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The Sidemen form teams to see which can burn or gain the most calories!
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πŸ”΄ SIMON (Miniminter)
πŸ”΅ JOSH (Zerkaa)
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πŸ”΄ ETHAN (Behzinga)
πŸ”΅ VIK (Vikkstar123)
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πŸ”΄ TOBI (Tobjizzle)
πŸ”΅ JJ (KSI)
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πŸ”΄ HARRY (W2S)
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Runtime: 52:39


Allah's Foot Rubber
Allah's Foot Rubber - 15 minutter siden
The rowing technique makes me want to kill myself
Ibrahim Sabir
Ibrahim Sabir - 2 timer siden
It’s amazing how I can eat more than them
FunkierCrib - 2 timer siden
Harry was like a different man in this video
Isaac Killawee
Isaac Killawee - 4 timer siden
Shouldn’t this be called the 0 calorie challenge?
Jacob Pollard
Jacob Pollard - 5 timer siden
25:48 is the best part of the video
Matthew Pearson
Matthew Pearson - 7 timer siden
This isn't calorie battle its mask gang vs no mask gang
leo Oduor
leo Oduor - 7 timer siden
when josh is eating that donut it must look like their laughing at it lol
Arnav M
Arnav M - 7 timer siden
2 extremes of life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
R O X Y - 8 timer siden
Why is it that viks fit but is always the one that breaks and not the other guys
ThePogDog - 9 timer siden
13:52 Noice
Wasauchimmer Wiesoauchimmer
Wasauchimmer Wiesoauchimmer - 13 timer siden
uhhhh jj's deadlift form hurts my back
GotHakaid - 13 timer siden
i kinda felt sick in the chocolate eating segments
tobro lang
tobro lang - 17 timer siden
I want the reverse version
RetroDragoon743 .
RetroDragoon743 . - 17 timer siden
Leon sounds like tobi
Connor Hay
Connor Hay - 18 timer siden
i want to punch vikk in the face
Jaxon Strickland
Jaxon Strickland - 18 timer siden
Who else would like Callux in the Sidemen other than Cal-Freezy
Michael Kashi
Michael Kashi - 19 timer siden
if i didn’t know who the sidemen were and saw them in public i would think they are crack heads
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - 21 time siden
Everyone’s respect for Harry went up in this one
Troll Gamer
Troll Gamer - 21 time siden
Wait I don't understand the video cuz the guys got 14 thousand in total but they should be at 80 thousand am I wrong I'm confused can someone explain plz
george robinson
george robinson - 22 timer siden
simon being a flap once again
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - 21 time siden
Are we really ignore the fact that Simon landed bottle flip on top of his head. 25:25
jackthe ripper
jackthe ripper - 22 timer siden
Plot twist Harry was in the military
Shagger 123
Shagger 123 - 23 timer siden
Harr is a beast, but don't forget about JJ
Supreme Kid
Supreme Kid - Dag siden
Bruh no one in the uk cares about corona I guess
Rosie Hull
Rosie Hull - 7 timer siden
I care i am guessing this is prerecorded cos shops and restaurants are currently closed
HairiestLad - Dag siden
Harry: What is the way?
Me: This is the way.
gamesatom8 - Dag siden
How to behzinga vs how to KSI
SrirachaCola - Dag siden
What watch were they using to track calories burned?
Capsicle2099 - Dag siden
Just remember, Simon doesn't like Snickers.....
AshHub - Dag siden
Lovely view at 44:28
Vishal Ramlogan
Vishal Ramlogan - Dag siden
This isn't an ordinary group......

It's family.
Colin Stringer
Colin Stringer - Dag siden
Who is the real alpha dog of the SDMN?
Like for Ethan, comment for KSI
Itz Odinz
Itz Odinz - Dag siden
Nobody talkin abt the girl on 25:40 tho 😏😏
Sweaty Aj_YT
Sweaty Aj_YT - Dag siden
Add Callux to the sidemen
Enrique Moreno
Enrique Moreno - Dag siden
I wanna see JJ and Harry arm wrestle
Enrique Moreno
Enrique Moreno - Dag siden
I never expected Harry to be that strong
Raiden gaming
Raiden gaming - Dag siden
can it beMusic copyright in the chocolate Shop song:star boy πŸ˜‚?
shaan toor
shaan toor - Dag siden
Are we really ignore the fact that Simon landed bottle flip on top of his head.
Jonathan Zeru
Jonathan Zeru - Dag siden
Man! Ethan does not care about his health.
30:45 or 3:48 for precision
The 777 Garage
The 777 Garage - Dag siden
cool video !
hibye - Dag siden
now switchhh, ethans team have to
lose calories and jjs team has to gain
Freddie Millward
Freddie Millward - Dag siden
25:38 boys
Martin StrΓ³ber
Martin StrΓ³ber - Dag siden
Discount Code?
Imperial Streak 2151
Imperial Streak 2151 - Dag siden
Harry is damn strong. The perseverance dude, respect!
Imperial Streak 2151
Imperial Streak 2151 - Dag siden
Vikk: β€œOh 150?!!! HOW??!!!”
Cameraman: β€œMaybe u’re stressing out Vikk” 🀣🀣
Zaron Lane
Zaron Lane - Dag siden
I loved this video soooo good
Imperial Streak 2151
Imperial Streak 2151 - Dag siden
I respect Harry for putting a lot of effort in Squash. He’s actually pretty good tho, hehe
Crest on Mobile
Crest on Mobile - Dag siden
Petition for sideman TGf bro Kalab then already did it with ksi let’s see all the sidemen
Dont Atme
Dont Atme - Dag siden
Mukbang vs Epic training workout
MUSELK - Dag siden
Vik looks wired he's embarrassing lol πŸ˜‚
Cernan Sabturani
Cernan Sabturani - Dag siden
-Ethan 2020
Laureks - Dag siden
their rowing form is so bad
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia - Dag siden
18:56 this guy can't stop talking about race
VenG_ JaxonYT
VenG_ JaxonYT - Dag siden
Josh looks like the principal from the movie Night school
Drew Hoops
Drew Hoops - Dag siden
Anybody else see them watching the nelk boys
Perez Joseph
Perez Joseph - Dag siden
Why can’t jj fight like that in the ring πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
VoxChambo - Dag siden
Harry got that farmer boy strength
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - Dag siden
harry,jj,vik,callux: on a run josh,ethan,simon,toby:playing games in an arcade
Adam Wooldridge
Adam Wooldridge - Dag siden
When Bog has better form than JJ
K- Fry777
K- Fry777 - Dag siden
I was so happy that Harry called them fries and not chips
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - Dag siden
I swear they were supposed to be in lockdown through this
Hugo Ricardo Pasadouro
cover your f* nose
Rosie Hull
Rosie Hull - 7 timer siden
No I agree they should wear them properly
Sam Bradfield
Sam Bradfield - Dag siden
relax Karen
Ryan Mac
Ryan Mac - Dag siden
Why is josh recording πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£
Conaugh O'neill
Conaugh O'neill - Dag siden
I feel like Harry could be a lot stronger than JJ if he wanted to
Mason Humpherys
Mason Humpherys - 2 dager siden
Who thinks simons new nick name should be big face
NR10HD - 2 dager siden
Harry could easily be as good or even better that jj as gym stuff
Aqeeb Khan
Aqeeb Khan - 2 dager siden
i can guarantee if vik wasnt in the sideman he would not be doing any type of fitness activity.
z Typos
z Typos - 2 dager siden
I ate so much during this episode probably around 1.5 k calories in crap
RIOT Tallack007
RIOT Tallack007 - 2 dager siden
Breakfast club is fire
Murray Williams
Murray Williams - 2 dager siden
Watching nelk
Cody Fraser
Cody Fraser - 2 dager siden
I hate the eating team it makes me want to be like my mother
Tazlad - 2 dager siden
44:30 and look to the right , thank me later boys
KryΕ‘tof DostΓ‘l
KryΕ‘tof DostΓ‘l - 2 dager siden
25:48 nice stairs
Aran Hedd
Aran Hedd - 2 dager siden
what happend to the eating scale it stopped half way through
Marko Binov
Marko Binov - 2 dager siden
Ngl Harry has beter form than JJ
Zarate Gamer
Zarate Gamer - 2 dager siden
So no one is gonna talk that Simon Ethan Toby and josh are at the real life Piccadilly map
Spyroz - 2 dager siden
I swear they were supposed to be in lockdown through this
Rosie Hull
Rosie Hull - 7 timer siden
Yeah ikr it must be prerecorded because shops been shut since 4th November
je moeder
je moeder - 2 dager siden
me when ( u guys fill in ): 9:49
Xmv MysticMyth
Xmv MysticMyth - 2 dager siden
25:47 thank me later
Evan - 2 dager siden
Chelsea Evans
Chelsea Evans - 2 dager siden
If only losing weight was as easy as eating..
Joshua Onuoha
Joshua Onuoha - 2 dager siden
52:38 OOOOOO Reddit is going to love this one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜―
Jack Hepburn
Jack Hepburn - 2 dager siden
When u playing full send on the tv
gang swag
gang swag - 2 dager siden
cal did barely anything on the row and he still won due to harry lol
lilac wang
lilac wang - 2 dager siden
they should do a vol 2 just to see how they would do in switched positions
Bella Hawkins
Bella Hawkins - 2 dager siden
when tobi gave ethan the ironman he was trying to win πŸ₯Ί
Kishen2105 - 2 dager siden
Damn Simon got a big mouth
Funny_Scream .mp3
Funny_Scream .mp3 - 2 dager siden
Harry’s form was perfect throughout the entire vid he won
Olivia Chen
Olivia Chen - 2 dager siden
yeah harry did well but simon, the lanky thin, ate the most calories and we're not going to talk about that?
Deprived Fashionista
Deprived Fashionista - 2 dager siden
JJ's push ups were kinda weak ngl
Chelsea Evans
Chelsea Evans - 2 dager siden
Harry is just that friend that’s naturally good at everything
feisal - 13 timer siden
nice copy paste man
Saransh Kathuria
Saransh Kathuria - 2 dager siden
25:50 that's some nice cake
Ahmed Fouly
Ahmed Fouly - 2 dager siden
who else clocked the bunda at the back 26:05
Alex Soto
Alex Soto - 2 dager siden
As an American fan who loves baseball, I would love to see 2 MLB pros go at it in squash
NoSense - 2 dager siden
o Zaddy o
o Zaddy o - 2 dager siden
i died at the zoomed in bit 30:43
Alex Hegarty
Alex Hegarty - 2 dager siden
"Hold tight Jesus"
Tobi kills me man
NsX RAIN - 2 dager siden
25:49 ago who’s that in the back 😏
Crime Watch
Crime Watch - 2 dager siden
Illegal rave in woodlands in UK during lockdown!
Jcrazee _
Jcrazee _ - 2 dager siden
Like just get the workout done and stop complaining
Jcrazee _
Jcrazee _ - 2 dager siden
Jj is tired of vik complaining so much
damehr - 2 dager siden
no one:
me: OoOo nise GTR ethan OooOooOo nise Evo josh
Guston Reed
Guston Reed - 2 dager siden
Wish I could help out the boys eating. I’m 6’7 220, can eat a full rack in 8 minutes, 15 tacos, and a full large pizza pie