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A huge thank you for all your support throughout 2019, here's to entertaining you guys all year long in 2020 with bigger and better videos!
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Runtime: 10:35


Torpedo_R8 - 12 timer siden
Wait why was Babatunde in JJs section??
Calvin Carter
Calvin Carter - Dag siden
this is sick
Look Look The star
Look Look The star - 2 dager siden
Good old days 😢😔😞
Sarah Austin
Sarah Austin - 4 dager siden
It’s amazing how close they all are. It’s such an awesome bond they all share
MAD DOG - 4 dager siden
What do cows drink was the best one
Gaming Techniques
Gaming Techniques - 5 dager siden
Rip aliesha I just realised
Gaming Techniques
Gaming Techniques - 5 dager siden
Sidemens best year
krmadrid117 10711
krmadrid117 10711 - 5 dager siden
I feel like this should have higher views and likes !! This vid is truly underappreciated
Diyath Kularatne
Diyath Kularatne - 6 dager siden
9:07 I've watched this clip over 100 times but it's still slick as hell
notagamerngl - 7 dager siden
they are really LIVING life
LucidlyPlays - 8 dager siden
The Sidemen are the best in the whole wide world ✨🌎❤️
Garfumble - 9 dager siden
Sorry for disliking the video, it has rewind 2019 and i nearly had a heart attack
69k magic
69k magic - 11 dager siden
2020 will be better they say!!
1000 subscribers for coronavirus to end
How the tables turn .....................
Jessica Kaur
Jessica Kaur - 14 dager siden
This is so cute omg
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson - 15 dager siden
This was the best year for the sidemen
SlightlyWavyDon - 20 dager siden
This video is a a great way to look back at everything we managed to achieve.
Jess Coats
Jess Coats - 23 dager siden
Seeing them having a good time just makes me happy
Joakim Heitmann
Joakim Heitmann - 29 dager siden
I wish i had this lige
Joakim Heitmann
Joakim Heitmann - 29 dager siden
Best channel on youtube
Zavier Krupke [U5HD]
Zavier Krupke [U5HD] - Måned siden
Why isn’t this the most liked video on YouTube?🧐
Harish A Kumar
Harish A Kumar - Måned siden
Legend is that ma man is ordering cheese burgers till date. 🐐
random ting
random ting - Måned siden
Nice to see millionaires having fun
treverbettis - Måned siden
sidemen rock
iTz_KarTh1K - Måned siden
2021 will be bigger and better (if Corona ends)
Javed Ashiq
Javed Ashiq - Måned siden
Danny Blue
Danny Blue - Måned siden
RIP Aleisha James
IBS SALAAR - Måned siden
Bigger and a better 2020 😑🤥🤧😤
Beetlejuice - Måned siden
"Bigger and better year 2020" well that hasnt aged well
Mukaram Ashfaq
Mukaram Ashfaq - Måned siden
they said a better 2020 well that was a lie
BinksySucksAtLife - Måned siden
And 2020 is trash
agatafedunkow - Måned siden
The start feels like tobi edited it
Rron Mamaj
Rron Mamaj - Måned siden
the best Rewind
Serei3G - Måned siden
Better 2020
This aged well
Aahil Asif
Aahil Asif - Måned siden
Who else is watching this quarantine cuz they're super bored
Andy Dai
Andy Dai - Måned siden
Well 2020 hasn’t been great...
Betty - Måned siden
what song are they playing at the end?
Swayam - Måned siden
This shows how much successful the Sidemen were in 2019 and became the biggest YouTube group along with their own channels and they average 10 mil+ views every vid I don't know why people hate this because I loved this and it showed all the amazing vids made this year!
L I M I T - Måned siden
2020 will be a bigger and better year....
well that turned out for the worse
Ivan Manoza
Ivan Manoza - Måned siden
rip aliesha james I just read the news article and it’s so sad 😣
Ellie Hill
Ellie Hill - Måned siden
Ummmmm boxing
Caz Henley
Caz Henley - Måned siden
Harry: I'm Autistic
Ethan: I'm not fat
JJ: I'm rich
Vikk: I'm being bullied
Josh: I'm old
Simon: I hate myself
Tobi: I'm just having fun
Babatunde: I need shoes
Benjo015 - Måned siden
What a video
Liverpool the best team in the world
This made me cry I love this group
Bunte Kuh Uhh
Bunte Kuh Uhh - Måned siden
When Sidemen does a 10min Video. 😰😂
nitrolikes pizza
nitrolikes pizza - Måned siden
Imagine not having ksi vs Logan Paul in a rewind
Mr Inconsistent
Mr Inconsistent - Måned siden
Group of friends, livin the dream
Eboyss420 !
Eboyss420 ! - 2 måneder siden
This makes me realise how much I love the Sidemen ❤️
Advait ayyagari
Advait ayyagari - 2 måneder siden
"Big and better 2020"

Well...that didn't age well
Sifra Prinsse
Sifra Prinsse - 2 måneder siden
Without harry, there is no sideman
Einah The asian
Einah The asian - 2 måneder siden
Olivia Coomber
Olivia Coomber - 2 måneder siden
Sidemen best year to be honest, so many great and funny videos.
Tyler Lee
Tyler Lee - 2 måneder siden
Peep the typo in the beginning they said “a” twice
Daithi Dowling
Daithi Dowling - 2 måneder siden
For a better 2020

Yea that has not gone so well
Anthony Hoare
Anthony Hoare - 2 måneder siden
That aged well
JP - 2 måneder siden
This was so wholesome aw
Ollie Braley
Ollie Braley - 2 måneder siden
Half was harry
Leah X
Leah X - 2 måneder siden
This is making me sad cause one day this
channel will be no more :((
Alex - 2 måneder siden
‘Bigger and better 2020’ this aged badly :/
Torpedo_R8 - 2 måneder siden
Wait why are Babatunde and Sir Theodore in JJ's highlights?