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A huge thank you for all your support throughout 2019, here's to entertaining you guys all year long in 2020 with bigger and better videos!
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Runtime: 10:35


Joshua Mackenzie
Joshua Mackenzie - 16 timer siden
Can't wait for the 2020 rewind 👀
Conko 7
Conko 7 - 2 dager siden
Hold up!!
EMANUEL LABA - 6 dager siden
What the last song name
EMANUEL LABA - 6 dager siden
Hey can someone help me
AZWAD SIFAT - 6 dager siden
Callum Ritchie
Callum Ritchie - 10 dager siden
Hi! I’ve just uploaded a new video that I worked really hard on, please check it out!
I Don’t Know What I Should Put Here
Suggesting when corona isn’t a pandemic anymore do another school day with phill
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic - 13 dager siden
10:25 she was in sidemen tinder wearing the denim skirt
Itsme yash
Itsme yash - 13 dager siden
Anyone knows the music used in the video
KiriTUBE - 13 dager siden
its almost the 2020 rewind
Taiyeeb Rahman Nabil
Taiyeeb Rahman Nabil - 15 dager siden
i dont know why but everytime i see this video i end up crying
Joshua Alex Abraham
Joshua Alex Abraham - 17 dager siden
This is definitely better than youtube rewind
Vaibhav T
Vaibhav T - 18 dager siden
I would do anything to be among them
Jordan Murphy
Jordan Murphy - 22 dager siden
This was all about JJ
Jo Sophia
Jo Sophia - 23 dager siden
Andre Monroe
Andre Monroe - 24 dager siden
A better 2020 sike
Ishansh Khare
Ishansh Khare - 28 dager siden
Well that didn't age well
Martin Lebr
Martin Lebr - Måned siden
9:43 from which video is it?
Harry Bourne
Harry Bourne - Måned siden
Bigger and better 2020, yikes
guus gardenier
guus gardenier - Måned siden
this was such a hart warming video
ZensSZN - Måned siden
Why aren’t they at 10 million?!????!
PubWithPrice - Måned siden
Ah yes, a bigger successful year for 2020..... Looking back at this from being at the end of 2020 is like looking at the a homless guy thinking the next person to walk pass will give them £1000
Fasih Raza
Fasih Raza - Måned siden
Can someone please tell me which video is on 8:35
Burls - Måned siden
I can’t believe these videos were all 2019
Ukasha - Måned siden
The legendary cheese burgers that jj ordered
Big Blind
Big Blind - Måned siden
3.2 million
feels bad man
Ellie Taylor
Ellie Taylor - Måned siden
I wanna be part of sidemen
TheClashMaster 101
TheClashMaster 101 - 2 måneder siden
2014: challenges
2015-2017: football vids
2018 funny vids
2019: outdoor vids
2020: indoor vids
The sidemen really made every year entertaining even if the subject is boring
Bruh - 2 måneder siden
The better 2020 then corona
Kavin anand
Kavin anand - 2 måneder siden
Bigger& Better 2020!!!wow!!
MalaysianMaestro - 2 måneder siden
watched this again now and thinking, if only corona hadn't happened, we would've had a sick 2020 rewind as well
M.I.F - 2 måneder siden
I was smiling thru the hole video
Itsss miahh Dudes
Itsss miahh Dudes - 2 måneder siden
Bigger better 2020 they said look where we are today
10k subs without video challenge.
Random people who is seeing this help me to complete this challenge.
rhiannon conn
rhiannon conn - 2 måneder siden
when sidemens rewind is better than youtubes rewind haha loved this video
Hugo Oliver
Hugo Oliver - 2 måneder siden
Felt like the last day of primary
MyStiC IcyZ
MyStiC IcyZ - 2 måneder siden
Sidemen: Get ready for a bigger and better 2020
People in 2020: wdym bigger and better 2020
Joash Linson
Joash Linson - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone know the song at 3:25?
Phantom Reloaded A-Z
Phantom Reloaded A-Z - 2 måneder siden
5:58 :vikstar , u are a champ.
lol idk
lol idk - 2 måneder siden
Wow " a bigger, better 2020 " 😣😣
Kev Moran
Kev Moran - 2 måneder siden
Corona in 2020: well let me think about that
Dylan Byne
Dylan Byne - 2 måneder siden
i wander what 2020 rewind will be like
Christian Marino
Christian Marino - 2 måneder siden
This vid still brings tears to my eyes
Chaz Hogg
Chaz Hogg - 2 måneder siden
‘This is a a great way’ 😂
tariel farzali
tariel farzali - 3 måneder siden
Who is here when they have hit 9 Mil Subs
Mike Smith
Mike Smith - 3 måneder siden
Mickel okeke
Mickel okeke - 3 måneder siden
To think if not for covid-19 2020 sidemen could be so much better
Arkar Alvin
Arkar Alvin - 3 måneder siden
Bro 2020 for the sidemen would've been sick if covid didn't happen
S.A.S_ seeker
S.A.S_ seeker - 3 måneder siden
This was better than yt rewind 2018
Justin Beaton
Justin Beaton - 3 måneder siden
lets be honest if it wasn't for these guys i don't think i would of been anywhere near where i am now, thanks for inspiring me !
Pienaar_ FX
Pienaar_ FX - 3 måneder siden
Sidemen expecting a great 2020 COVID: allow me to introduce myself
X-Calibur - 3 måneder siden
0:08 What a shame,
Torpedo_R8 - 4 måneder siden
Wait why was Babatunde in JJs section??
Victor Athanasius-Obomanu
Victor Athanasius-Obomanu - 4 måneder siden
this is sick
Tricco - 4 måneder siden
Good old days 😢😔😞
Sarah Austin
Sarah Austin - 4 måneder siden
It’s amazing how close they all are. It’s such an awesome bond they all share
MAD DOG - 4 måneder siden
What do cows drink was the best one
Gaming Techniques
Gaming Techniques - 4 måneder siden
Rip aliesha I just realised
Gaming Techniques
Gaming Techniques - 4 måneder siden
Sidemens best year
krmadrid117 10711
krmadrid117 10711 - 4 måneder siden
I feel like this should have higher views and likes !! This vid is truly underappreciated
Diyath Kularatne
Diyath Kularatne - 4 måneder siden
9:07 I've watched this clip over 100 times but it's still slick as hell
notagamerngl - 4 måneder siden
they are really LIVING life
LucidlyPlays - 4 måneder siden
The Sidemen are the best in the whole wide world ✨🌎❤️
Garfumble - 4 måneder siden
Sorry for disliking the video, it has rewind 2019 and i nearly had a heart attack
69kmagic - 4 måneder siden
2020 will be better they say!!
Tomori the one eyed tank olajidebt
How the tables turn .....................
Jessica Kaur
Jessica Kaur - 4 måneder siden
This is so cute omg
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson - 4 måneder siden
This was the best year for the sidemen
SlightlyWavyDon - 4 måneder siden
This video is a a great way to look back at everything we managed to achieve.
Jess Coats
Jess Coats - 4 måneder siden
Seeing them having a good time just makes me happy
Joakim Heitmann
Joakim Heitmann - 4 måneder siden
I wish i had this lige
Joakim Heitmann
Joakim Heitmann - 4 måneder siden
Best channel on youtube
Zavier Krupke
Zavier Krupke - 5 måneder siden
Why isn’t this the most liked video on YouTube?🧐
Harish A Kumar
Harish A Kumar - 5 måneder siden
Legend is that ma man is ordering cheese burgers till date. 🐐
random ting
random ting - 5 måneder siden
Nice to see millionaires having fun
treverbettis - 5 måneder siden
sidemen rock
iTz_KarTh1K - 5 måneder siden
2021 will be bigger and better (if Corona ends)
Javed Ashiq
Javed Ashiq - 5 måneder siden
Danny Blue
Danny Blue - 5 måneder siden
RIP Aleisha James
IBS SALAAR - 5 måneder siden
Bigger and a better 2020 😑🤥🤧😤
People who say didnt ask Are dead to me
"Bigger and better year 2020" well that hasnt aged well
Mukaram Ashfaq
Mukaram Ashfaq - 5 måneder siden
they said a better 2020 well that was a lie
BinksySucksAtLife - 5 måneder siden
And 2020 is trash
agatafedunkow - 5 måneder siden
The start feels like tobi edited it
RR Frenzy
RR Frenzy - 5 måneder siden
the best Rewind
Serei3G - 5 måneder siden
Better 2020
This aged well
Aahil Asif
Aahil Asif - 5 måneder siden
Who else is watching this quarantine cuz they're super bored
Andy Dai
Andy Dai - 5 måneder siden
Well 2020 hasn’t been great...
Betty - 5 måneder siden
what song are they playing at the end?
Swayam - 5 måneder siden
This shows how much successful the Sidemen were in 2019 and became the biggest YouTube group along with their own channels and they average 10 mil+ views every vid I don't know why people hate this because I loved this and it showed all the amazing vids made this year!
LIMIT - 5 måneder siden
2020 will be a bigger and better year....
well that turned out for the worse
Ivan Manoza
Ivan Manoza - 5 måneder siden
rip aliesha james I just read the news article and it’s so sad 😣
Ellie Hill
Ellie Hill - 5 måneder siden
Ummmmm boxing
Caz Henley
Caz Henley - 5 måneder siden
Harry: I'm Autistic
Ethan: I'm not fat
JJ: I'm rich
Vikk: I'm being bullied
Josh: I'm old
Simon: I hate myself
Tobi: I'm just having fun
Babatunde: I need shoes
Benjo015 - 5 måneder siden
What a video
Ethan - 5 måneder siden
This made me cry I love this group
Bunte Kuh Uhh
Bunte Kuh Uhh - 5 måneder siden
When Sidemen does a 10min Video. 😰😂
nitrolikes pizza
nitrolikes pizza - 5 måneder siden
Imagine not having ksi vs Logan Paul in a rewind
Mr Inconsistent
Mr Inconsistent - 5 måneder siden
Group of friends, livin the dream
Moonlit Daydream!!!
Moonlit Daydream!!! - 6 måneder siden
This makes me realise how much I love the Sidemen ❤️
Advait ayyagari
Advait ayyagari - 6 måneder siden
"Big and better 2020"

Well...that didn't age well