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Sunep Longchar
Sunep Longchar - 18 timer siden
Granf master vs grand mother
Black and White
Black and White - Dag siden
This video is hella cringe
Fbryn 06
Fbryn 06 - 2 dager siden
This was so badly planned 😭
Jarvis Steve
Jarvis Steve - 3 dager siden
Chip Chello
Chip Chello - 4 dager siden
This is hard to watch for some reason
Marko Jovadzic
Marko Jovadzic - 5 dager siden
Corona means no hand shaking
Liam Harrison
Liam Harrison - 5 dager siden
yoo simons a cheater, in almost every challenge ....
Sunny MANGO - 5 dager siden
Americans 🇺🇸 vs British 🇬🇧
Minimish 28.
Minimish 28. - 6 dager siden
I get they did it for the name but couldn’t called them RHPC instead of team NigaHiga
kul3atik - 6 dager siden
Harry wearing trap lore ross merch
Anay Ravindra
Anay Ravindra - 6 dager siden
This was awkward...
Cloti Katana
Cloti Katana - 7 dager siden
The guy cheated 😹 JJ definitely won that
Kirito Oga
Kirito Oga - 7 dager siden
How tf was Harry so small compared to jj
Bilal Creed
Bilal Creed - 8 dager siden
Late viewer gang where u at???
Ole Holst-Arnet
Ole Holst-Arnet - 8 dager siden
Love it when JJ is host
FUAAD Mohammad
FUAAD Mohammad - 9 dager siden
11.11 did the sideman came to Fiji because they have Fiji water
Evan Etzerza
Evan Etzerza - 10 dager siden
Ryan Higa is hands down always been YouTube’s original
Noah Hilmann
Noah Hilmann - 11 dager siden
15:03 me at home😤
Dubu V
Dubu V - 11 dager siden
Thought nigahiga was immature, i was wrong
NANDAgaming []
NANDAgaming [] - 12 dager siden
Sidemen had 7 members nigahiga had 6 members. Shout out to sean.
Alpha VENOM - 12 dager siden
"Avengers Infinity War was the Greatest Crossover in History"
Sidemen Sunday: Hold My Gauntlet
Goog Ble
Goog Ble - 13 dager siden
At 2:11 Ethan could've just used the rest of the balloon I don't know why he tried to blow it
joshua alfred
joshua alfred - 13 dager siden
this is the fifth time im seeing this video
George Lewis
George Lewis - 14 dager siden
here again exactly 1 year later
Lona Abraham
Lona Abraham - 14 dager siden
Lona Abraham
Lona Abraham - 11 dager siden
@TheCockneyTerritory nah look them up, all of them split up, I promise
TheCockneyTerritory - 11 dager siden
Lona Abraham only Sean left
Sam - 14 dager siden
4:20 we’re not wasting, ok now drop it in the bin
Giovanni_G De_Jesus
Giovanni_G De_Jesus - 16 dager siden
Ethan is like the sidemens Paco everyone makes fun of both of them lmao
Gloriousgamer - 17 dager siden
I feel like this didnt get the love it deserve
shizuka sensei daisuki
shizuka sensei daisuki - 17 dager siden
RHPC can literally win Olympics in wierd tasks😂❤️
Mudit - 18 dager siden
Ethan lost on purpose idc
Adriel Pina
Adriel Pina - 18 dager siden
Harry sold on the cupstack🤣🤣🤣
Faiz Khalifa
Faiz Khalifa - 18 dager siden
15:31 gotta advertise your brand everywhere even while dead in the pool
Ahanu Casey
Ahanu Casey - 19 dager siden
I love how at 20:23 when they win they're so used to doing the shrug thing that they all do it simultaneously.
Alfred Uzhunnalil
Alfred Uzhunnalil - 19 dager siden
12:49 Simon really does have practice
edward •
edward • - 20 dager siden
sidemen when they lose: embarrassing... go under the table with your head and hands on top of it
COOLHEROXD - 21 dag siden
Dam I miss Sean
Sebastian Marquez
Sebastian Marquez - 21 dag siden
he was still bulking at this point and still lost to 2 asians
Gaming With Haris
Gaming With Haris - 22 dager siden
Acouring to baba tunda education
Trophy × infinite =Oscar
Disculification÷2/chicken +1
Oscar=last round
Last round=niga
But....... the education is of babatunda
So last round= babatunda/Sidemen
Ladies and gentlemen the sidemen won
ㄙㄈㄋ - 24 dager siden
Toby is faaast!🔥🔥
Caleb Chetty
Caleb Chetty - 24 dager siden
Ryan higas face wen ksi was sayin bad stuff to ninja melk😕😕😕😕😂😂
James Charles
James Charles - 24 dager siden
Why does it look like jj just don’t wanna be there
William Darlow
William Darlow - 25 dager siden
Vik's face at 10:01 should be a meme
PubWithPrice - 25 dager siden
Ah yes, Americans are good at blowing I see and AH YES, British are better at w*nking
Yo Gabba Gabba
Yo Gabba Gabba - 25 dager siden
did anyone else hold their breath with vik to see if they'd win???
Hanat Hassan
Hanat Hassan - 26 dager siden
Why has n**** higa the n word in his name
Shaun Solomon
Shaun Solomon - 26 dager siden
Abdikarim Aden
Abdikarim Aden - 28 dager siden
Kevin 11
Kevin 11 - 29 dager siden
I dunno why they were mad happy at the tissue game. Like vik and zerkaa need to chill out their alone time flex
Bryce Koh
Bryce Koh - 29 dager siden
JJ:dont worry guys we don't waste tissues a second later alright chunk it in the bin
JUAN REVELO - Måned siden
this is way better than the avengers endgame last fight, like nighigas team is like the avengers and all the mcu characters and the sidemen are Thanos and his whole army. Guess who is captain amarica and thanos.
mikaluna12 - Måned siden
This isnt the usual Nigahiga gang i remember! But still fun =)
Juan Camaney
Juan Camaney - Måned siden
Vik is a fucken fish 😂
Lanthanide - Måned siden
Anyone else also held their breaths during the pool bit?
STP - Måned siden
spam the 2 button and see bez in the back
also spam 6 and see simon
where is da gurl
Julius Batali
Julius Batali - Måned siden
This is awesome and hilarious, I wonder what Nigahiga are up to now
Deepa - Måned siden
Your favorite two youtube groups TOGETHER. (UNEXPECTED) DREAMS DO COME TRUE 💗
Arian A
Arian A - Måned siden
Last part : bye 😂😂😂😂
Austin Wells
Austin Wells - Måned siden share get the word out
DarCCD - Måned siden
when ryan has a beard and JJ doesnt
Bala G
Bala G - Måned siden
gotta love jj's creativity 😂
Yo Gabba Gabba
Yo Gabba Gabba - Måned siden
7:57 is holds the cutest moment in the background
Yo Gabba Gabba
Yo Gabba Gabba - Måned siden
rewatching this and seeing harry stacking two cups on top of eachother at the bottom is the truest pain
Shogun Shien
Shogun Shien - Måned siden
Did anyone else see tobi slap ethan
OneFigureOnwards - Måned siden
Really really need a part 2 on this
ZACHAR1AH - music
ZACHAR1AH - music - Måned siden
16:58 Simón just grabbed tobis head lol
Beserk Cheeto
Beserk Cheeto - Måned siden
I forgot Sidemen and RHPC were in the same universe.
Geo News
Geo News - Måned siden
Ryan said dejis cooler
Freddie Gurung
Freddie Gurung - Måned siden
Do corona content
Ibrahim Rashad
Ibrahim Rashad - 2 måneder siden
Samid - 2 måneder siden
British colonization on the Americas (circa 1700s, colorized)
rhiannon conn
rhiannon conn - 2 måneder siden
was there an obivoius reason why the americans were drink capri-suns and the brits drinking alchol hahaha
BVG Glaze and BVG Demon
BVG Glaze and BVG Demon - 2 måneder siden
Lol ksi
Monkydollqueen 69
Monkydollqueen 69 - 2 måneder siden
I went to the doctors recently. He said: "Don't eat anything fatty". I said: "What, like bacon and burgers?". He said, "No, fatty, don't eat anything."
HaydenGold19 - 2 måneder siden
Its almost like they stole all the games from minute to win it 🙄
Salaam - 2 måneder siden
sidemen kinda choked all rounds they lost
Himanga Mahanta
Himanga Mahanta - 2 måneder siden
by the time challenge 5 came in, the girl got closer to ksi
MightyMeta - 2 måneder siden
"Jj: 14:35 this round is worth...
:Simon ThAtS aLoT
i lost my V-card
i lost my V-card - 2 måneder siden
Those tissues couldve been really useful today.
bobby mcnulty
bobby mcnulty - 2 måneder siden
whos the most fit - eathan times have changed
Marius Andersen
Marius Andersen - 2 måneder siden
Whats the song with KSI called at the end
mick dutthinio
mick dutthinio - 2 måneder siden
Ksi and dana or tobi and jana
Master Sticks
Master Sticks - 2 måneder siden
I don’t think Ryan is just introverted in this video. He was even making like cringe faces at certain things the sidemen were saying and doing. I feel like he just doesn’t like their sense of humor.
Ethan Mcgarvey
Ethan Mcgarvey - 2 måneder siden
The part when he chases after vik it was like a dramatic action scene 🤣🤣🤣
Eba. what
Eba. what - 2 måneder siden
harrryyyy noooooooooooo
123fuzzybears - 2 måneder siden
This must be nice because Ryan Higa is literally their idol.
ZI - 2 måneder siden
Araf Amin
Araf Amin - 2 måneder siden
JJ: we don't waste the tisues
Also jj:alright chuck it in the bin LOL
Aggelos Meremetis
Aggelos Meremetis - 2 måneder siden
I know it's just for fun but why did the last guy cheated in the end vs JJ,he pulled his hand closer to him thus JJ couldn't do anything
uiko las
uiko las - 2 måneder siden
Fatuma Ahmadzai
Fatuma Ahmadzai - 2 måneder siden
JJ: "Just for the record we-we using all the tissues,ye we dont *waste*,"
Next Second: "Aight, chcuk it in de bin"
YOUSUF SIDDIQUI - 2 måneder siden
I love how the sidemen are drinking beer while rhpc is having some caprisuns 2:40
Peter Sabacinski
Peter Sabacinski - 2 måneder siden
13:59 bubatunde is sad
Mitali more
Mitali more - 2 måneder siden
Harry putting up cups so fricking slow gave me anxiety
Really Bad
Really Bad - 2 måneder siden
KSI: we don't waste anything
KSI a few seconds later: alright chuck it into the bin
Really Bad
Really Bad - 2 måneder siden
To specify he says they don't waste anything but then throws the tissues in the bin (trash can)
Monkly Blum
Monkly Blum - 2 måneder siden
Now this is the biggest crossover of the century
parikshit garg
parikshit garg - 2 måneder siden
I died when someone said deji is cooler
Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez - 3 måneder siden
I thought when así lost he was goimg to ask to see their boxing and rap career
فيصل ميمز- Faisalmemes
فيصل ميمز- Faisalmemes - 3 måneder siden
They get 9 milion subscribe while i watching the video 😂💞
Antoni Wochna
Antoni Wochna - 3 måneder siden
this was uncomfortable. both channels are awesome but idk
Heroshine - 3 måneder siden
It’s sad how they said “Nigahiga team” instead of RHPC