Do sidemen catchphrase
Mecke 05
Mecke 05 - 22 dager siden
As a swede i feel a little bit offended
Adam Padilla
Adam Padilla - 24 dager siden
no toy
John Stones
John Stones - 25 dager siden
40:18 that didn’t age well
Sam Chan
Sam Chan - 25 dager siden
Logan Cable
Logan Cable - 25 dager siden
Tobi's mean
Armaan Martins
Armaan Martins - 25 dager siden
Sidemen big ‘fat quiz’
Also sidemen: includes ethan for the first time in the thumbnail
Sonnith Yelsh
Sonnith Yelsh - 25 dager siden
Rewatching this and when jj wanted his toy he sounded like my little brother when he wanted his toy back after it got taken away
Nick Jeffery
Nick Jeffery - 26 dager siden
Tobi is such a dull guy, hes got no bants
junglecurrykid - 19 dager siden
Esav With the burner
Esav With the burner - 25 dager siden
Shut yo
Krishna Naudiyal
Krishna Naudiyal - 26 dager siden
The point deduction was from all the scorecards not just the 57-54 one so it would've resulted in logan's win. no hate.
John Stones
John Stones - 25 dager siden
Krishna Naudiyal but Logan was lucky to get his knockdown and JJ’s should’ve counted, even Logan said it should’ve. Know your facts.
abhimanyu prasad
abhimanyu prasad - 28 dager siden
Tobi. Is. Mean.
Eyoo_ Rayan
Eyoo_ Rayan - Måned siden
I am watching this at 2:00am and I started Crying from laughter when JJ almost crying for a stupid toy
SlashThumbSlime - Måned siden
lmao tf? how is everyone saying Harry's was the best SA accent, he sounded Scottish/Irish. JJ's was a pretty good coloured accent
Nandos Umii
Nandos Umii - Måned siden
Tobi is mean dayum 😂😂😂
Nandos Umii
Nandos Umii - Måned siden
voovoo osas Nah bro I was just joking Tobi is the nicest 😂😂
voovoo osas
voovoo osas - Måned siden
Hes my least favourite sideman