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This weeks #SidemenSunday we've tried something new. 2 Sidemen teams, 2 very different holidays. Let us know if you enjoyed!
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:
Runtime: 58:49


Mohammed el houderi
Mohammed el houderi - 46 minutter siden
The way JJ and Tobi dap up the bartender and Simon just 🤝
Okuwari - Time siden
51:33 who tf is screaming like that 😂😂
Linnea vik Grønstad
Linnea vik Grønstad - 2 timer siden
Harry is so cute he was so exited on the buss
Vivaan Gupta
Vivaan Gupta - 3 timer siden
This is the best video I have ever watched
Mohamed Addaoudi
Mohamed Addaoudi - 3 timer siden
Where is callfreezy
YT Jackstar 09
YT Jackstar 09 - 3 timer siden
JJ trying to be posh and calm lol
Daniel Stead
Daniel Stead - 5 timer siden
I like how JJ is so gassed about the house, even though he can probably afford a house like that
William Peyton
William Peyton - 13 timer siden
Vikks team would’ve spent more than 100 dollars on it
Mark Galang
Mark Galang - 14 timer siden
28:30 me during quarantine
Mark Galang
Mark Galang - 14 timer siden
Me talking to my crush: 16:40
Fried Honey
Fried Honey - 15 timer siden
hotel: Trivago
Tarang Rathod
Tarang Rathod - 16 timer siden
The driver was so happy when he got 60 quid🥺
teymur ismayilov
teymur ismayilov - 16 timer siden
Ksi from gangsta to sir
Seal team 6
Seal team 6 - 18 timer siden
U guys should make a team house
Lisa - 21 time siden
KSI is adorbs yet scary hes def my bf
Ac Gaming
Ac Gaming - 23 timer siden
56:14 Ethan turns into a whole different person
hangming zheng
hangming zheng - Dag siden
It’s weird to watch the world without covid,
Jamison Gall
Jamison Gall - Dag siden
Hey uh that is not a pool table. That is a snooker table
Panayiotis Lambrakis
Panayiotis Lambrakis - Dag siden
Red team
Varun Kapoor
Varun Kapoor - Dag siden
Rip Maradonna🙏🏾🙏🏾
Primark Hoodie
Primark Hoodie - Dag siden
Communist tobi
IRWIN FF - Dag siden
Zach Mason
Zach Mason - Dag siden
Minter Monday. Tobi Tuesday. Zerk Thurs. JJ Sunday. Behz Sat.
Rotna Khatun
Rotna Khatun - Dag siden
Let’s just take a minute to forget then cringy dance Simon and jj did during the orchestra 🙏
jme 21
jme 21 - Dag siden
jme 21
jme 21 - Dag siden
NotMeowth - Dag siden
11:18 is anyone gonna talk about how nice the driver was?
NotMeowth - Dag siden
sheryl hutton
sheryl hutton - Dag siden
Don't know why Simon is so exited because his house is practically the same!!
Seema Rajesh
Seema Rajesh - Dag siden
Who’s watching this in November 2020?
Jonathan Aronson
Jonathan Aronson - 2 dager siden
I like how Tobi’s walk-in closet is like triple the size of Harry, Ethan and Vik’s hotel room.
Jonathan Aronson
Jonathan Aronson - 6 timer siden
@XxFuNnYgAmEr69 Pretty much yeah :)
XxFuNnYgAmEr69 - 7 timer siden
Dude it's half the size of the whole hotel
HunterX Hisoka
HunterX Hisoka - 2 dager siden
I am so middle class i would rather take that cheap trip than the expensive one coz roaming around like crazy with my lads is more my pace than just sitting in an overpriced hotel room😆
Just the hotel i would stay would be a little nicer and i can eat my wish for
Pink _ty
Pink _ty - 2 dager siden
On the bus tore who can hear juice wrld robbrey 😂🥺
Jess Stemp
Jess Stemp - 2 dager siden
Swear it’s the sidemen house 🤷🏼‍♀️
Kārlis Puntulis
Kārlis Puntulis - 2 dager siden
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εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas - 2 dager siden
I’ve got fourteeeeeeeeen million subs ahaha
Arthur Digney
Arthur Digney - 2 dager siden
I’d rather sleep in the Royce than the easy hotel
A EG - 2 dager siden
he sqid mrocco ksi im morocqn eyyyyyyyyyyy
Ellen de Boer
Ellen de Boer - 2 dager siden
JJ gives a tip to the taxi driver. Taxi driver is confused. It melted my heart and I almost cried. Bless them all.
chaching213 - 2 dager siden
56:24 can we just appreciate Ethan's yawn voice
definition of steroids
definition of steroids - 2 dager siden
who else thinks they should do this again after covid is gone?
RandomPerson - 2 dager siden
I can’t imagine being Jj’s driver, having to endure his screaming then getting 60 quid
jkl - 2 dager siden
Sort of sad to see Simon roast Ethan so much now that we know he was'nt very happy around this time.
NR10HD - 3 dager siden
The place red team was living in I genuinely thought that stuff was only in movies I never thought it was real life stuff 😶
guy - 3 dager siden
Sdmn holiday and eating videos are go to videos for watching while eating a meal
Timothy Reymann
Timothy Reymann - 3 dager siden
KSI Is the best sideman
Ubaid Din
Ubaid Din - 3 dager siden
And I want to visit it
Ubaid Din
Ubaid Din - 3 dager siden
Where is this in slough because I live there
Simon - 3 dager siden
for me the most shocking thing is the malibu on the bar, makes me sad
Carl Jonathan Oliver Lanner
Carl Jonathan Oliver Lanner - 3 dager siden
32:11 swedish
Austin Britton
Austin Britton - 3 dager siden
JJ that’s a snooker table
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog - 3 dager siden
How many times did they chant red team because I’m not tryin
Vintxge1 - 3 dager siden
“At least we’re in the bin with a Roles Royce” famous last mf words 😂
A2ZBlade - 3 dager siden
Them: complainin bout a 100 dollar hotel
me: *doesnt even have 3 dollars* hah losers
Silenze Beats
Silenze Beats - 3 dager siden
roadman toby
Evie Xx
Evie Xx - 3 dager siden
isn't it weird that Simon and jj are always in a team together...??
Saiful Islam
Saiful Islam - 3 dager siden
30:23 we all know he wasn't gonna jump.
Beats By Runner
Beats By Runner - 3 dager siden
horny cuban
horny cuban - 3 dager siden
how could 11k people dislike this why do people even dislike videos oof
Vaibhav T
Vaibhav T - 3 dager siden
dont worry mate theyre australians who think the dislike button is the like button
J.D.H The man
J.D.H The man - 3 dager siden
WTF to the blue team
WIN for the red team
me:go red team
Sergio Snow
Sergio Snow - 4 dager siden
Tobys the only civilised one when they go into the mansion screaming
Daniel K
Daniel K - 4 dager siden
* JJ gets called sir*
Racism has left the chat
FeaR clapper
FeaR clapper - 4 dager siden
I like this video
YXNG HIDDEN - 4 dager siden
It’s sad for me seeing people not wearing a mask outside the good ole days
David Playz Gamez
David Playz Gamez - 4 dager siden
honestly ive got a hotel with two living rooms, two kitchens, a master bedroom, two bedrooms, and two Jacuzzi's for only $200 a night
YK Gaming
YK Gaming - 4 dager siden
11:34 wth was that sound?
aliennotfound - 4 dager siden
they literally laughed because of a light switch- bless em
Kai Oof
Kai Oof - 4 dager siden
Is it just me or does Simon actually really pull of the pink hair
SheepBroTV - 4 dager siden
Thats 100 dollars in the uk? In the us thats like a 50 dollar motel
I'm a Simp
I'm a Simp - 4 dager siden
I'm watching this once again lmao
D1M0L1SH - 4 dager siden
54:37 me waking up in a prison after a night with the bois
Rohit syangbo Tamang
Rohit syangbo Tamang - 4 dager siden
Even the Nepal 50 ruppa hotel
Evan Florance
Evan Florance - 4 dager siden
so freakin funny loved every single moment 😂😂
LORD OF KEYS - 4 dager siden
Can we appreciate £60 by JJ to a hardworking taxi man. His face says it all
Olivia Woods
Olivia Woods - 5 dager siden
My mum watched this with me and said at the end: I don’t really like the ksi bloke but I have to admit I did enjoy this
Ajax foxtrot
Ajax foxtrot - 5 dager siden
It's good seeing people without masks
Yousuf Ahmed
Yousuf Ahmed - 5 dager siden
fawaz don
fawaz don - 5 dager siden
are we going to ignore the fact that there house is (was) about the same size as that mansion XD
Tristan Keshavarzi
Tristan Keshavarzi - 5 dager siden
Haven't seen since so weird till 28:20 to 28:28
Sinthushan Sakthiyalingan
Sinthushan Sakthiyalingan - 5 dager siden
Who was screaming at the back
luwen hu
luwen hu - 5 dager siden
It’s weird to watch the world without covid,
Listenerz - 5 dager siden
23:59 harry went mad
Rd gaming 2012
Rd gaming 2012 - 5 dager siden
I love this
Jamo Games
Jamo Games - 5 dager siden
@h mamamia
Maki Roll
Maki Roll - 5 dager siden
25:11 I’m starring at the fizz bibles in the drink
Maki Roll
Maki Roll - 5 dager siden
9:41 me watching anime
Connor Miller
Connor Miller - 5 dager siden
Harry at the start: we are all young we can have the most fun together.
Harry mid video: I WANT TO GO HOME 😭😭😭
Xmeme - 5 dager siden
Love the moustache on the butler
bcgamerkid87 - 5 dager siden
wheres willne
Shawn - 6 dager siden
That Master JJ remembered me on the fresh prince of bel air
Bacon MAN Playz
Bacon MAN Playz - 6 dager siden
This is just like Mr.beast
Helena Pooh
Helena Pooh - 6 dager siden
“Today’s a good day so let’s hVe a cup of diabetes” I’m dead
Idan R R
Idan R R - 6 dager siden
Welcome back...we know it's not your first time watching
ebenezer malazarte
ebenezer malazarte - 6 dager siden
This is so funny
Trent Denzel
Trent Denzel - 6 dager siden
So they got to spend a night at Bruce Wayne’s house
Mateo henriksen
Mateo henriksen - 6 dager siden
The time Simon didn’t knew that Harry would get the jackpot in the third 1000$ vs 100 000$
Judy Chen
Judy Chen - 6 dager siden
12:28 13:22 14:22 14:41 14:49 15:23 15:37 16:36 16:50 17:47 17:57 20:13 20:44 22:52 22:58 23:25 24:50 24:58 27:42 28:15 32:20 33:00 33:10 34:07 44:55 45:07 46:20 50:10 52:15 53:41
Agood Name
Agood Name - 6 dager siden
JJ giving the 60 instead of 9 was really nice, the look on the driver was priceless when he did that
Football Maniac
Football Maniac - 6 dager siden
Watching this video for 55842th time....
thepigeonboy - 6 dager siden
they have all aged so much during lockdown jeez.
Cameron Truesdale
Cameron Truesdale - 6 dager siden
sidemen to south africa would be soooo cool to my home town of Hoedspruit