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Runtime: 40:32


Andrea Simpson
Andrea Simpson - 3 timer siden
They should do this again but with walkie talkies, so they can report dead bodies and call meetings.
Saqi Nadi
Saqi Nadi - 4 timer siden
Simon :
I jjujjjust fouuund hm ded uhhuhuhaa
Haroon Rasheed
Haroon Rasheed - 6 timer siden
27:46 _top 10 satisfying deaths_
Pumla Makhasi
Pumla Makhasi - 6 timer siden
Beta squad
AsianCrimson - 7 timer siden
Yo vik imposter scary as hell haha
Kimberly .M
Kimberly .M - 10 timer siden
Tobi One Kanobi XD
Bekwa KING
Bekwa KING - 10 timer siden
😂😂😂😂Simon would make such a good serial killer...I’m scared of how good he was at being imposter
Mc.Nialler - 11 timer siden
👀🔥 This one is gonna be mad! Sai So teams up with M24, Potter Payper, Skore Beezy and HP Boyz this Thursday on GRM 😈
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro - 11 timer siden
1:57 Every horror movie ever
Kyle Travis
Kyle Travis - 12 timer siden
Atleast this time black ones didnt die first
MSTKL Shotsss
MSTKL Shotsss - 12 timer siden
1:40 The sleep paralysis demon at 3 AM
Nicole Jade
Nicole Jade - 15 timer siden
jj and simon are such good friends bless them
scibold marita
scibold marita - 15 timer siden
About 2 years ago, I made 200 videos on my channel private due to copyright reasons. I can never release them back to YouTube. So many videos that many have not seen. My secret stash of videos...
FireStriker RBLX
FireStriker RBLX - 16 timer siden
harry: Im not wearing 5kg clothes surely
jj: obviously, the bandana is 30kg
FireStriker RBLX
FireStriker RBLX - 16 timer siden
ksi lookin real fat today
RIP Mamba
RIP Mamba - 19 timer siden
If they weren't giving birth every time they got killed, it would actually make it harder to know who's the imposter
Hero 12
Hero 12 - 21 time siden
Steven Biles
Steven Biles - 21 time siden
Anyone know the outro song!?
stephan crevier
stephan crevier - 22 timer siden
Who is the imposter
Jim Lake Jr
Jim Lake Jr - 23 timer siden
10 mil views already
LucioMain 33
LucioMain 33 - 23 timer siden
19:27- 19:35 Ian from smosh in 2015 when he dies in a skit
Drapes - Dag siden
What kinda torch weighs 5kg, for a torch that's bare heavy.
Dangelo17 Diaz
Dangelo17 Diaz - Dag siden
"He wasn't even heard cause everyone ran away" ~Vik
Jesse Haetta
Jesse Haetta - Dag siden
Crews be cheating a bit
Max Berven
Max Berven - Dag siden
31:17 hes actually dumb
Exotic_aoz - Dag siden
Ethan having the world best cam.
Aaron Nerella
Aaron Nerella - Dag siden
Simon actually looked so evil with the torch
Nicole Jade
Nicole Jade - Dag siden
ethans screaming is sending me
Nathan Priest
Nathan Priest - Dag siden
Luca Crapis
Luca Crapis - Dag siden
I just realised they didn't write Vikks name on the whiteboard in the scale room
Xoqo - Dag siden
Does anyone know the soundtrack that plays in the background?
Muskan Sharma
Muskan Sharma - Dag siden
My brother My brother My brother! Tobi and Harry are lovee
Vongola Decimo
Vongola Decimo - Dag siden
They should've slapped the crewmates, that would've been legendary
Damon Prasad
Damon Prasad - Dag siden
daven gaspard
daven gaspard - Dag siden
lmao idk why but i was looking at tokinni what ever his name is and said "he look like willy sok" lol
daven gaspard
daven gaspard - Dag siden
Carson Emans
Carson Emans - Dag siden
Is it just me or it’s super annoying when they scream
Marienel Laguit
Marienel Laguit - Dag siden
JJ makes a great actor😂
Sean Kingston
Sean Kingston - Dag siden
fking JJ always shouts get him caught
Gabe Seeks
Gabe Seeks - Dag siden
no one gonna talk about when ethan said simon was the killer and simon walked outside the exact same second, they all ran off laughing lmaooo
Anthony Pena
Anthony Pena - Dag siden
Ok but when Simon was hiding behind the wall and then calmly walked and killed harry was so badass lol
Gwen - Dag siden
I think a good update to how they play among us in real life, is for everyone to have walkie-talkies or a group chat to notifying everyone to meet back at one spot to talk about who the killer may be. And there should be lots of quick tasks to encourage people to come across the killer or a dead body to report. ☺️
Justin Velazquez
Justin Velazquez - Dag siden
😂 I was voting for Tobi and Harry tbh. I’m so upset that Vik and JJ died first because there the reason I got into Sidemen. 🙏
Really Rare
Really Rare - Dag siden
30:27 lmfao JJ that scared me bruh
Megan McKenna
Megan McKenna - Dag siden
JJ always turns out to be alone with the impostor lmao
AZTARIQ - Dag siden
How is this among us? No voting, no emergency meetings, no reporting, no ghost tasking, and no discussions. This is just plain hide, seek, and kill. Funny tho.
Shadow - Dag siden
So Vik is meant to have the highest IQ, yet Tobi solved the cube twice.
icecream ice
icecream ice - 4 timer siden
but vikk died first on the first round and second round he was the imposter soo he didn't really have a chance to.
Stanley Shipp
Stanley Shipp - Dag siden
Vikk is the shittest actor
Regina Tantillo
Regina Tantillo - Dag siden
Harry looks like he genuinely cares so much about Tobi and their friendship
Stanley Shipp
Stanley Shipp - Dag siden
I like how they are in their gta colours
هارون محمد
هارون محمد - Dag siden
Someone should give an oscar for jj
Notorious curryshay
Notorious curryshay - 2 dager siden
31:17 vik kills harry
Only Me
Only Me - 2 dager siden
JJ is such a cheater🤣
King Wiskas/GrubiTV
King Wiskas/GrubiTV - 2 dager siden
Simon is a real psycho killer 😂
Ryan Harrigan
Ryan Harrigan - 2 dager siden
Bro... the cheating by the ghosts..... lol Come on JJ
Riffo - 2 dager siden
its not fun when they just tells every1 who the imposter is its supposed to be a secret. then can might aswell just kill pl at start ext
Mohammed Eesah Dadabhoy
Mohammed Eesah Dadabhoy - 2 dager siden
Who watching this after part 2 came out
Martha Armstrong
Martha Armstrong - 2 dager siden
Toby: we’ve been friends for how many years Josh: I don’t care 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zyrille ___
Zyrille ___ - 2 dager siden
JJ's mind: ****************
Eddie Saari
Eddie Saari - 2 dager siden
The gta colors
Trippie- Stanley
Trippie- Stanley - 2 dager siden
37:15 - 37:30
The Driver
The Driver - 2 dager siden
12:48 my favourite moment 🤣
Captain Carrier
Captain Carrier - 2 dager siden
Bruh that's hanworth park house
SamElixir - 2 dager siden
This video has 10 million views more than the subs what is thus.
FENIX - 2 dager siden
H - 2 dager siden
Josh and Ethan reminds me of Phil and Luke Dunphy from Modern Family 😂
Daniel Merin
Daniel Merin - 2 dager siden
Harry looks like he genuinely cares so much about Tobi and their friendship
TKBU- BLOCK-BoY - 2 dager siden
The way vik stared at Simon
Kamakshi Kiran
Kamakshi Kiran - 2 dager siden
JJ can do nothin and I'd sus him
Snory lax
Snory lax - 2 dager siden
27:25 Vikk's betrayal is something else.
Popo De Loco
Popo De Loco - 2 dager siden
I don’t like Vick. He’s a try hard
Jc Rico
Jc Rico - 2 dager siden
Yo first round was ruined by Jan screams
Nirjhar Chatterji
Nirjhar Chatterji - 2 dager siden
This is more like among us hide and seek
Popo De Loco
Popo De Loco - 2 dager siden
part 3 pls
Ahmed Moe
Ahmed Moe - 2 dager siden
Ksi is trash. Y was he yelling like that
ScattyLeo - 2 dager siden
37:20 😂
SquareBraceX2 - 2 dager siden
33:40 Best line of the vid
SquareBraceX2 - 2 dager siden
Josh enjoys being the fake imposter way too much lol
CoobersYT - 2 dager siden
0:05 there are fIVe task
Dead Philix
Dead Philix - 2 dager siden
The fact that Simon didn't kill JJ at the beginning comes to show they are bothers for life.
Aubsome Vlogs
Aubsome Vlogs - 2 dager siden
“I have one final breath “
Walks and lays on KSI
And I’m dead
KSI :hahahahaha final breath huh
Cody Heath
Cody Heath - 2 dager siden
On a real tho, Simon dubbed up the first game. Tobi pulled some iffy manoeuvres yknow
Rajan Singh
Rajan Singh - 2 dager siden
27:38 VIckstars revenge in his eyes 🤣🤣
Mike Hall
Mike Hall - 2 dager siden
“Blink if Simon is imposter” JJ: Eye Seizure
Joanna Pałacka
Joanna Pałacka - 3 dager siden
A sidemen iconic moment 9:22
Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil - 3 dager siden
31:12. Tobi ran for his life. 😂😂😂😂
Andrew McConnell
Andrew McConnell - 3 dager siden
Vikk is very good at being a psychopath
jayden from tiktok
jayden from tiktok - 3 dager siden
Them just screaming in the background is hilarious
AmTheeOne - 3 dager siden
when was jj in a imposter?
icecream ice
icecream ice - 4 timer siden
Never they just did that for the thumbnail to not spoil anything
Jacob White
Jacob White - 3 dager siden
37:34 OMG look at harry im dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ardaggg Hdvxwdgf
Ardaggg Hdvxwdgf - 3 dager siden
İt is like a scary movie
GrossGamerBoiii - 3 dager siden
Vik killing JJ is revenge from all the Vik abuse he has received lol
Jacorian Wilson
Jacorian Wilson - 3 dager siden
Simon: I have 1 more breath
Walks to jj lays on top him
Jj: starts laughing
juli heindl
juli heindl - 3 dager siden
if they weren’t screaming when they die i feel like it would be more fun
A peice Of lettuce
A peice Of lettuce - 3 dager siden
Tobi having a break down while doing the cube is a whole other mood😭😭
Musa Daily
Musa Daily - 3 dager siden
Noah Mason
Noah Mason - 3 dager siden
JJ is 295 pounds, your welcome fellow Americans.
unknown 546
unknown 546 - 3 dager siden
simon sound like he in the purge
Rajan Singh
Rajan Singh - 3 dager siden
Love this 🤍🤍🤍🤍
justwater - 3 dager siden
They should do among us in real life but they actually kill each other
icecream ice
icecream ice - 4 timer siden
hol up
Dr Distorted
Dr Distorted - 3 dager siden
And they say they want KSIMON to stop 😏