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For this #SidemenSunday we play Hide & Seek in the Clout House!
Sidemen Clothing:
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Runtime: 25:32


sumaiya345 m broshinna
sumaiya345 m broshinna - 2 timer siden
Anyone else watching this in June 2020 when the hype house have now claimed the former clout house 😂
kishothan thayalan
kishothan thayalan - 4 timer siden
Did anyone realize that Simon said the n word at 4:47

No hate
Isabela Baisch
Isabela Baisch - 9 timer siden
I love how they’re at the Hype House lmao
Nahlia Howlett
Nahlia Howlett - 10 timer siden
Me watching right now
Me: Isn't that the new hype house?
Hokage SHS
Hokage SHS - 17 timer siden
zoobi aint seen this in a while beeeeech
hollylewington.x - Dag siden
Hold up this is the hype house :)
Venuso - Dag siden
Cringe innit
Mason Conant
Mason Conant - Dag siden
I play hide and seek at my house
Cheater asxtro _
Cheater asxtro _ - Dag siden
Is vik dying
Venuso - Dag siden
Yea fam😔
Akshath Sivakumar
Akshath Sivakumar - Dag siden
hey shitass
Sonia Teneyck
Sonia Teneyck - Dag siden
This is how it started. He stopped for a corona
Sadeem 94
Sadeem 94 - Dag siden
Bby that’s the hype House😂😂
Venuso - Dag siden
Cringe innit
Unknown - Dag siden
Faze house/cloud house originally
Emily Mariano
Emily Mariano - Dag siden
I love how Harry narrated Ethan's every move LMAO
Lizzie Morello
Lizzie Morello - Dag siden
Why does Vik always get in sick hiding places and he scare himself so leaves
Tim Koop
Tim Koop - Dag siden
The SIDEMEN just hit 10 MILLI Let's GOOOO!
Nicole Hunt
Nicole Hunt - 2 dager siden
Just watching during quarantine: 20mill house hide and seek but 5 don’t even go in the house lol
More Vitality
More Vitality - 2 dager siden
SkyV3N0M Gaming
SkyV3N0M Gaming - 2 dager siden
10:01 Ethans got a flat nose 🤪😂
Pixel_Playz - 2 dager siden
Vikk sure not seem happy in the thumbnail
Ayesha Numa
Ayesha Numa - 3 dager siden
Ethan's the real g in hide and seek...covered for vik in the island ep, covered for tobi in the cruise ep, covered for tobi and vik in the theme park ep and let harry have the spot in this ep
Nicole Hunt
Nicole Hunt - 2 dager siden
Simon: “He stopped for a Corona.” That surprisingly hasn’t aged well...
Beso Poss
Beso Poss - 3 dager siden
An alle deutschen
Das ist doch das Haus von den yottas oder?
Bethany Franklin
Bethany Franklin - 4 dager siden
It’s the hype house now that weird
Hamda - 4 dager siden
They did hide in seek in the hype house
Xavier Sheldrick
Xavier Sheldrick - 4 dager siden
Isn’t that the hype house
Russell Green
Russell Green - 5 dager siden
Has anybody noticed that nobody cares that this the hype house now
Mumena Begum
Mumena Begum - 6 dager siden
11:55 I literally dying
C M - 6 dager siden
TobJizz is a neek
Fakhril Idham
Fakhril Idham - 6 dager siden
does anyone else heard simon say the n word at 4:46
Fakhril Idham
Fakhril Idham - Dag siden
@Unknown what did he say
Unknown - Dag siden
Get your ears checked please
Charlie Bobs
Charlie Bobs - 7 dager siden
This is the hype house bro
Izzy F
Izzy F - 7 dager siden
Has anyone realised its the hype house????
Lawzie l SiL
Lawzie l SiL - 7 dager siden
Did Simon say the n word
Nellie Hand
Nellie Hand - 7 dager siden
No one:
Absolutely no one:
JJ barking at some dogs:
Angie Scott
Angie Scott - 8 dager siden
It rlly pissed me off how the house residence were just giving away the hiding spots
Xeno Red
Xeno Red - 8 dager siden
Why tf would vik get out
Mii. - 8 dager siden
Fay leanne
Fay leanne - 9 dager siden
hibb dogg
hibb dogg - 9 dager siden
Anyone else notice how everyone else was happy in the thumbnail except vikk
Evie Xx
Evie Xx - 9 dager siden
who's here when the 'clout house' is now the hype house...???
ABH Toyreview
ABH Toyreview - 9 dager siden
Omg I just realised that is the hype hpuse
Katsaa ML
Katsaa ML - 9 dager siden
ehtan vented
P47 Raids
P47 Raids - 10 dager siden
Who is watching this after the Faze took over 🤜🤛👌🔥🔥
Jonas Mølsæter Rogne
Jonas Mølsæter Rogne - 11 dager siden
5.45 Vikk is already preparing for corona
Ruby’s Lifestyles
Ruby’s Lifestyles - 11 dager siden
Who else realised this is the hype house!!!
Lana Rodes
Lana Rodes - 12 dager siden
Simon: “He stopped for a Corona.”
That surprisingly hasn’t aged well...
Baritoney - 10 dager siden
Copied comment
INFERNAlYT CODM - 12 dager siden
MATHESON LEAH - 13 dager siden
Anyone watching in 2020 and realizing this is the house the hype house lives in now...
TG BingBong
TG BingBong - 13 dager siden
They put so many ads
Sophie Wood
Sophie Wood - 13 dager siden
Me watching this when this is the new hype house
Olivia Gunn
Olivia Gunn - 13 dager siden
Erin Skeete
Erin Skeete - 14 dager siden
I love how Simon said "we lifted it up" and JJ never caught on
Haroon Mohsin
Haroon Mohsin - 14 dager siden
Sidemen should have claimed this house
Rehm Plays
Rehm Plays - 14 dager siden
3:00 wow there’s two dogs barking at each other 😂 nah I’m kidding
M.Danish Rauf
M.Danish Rauf - 15 dager siden
4:48 Simon said the N word🤨
Unknown - Dag siden
@M.Danish Rauf he said money is cooling or calling yeah
M.Danish Rauf
M.Danish Rauf - 5 dager siden
He did it’s at 4:47 I guess
Child - 14 dager siden
He didnt🤨
Zynx - 15 dager siden
Stop the cap
Putu Prama Dhira Susthila
Putu Prama Dhira Susthila - 15 dager siden
Isabella Armitage
Isabella Armitage - 17 dager siden
This is the hype house
Dario Da Costa Mendes
Dario Da Costa Mendes - 17 dager siden
ruby barratt
ruby barratt - 17 dager siden
the hypehouse😹
Fifi _x
Fifi _x - 17 dager siden
Love how JJ’s vibing while they all panic and hide 😂
Chloe_ Bewers
Chloe_ Bewers - 17 dager siden
Me watching in 2020 and Realising this the new hype house haha
XxLightning15ツ - 18 dager siden
JJ never seen a lizard.
Fun And fresh
Fun And fresh - 18 dager siden
Is anyone else just watching sidemen in lockdown ‼️‼️😌🤌🏼
Molly Parker
Molly Parker - 18 dager siden
Corona beer....... what a coincidence 🤨
hahhahah.. coincidence, I think not!
Johanna Lipton
Johanna Lipton - 19 dager siden
Rewatching this in November 2020 and seeing this is now the hype house smh
Arthur Holmes
Arthur Holmes - 19 dager siden
Vikk is dying and jj stops for a corona
Schau - 19 dager siden
4:42 Simon saying the N-word?
Alasdair Siu
Alasdair Siu - 19 dager siden
Sidemen to 10 million subs
Kate Archbold
Kate Archbold - 20 dager siden
Wait thats the hype house !!!!!!
Ryan Sugden [Student]
Ryan Sugden [Student] - 20 dager siden
JJ = Fatneek because he took the elevator
Robloxgirl 123
Robloxgirl 123 - 20 dager siden
Is that the hype house
Daniel Leach
Daniel Leach - 20 dager siden
Andrew Avun
Andrew Avun - 20 dager siden
Thats where mrbeast does his last to leave challenge
Faysal Rochan
Faysal Rochan - 20 dager siden
Kai 11.7 seconds
iiiMøllyiii !
iiiMøllyiii ! - 21 dag siden
This is the new hype house but I know the whole layout from this vid ahah
Jayden Neill
Jayden Neill - 21 dag siden
Zed Docouto
Zed Docouto - 21 dag siden
7:34 that didnt age well
BEATBOX STATION - 21 dag siden
JJ: Surely no ones here
*Meanwhile Vikk, Josh, Ethan : 👁👄👁
natalie rand
natalie rand - 22 dager siden
Is it just me or did he call the lizard a squirrel? 😂
kemo mat
kemo mat - 22 dager siden
The old Faze house
maksrom777 777
maksrom777 777 - 22 dager siden
Snitch Vik)
OllyORB - 23 dager siden
17:01 he almost gave it away when he said we lifted it up
EN - 23 dager siden
Did simon just say the n word
Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnelly - 23 dager siden
the fact that’s the hype house now makes me wanna throw myself off the balcony
Livin - 19 dager siden
I don’t see the point of the hype house at all anymore actually 😂
Livin - 19 dager siden
Irk like I don’t like the hype house and to be honest I wish the sidemen took the clout house like lived there together
KiriTUBE - 23 dager siden
3:00 JJ having a bark off with the dogs lmaooo
ez4 kapush0n
ez4 kapush0n - 24 dager siden
Noah VanderKlok
Noah VanderKlok - 24 dager siden
The amount of editing this would take is actually insane.
K. Williams Lesia
K. Williams Lesia - 24 dager siden
Why does Vik always get in sick hiding places and he scare himself so leaves
Shmee Gameplay
Shmee Gameplay - 24 dager siden
Little did he know......
Taarini Madaan
Taarini Madaan - 24 dager siden
who's here in 2020 when this is the hype house :)
Rehan R3h4n
Rehan R3h4n - 24 dager siden
At 4:44 Simon said da n word
ella xox
ella xox - 24 dager siden
he said money is calling
Humayd Issany
Humayd Issany - 24 dager siden
The hype house is living in it now
CT Wolf
CT Wolf - 25 dager siden
The corona room didn’t age well
Neil Bhan
Neil Bhan - 25 dager siden
Bori Varga
Bori Varga - 25 dager siden
Whose watching this while the clout house is now known as the hype house?
Trevor Eastland
Trevor Eastland - 25 dager siden
Kruxy - 26 dager siden
4:45 did Simon just say the n word
ella xox
ella xox - 24 dager siden
he said money is calling
Ema Stoyanova
Ema Stoyanova - 26 dager siden
When it's now the hype house 😂
RJ OReilly
RJ OReilly - 26 dager siden
Just watching during quarantine: 20mill house hide and seek but 5 don’t even go in the house lol
Mya Helena
Mya Helena - 26 dager siden
Whos watching this while the hh are living in it ?
Mark Galang
Mark Galang - 26 dager siden
Everyone else: hiding
JJ: *sips beer*
MzasCool - 24 dager siden
mans sipping corona😂
KSI Vlogs
KSI Vlogs - 26 dager siden
This the hype house....
Mark Golvani
Mark Golvani - 26 dager siden
Vik and Josh: basically dying and surrounded by spiders
JJ: I'm just gonna stop for a corona
PackersForever - 27 dager siden
anyone watching in november