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Runtime: 48:03


It’s me leo 722
It’s me leo 722 - 36 minutter siden
bruh vik was dying inside at the end
Yo Man
Yo Man - Time siden
JJ said at the beginning “I’m going to take all the moneys” he wasn’t lying.
JOHN NGO - 2 timer siden
This man really just snaked Vikk while having “Integrity” tattooed on his arm...
JOHN NGO - 2 timer siden
how is no one talking about how Ethan's sandwich was slowly getting eaten every time they showed him
BigChooch - 3 timer siden
*unsubs from ksi
xyndicateYT - 3 timer siden
wait is this real money?
Ryan Allcock
Ryan Allcock - 4 timer siden
JJ isn’t living this one down lol
xXPureRenegadeXx - 6 timer siden
imagine being a millionaire and stealing from somebody who is not SMH
richard hammond
richard hammond - 9 timer siden
I feel so bad for vik because jj rich but I am a jj fan
R4G1NG R4Y - 10 timer siden
It’s just God damn JJ
anak toyol
anak toyol - 13 timer siden
vik crying inside, i could see his tears
Bumbum Hatake
Bumbum Hatake - 13 timer siden
KSI = 🐐 no cap!
Faiq Farhad
Faiq Farhad - 15 timer siden
Irfan Haiqal
Irfan Haiqal - 16 timer siden
Can someone explain me in the end? Did jj knew that he had the steal ball?
Abel K
Abel K - 10 timer siden
He had the opportunity to choose either split or steal and he chose steal
Luab Nholiejian Niño A.
Luab Nholiejian Niño A. - 20 timer siden
JJ is 5ft because his forehead doesn't count
Zach Allen
Zach Allen - 21 time siden
Man that was so cold of jj to do that🥶
john mikhaeil
john mikhaeil - 21 time siden
Here's a note: If u say to Harry if its him, and its him, he will say, "its not me my friend"
Jackson Gamber
Jackson Gamber - 22 timer siden
Can we talk abt how tobi knew exactly how that Simon was gonna say like 50k u can hear him in the background say it aswell🤣🤣
the iron archer
the iron archer - 23 timer siden
2:07 that’s what she said
Oliver Arrar
Oliver Arrar - 23 timer siden
9:10 foreshadow 😂
Lizzie Morello
Lizzie Morello - Dag siden
Vik at 17:15 "I almost want to see what happens if I don't vote for JJ"
• Sir,
• Sir, - 13 timer siden
Lol u copied this word for word
Amie Eyre
Amie Eyre - Dag siden
like why steal cuz if u split either u get money or u get to be the good guy and the other guy everyone hates
Cameron MacMahon
Cameron MacMahon - Dag siden
A great demonstration of the prisoner's dilemma, a special case in game theory!
Carlos Long
Carlos Long - Dag siden
JJ is a real Savage😂😂😂first with the lie about the 100k and at the end he steals all the money😂😂😂
William Fabiano
William Fabiano - Dag siden
Can't wait for the KSI Reddit to bully him for this one.
Prodbygee Gaming
Prodbygee Gaming - Dag siden
Can we start a snake chain please?
Ethan N 16
Ethan N 16 - Dag siden
George Crissall
George Crissall - Dag siden
And people say JJ isn’t smart
Pandachickennugget X
Pandachickennugget X - Dag siden
Noice bandanna jj
Darrell Peoples
Darrell Peoples - Dag siden
Can't wait for the KSI Reddit to bully him for this one.
Pandachickennugget X
Pandachickennugget X - Dag siden
I thought Harry was ethan
Kaitlyn M
Kaitlyn M - Dag siden
can we appreciate Harrys bluff
Gabriel Weedon
Gabriel Weedon - Dag siden
I’d like to see Vik play poker and realise that it, too, is about the bluff
Isaac - Dag siden
Honestly, as I'm re-watching this, Vik is kinda annoying how he plays this game so I'm pleased that JJ stole from him
TogusTheToad - 23 timer siden
elaborate lmao,jj was a fat snake for taking real life money from a friend he knew for years.
Yellow Scorpion
Yellow Scorpion - Dag siden
Antonio Nuñez
Antonio Nuñez - 2 dager siden
Why does Simon say "bolls"
Bai De
Bai De - 2 dager siden
Antonio Nuñez
Antonio Nuñez - 2 dager siden
Vik with the devil number😈6:56
Michael Ford
Michael Ford - 2 dager siden
JJ said at the beginning “I’m going to take all the moneys” he wasn’t lying.
I took your Ankles
I took your Ankles - 2 dager siden
CONGRATS ON 10 million
Myles Orr
Myles Orr - 2 dager siden
Why do u always use dollars
Aiden Bell
Aiden Bell - 2 dager siden
9.99 mil🥳🥳🥳
Peeyush Gurung
Peeyush Gurung - 2 dager siden
Fair play to JJ.
Kristaps Gulbis
Kristaps Gulbis - 2 dager siden
Among us game
Derpinator - 2 dager siden
Kizuana - 2 dager siden

Kizuana - 2 dager siden
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 2 dager siden
Vik after he was betrayed rly said: I’m not mad. Just disappointed
Just_ that
Just_ that - 2 dager siden
Are they playing from real money or not?
Rey Parham
Rey Parham - 2 dager siden
“Nigerian scammer pulls uno reverse card on Indian man”
Boluz113 HuyT
Boluz113 HuyT - 2 dager siden
VIK did all the world just for JJ to sabotage😂😂😂
fusion 45
fusion 45 - 2 dager siden
Vik after he was betrayed rly said: I’m not mad. Just disappointed
Primordial - 3 dager siden
Among us in a nutshell cutting out some things
YooItssJosee X Jose Oliveros
JJ 🐐
Ava Spagnolo
Ava Spagnolo - 3 dager siden
why do i have the sudden verge to cry for poor vikram
Med Money
Med Money - 3 dager siden
JJ is a douche bag
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips - 3 dager siden
Simon dose let JJ give anyone else money accept him
Rayan T
Rayan T - 3 dager siden
i really just don’t understand the game ahahah
karter griffiths
karter griffiths - 3 dager siden
i think vik is lieing
Sol Bailey
Sol Bailey - 3 dager siden
JJ said at the beginning “I’m going to take all the moneys” he wasn’t lying.
Kevaughn Hunter
Kevaughn Hunter - 3 dager siden
45:27 - Images that proceeded unfortunate events.
robot guyman
robot guyman - 3 dager siden
Am I the only one that thinks jj would be an incredible MOB BOSS
Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt - 4 dager siden
Do this again but with Ethan
The VK way
The VK way - 4 dager siden
What does the killer thing mean
The VK way
The VK way - 4 dager siden
I like how I do not understand any of this
Rooftopper - 4 dager siden
Do this again
Desiree Cappell
Desiree Cappell - 4 dager siden
Did anybody else see the flash of red when he opened his thing lmao 😂 (Josh)
Ayush Shetty
Ayush Shetty - 4 dager siden
SOlejideBT steels 100k from an Indian man
ßīłał Q•輪ゅびる
ßīłał Q•輪ゅびる - 4 dager siden
24:40 why is tobis teeth blue?
TLBTLB 02 - 4 dager siden
Fck jj
Lord - 4 dager siden
Are people slow? The money isn’t real
Lord - 2 dager siden
@type thorn ??
type thorn
type thorn - 3 dager siden
so was an hour long video not entertaining?
EnderSackboy - 4 dager siden
Jj: I've won, but at what cost?
Sana Khan
Sana Khan - 4 dager siden
Nah that's just wrong I paused to say wtf smh
Danurus - 5 dager siden
I understand Vik’s disappointment. At the end they worked together and managed to get a lot of money. It was a bonding moment. They both already have money so it was more about sharing something together they were both happy about. Turns out JJ is just a SNAKE though. Vik a real homie
Karen Ibanez
Karen Ibanez - 5 dager siden
sad trash シ
sad trash シ - 5 dager siden
jj's next video: I'm A Snake? part2
Aarush Aggarwal
Aarush Aggarwal - 5 dager siden
u mean among us
Meer Patel
Meer Patel - 5 dager siden
It’s funny how they forgot about ethan maybe he stole some balls
Bab Cab
Bab Cab - 5 dager siden
I knew JJ would win.
Deepa - 5 dager siden
Tbh don’t get me wrong but I would have expected that JJ would pick steal. Not to offend him... But good video, with a less great ending! ❤️
Ella McGregor
Ella McGregor - 5 dager siden
simon being in shock is my favourite thing
Ella McGregor
Ella McGregor - 5 dager siden
me always skipping to the last 5 minutes
CHILL - 5 dager siden
why ksi so bald...
fif477rum ;jit'nes
fif477rum ;jit'nes - 5 dager siden
how is no one talking about how Ethan's sandwich was slowly getting eaten every time they showed him
cole - 5 dager siden
the way vikk rejects jj's hug was heartbreaking LMAO
Alex Woloch
Alex Woloch - 6 dager siden
JengaSlayer - 6 dager siden
Pssst. Fat neek is a snake
Raghav - 6 dager siden
Charlie Amos
Charlie Amos - 6 dager siden
JJ is a true don
Anahat Singh
Anahat Singh - 6 dager siden
i never actually realised that harry's and simon's eyes were So Blue
shades - 6 dager siden
Jack Larue
Jack Larue - 6 dager siden
JJ legit played this so well i cant even be mad
Udey Singh
Udey Singh - 6 dager siden
i vote vik as the most boring sideman
Paritosh Munge
Paritosh Munge - 6 dager siden
Integrity huh
Bobby Fobby
Bobby Fobby - 6 dager siden
Sry Viking just just selfish about your girl freinds
Big Cheez
Big Cheez - 7 dager siden
BREAKING: Snake steals 90k from European man
betcux lv
betcux lv - 7 dager siden
JJ is such a snake omg
liam - 7 dager siden
JJ should make a video on letting vikk punch him for 24 hours
Christian - 7 dager siden
The golden balls look like onions 🧅
Taylor Swann
Taylor Swann - 7 dager siden
when jj said “same” after vik said “i’m not greedy”, vik should’ve IMMEDIATELY known he was capping lmaooo
Abdu Samad
Abdu Samad - 7 dager siden
1992 scam